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Build Native App to Complement Your Responsive Website


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Do you know why you need both native app and mobile web for your business? Read this article to find out and consult mobile app development specialists now!

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Build Native App to Complement Your Responsive Website

  1. 1. Build Native App to Complement Your Responsive Website Native App Development Native App Development
  2. 2. • Having a well designed web presence is the utmost necessity for your business because data from trusted market analyst firm reveals that consumers spend more than 51 percent of their time online on mobile devices. • It is a mobile-first world, now! Therefore, you must be able to render great Mobile Experience to your customers. The question that arises now is whether you should invest in a mobile app or stay complacent with a responsive website alone. • Mobile app vs. responsive web is still an ongoing debate between marketers and decision-making bodies.
  3. 3. • If you just want your audience to get information like product data, pricing, contact info or location then a great responsive website would be sufficient. • However, you would be losing a great deal because websites can only suffice brand reach and basic m-commerce; they cannot accomplish business goals that native mobile apps can. • Native mobile appselevate brand, facilitate communication, shorten sales cycle and improve customer experience as well as internal tasks like fleet and inventory management. Moreover, they have potential for exceptional ROI as they are rapidly adopted by users which you would be losing with a responsive web alone. • Mobile apps can aptly leverage the capabilities of a smartphone much more than a responsive website. Apps can give contextual reactions with push notifications to triggers such as user behaviour and location which is outside the scope of mobile web.
  4. 4. • Therefore, if you are an enterprise brand then stop pondering over whether to invest in native mobile apps or responsive website as you need both to serve different functions. • Yes! It would be a drain on your budget but if you outsource your mobile app development project then you can get cost- effective and expert solutions. • By consulting Outsourcing Android App Development Specialists or iPhone Specialists you can get more in a limited budget.
  5. 5. • According to a reputed cross-platform measurement and analytics company that measures consumer behaviour, people spent seven times more time on mobile apps than on mobile web in 2016. • Thus mobile apps can be very profitable for your business provided you find creative ways to engage your customers to ensure app retention. Originally Posted on -
  6. 6. View More Information? Mobile Application Specialist Android App Development Specialists iPhone App Utvikling Norway