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Presentation of University of Hamburg


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Presentation of University of Hamburg

  1. 1. Der Forschung, der Lehre, der Bildung Universität Hamburg at a Glance
  2. 2. ContentsNumbers & FactsHistory of the UniversityArchitecture of the Universität HamburgAlumni & Professors of theUniversität HamburgCompetence in Teaching & ResearchInternational AffairsEqual OpportunityOpen Doors 2
  3. 3. The Universität Hamburg:„der Forschung, der Lehre, der Bildung“ „Dedicated to research,teaching and education“
  4. 4. Numbers & Factsapprox. 39,000 studentsapprox. 620 professorsapprox. 4,100 research associatesapprox. 5,500 administrative & technical support staff6 faculties: Law Economics & Social Sciences Medicine Education, Psychology & Human Movement Humanities Mathematics, Informatics & Natural SciencesBudget: 210.5 million Euro (2009)Third-party funding: 93.5 million Euro (2009)
  5. 5. History of the UniversityOrigins in the 16th century:„Akademisches Gymnasium“1907 and 1908: Founding of the Hamburg Scientific Foundationand the Colonial InstituteUniversity founding on 28 March 1919 through the initiative ofHamburg citizens (incl. Werner von Melle and Edmund Siemers)International success during the Weimar Republic (1920s)1969: Reformation of university laws as a response to the previousr‚Ordinarienuniversität‘2003: new Hamburg Higher Education Law Werner von Melle
  6. 6. Architecture of the Universität Hamburg Center for Optical Quantum Technologies (Bahrenfeld) Planned opening: December 2010 Universität HamburgLoki-Schmidt-Haus, Main Building Botanical Gardens University Medical Center Hamburg- Eppendorf Hamburger Sternwarte Auditorium Maximum
  7. 7. Alumni & Professors of the Universität HamburgHans-Olaf Henkel Hans Dietrich Genscher Judith Rakers Ralf Dahrendorf Dr. Peter Struck Siegfried Lenz Fotos: Ian Howard, ……. Martha Muchow Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker Helmut Schmidt Agathe Lasch
  8. 8. Alumni & Professors of the Universität HamburgAlumni who have served as mayor of Hamburg: Peter Schulz (1970-1974) Hans Ulrich Klose (1974-1981) Henning Voscherau (1988-1997) Ortwin Runde (1997-2001) Ole von Beust (2001-2010) Peter Schulz Hans Ulrich KloseHenning Voscherau Ortwin Runde Ole von Beust
  9. 9. Alumni & Professors of the Universität HamburgNobel Prize Winners from the University: J. Hans Daniel Jensen (Physics, 1963) Wolfgang Pauli (Physics, 1945) Isidor Isaak Rabi (Physics, 1944) Otto Stern (Physics, 1943) J. Hans Daniel Jensen Otto Stern Isidor Isaak Rabi Wolfgang Pauli
  10. 10. Competence in Research & TeachingResearch Profile The Universität Hamburg is a full university with 6 faculties as well as the largest research and educational institution in Northern Germany. 8 German Research Foundation (DFG) Collaborative Research Centers (4 as coordinator) 13 DFG Research Units (3 as coordinator) 7 DFG Research Training Groups (Graduiertenkolleg) and 5 Graduate Schools State-funded 6 State Excellence Clusters 1 Federal Cluster of Excellence „Integrated Climate System Analysis and Prediction (CliSAP)“ Key research areas: Climate, Earth, Environment Matter and the Universe Structure and Function of Biomolecules Neurosciences Multilingualism
  11. 11. Competence in Research & TeachingAcademic Profile Around 150 degree programs (incl. teaching programs & B.A. minors) 70 Bachelor programs over 80 consecutive Master & postgraduate programs approx. 10 continuing education Master programs currently 13 Master programs in English Conversion to Bologna structure completed WiSe 2007/08 Current project: Evaluation of B.A.-M.A. reform 100 foreign languages offered
  12. 12. International AffairsInternational Profile approx. 4,800 international students 35 university partnerships in: Europe, incl. France, England, Eastern Europe North and Latin America, incl. Indiana University (USA), Smith College (USA) and Universidad de Guadalajara (Mexico) Further regions: Eastern Asia, Australia and South Africa Numerous ERASMUS-, faculty- and institute-level agreements around the world
  13. 13. Equal OpportunityHigh number of women: approx. 60 % of student population is female 24 % of professors are women approx. 40 % of research associates are women over 30 % of newly recruited professors are female Measures towards equal opportunity include: Audit family-compatible institution Program for recruiting women professors Diversity management
  14. 14. Open Doors45 departmental libraries7 museums: Geological-Palentological Museum Biocenter Grindel and Zoological Museum Mineralogical Museum Collection of Antique Sculptures as Plaster Reproductions Hamburg School Museum Tropical Greenhouses in the Old Botanical Garden Botanical Gardens of the Universität HamburgAnnual „Kinder-Universität“ – Children‘s UniPart of „Nacht des Wissens“ – Night of KnowledgeOpen Uni
  15. 15. More information online at Thank you for your attention!