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Kaysser gkss 101006


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Kaysser gkss 101006

  1. 1. GKSS-Research Centre: A Technology Hub in Northern Germany Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht Centre for Materials and Coastal Research Prof. Dr. Wolfgang A. Kaysser Scientific Director October, 6th, 2010 Renaming of GKSS starting from November 1st 2010Folie 2 GKSS 2010
  2. 2. Locations Geesthacht and Teltow  850 Employees  3 Research Institutes, 8 Institute Directors  95 Mio € Total Budget (2009) 18 Mio € Third Party Budget (incl. Industry)Folie 3 GKSS 2010 Mission Preserve resources & guarantee mobility through light-weight and multifunctional materials Enable regenerative therapies through new biomaterials Understand the change of climate and coastal regions and communicate climate knowledge From Application Oriented Fundamental Research to InnovationFolie 4 GKSS 2010
  3. 3. The GKSS Research and Transfer Units Technology Institute of Polymer ResearchInstitute of Materials Research Transfer Center GEMS Research with Synchrotron Radiation and Neutrons at FRM II BCRT and DESY Regenerative Therapies, Teltow-Berlin Institute of Coastal Research Climate Service Center, Hamburg Folie 5 GKSS 2010 GKSS Portfolio 1/3 Coastal and Climate Research 2/3 Materials Research Folie 6 GKSS 2010
  4. 4. Institute of Coastal Research Key research questions addressed by the coastal research program are  How is global change affecting the coastal system?  What is the present state and present change of the coastal zone?  How can we monitor coastal processes reliably and cost-effectively ? Major issues  Methods for monitoring the quality of the coastal sea (remote sensing, ferry box, radar hydrography, COSYNA)  Climate and climate change in coastal regions (storms, wind, waves, storm surges, CoastDat)Folie 7 GKSS 2010 Communication of Climate Knowledge Transfer into Science, Economy and Society Service & Coordination National Climate Service Center North German Climate Office International BALTEX Secretariat LOICZ Bureau Europe Service Products CoastDat - Dataset Regional Climate Assessment Reports North German Climate AtlasFolie 8 GKSS 2010
  5. 5. GKSS Materials Research Functionalised Materials e.g. for Membranes H2-Technology GEMS/ ACE Light-weight Materials Magnesium Biomaterials Titanium aluminides RegMed Welding PolymersFolie 9 Metals GKSS 2010 GKSS Materials Research: Biomaterials Development of innovative, polymer- and metal-based biomaterials for medical applications e.g. scaffolds, cell therapy and functional implants, intelligent drug delivery systems… heart valve bone screwFolie 10 GKSS 2010
  6. 6. Research Network: Berlin-Brandenburg Center for Regenerative Therapies BCRT Research and Clinical Development GKSS-Zentrum für Biomaterialentwicklung Translation Into clinics Knowledge Transfer Berlin-Brandenburg School for Regenerative TherapiesFolie 11 GKSS 2010 GKSS Materials Research: Functionalised MaterialsFunctionalised Materials with a View to Environmental and Resource Protection Polymer Materials Separation Technology for Membranes e.g. CO2/H2 separation in power plants Conductive Membranes e.g. fuel cells Materials for Light metal hydrides Hydrogen Storage and tank designFolie 12 GKSS 2010
  7. 7. GKSS Materials Research: Light-weight Materials Preserve resources & guarantee mobility through light-weight and multifunctional materials Materials development Wear and corrosion Welding techniques Components for air and microstructural protection for air and land and land transport design transport Development of metallic alloys and processes from fundamental research to industrial applicationFolie 13 GKSS 2010 Light-weight Materials: Platforms for Characterisation ACE Light-weight Materials Assessment, German Engineering Materials Computing and Engineering Centre Science Center (ACE) (GEMS)Folie 14 GKSS 2010
  8. 8. GKSS Materials Research: Platform ACE Synergies between internal Research Topics ACE Assessment  identification of mechanisms  determination of mechanical properties Constitutive modelling Constitutive modelling Computing  simulation of deformation and fracture in complex structures  system optimisation Applied computational methods Applied computational methods Engineering  demonstrator building  testing of structural integrityFolie 15 GKSS 2010 GKSS Materials Research: Platform GEMS GKSS @ DESY DORIS III HARWI II XFEL Petra III HEMS IBL BioSAXS FLASH EMSCFolie 16 GKSS 2010
  9. 9. Geesthacht Neutron Facility (GeNF) → GEMS German Engineering Materials Science Center (GEMS) GEMS-P GEMS-N Photons at DESY Neutrons at FRM II  Cutting edge research opportunities: user support, sample environment & novel in-situ devices, data analysis (EMSC lab and office building at DESY)  Complentary use of both probes (integrated beamtime proposals)  Expertise of the Institute of Materials Research Worldwide unique infrastructure for complementary research with photons and neutrons for Engineering Materials ScienceFolie 17 GKSS 2010 Light-weight materials: Welding and CharacterisationFolie 18 GKSS 2010
  10. 10. Light-weight materials Welding and Characterisation In situ-Characterisation of the Friction Stir Welding Process with FlexiStir at HARWI IIFolie 19 GKSS 2010 Magnesium Innovation Centre, MagIC ROLLMAG Magnesium Twin Roll CastingFolie 20 GKSS 2010
  11. 11. Synergies between internal research topics: Mg-Lightweight Structures Mg-Process development (0001) Mg-Micromechanics (0001) Transverse Transverse g y Ener Rolling Rolling Strain MagIC ACE 2 μm GEMS Flexi-Roll In-situ Indentation Folie 21 GKSS 2010 Technology DisseminationSpring Session of the technical committee “Eigenspannungen” of the AWT inMay 2010 organised by the GKSS-Outstation at DESY and in cooperation with thecompany INCOATEC.60 participants, 16 presentations  20 Participants from Companies in Germany  Contacts to Industrial partners for Utilisation of Instruments and Resources at DESY Folie 22 GKSS 2010
  12. 12. Geesthacht Location of Economy and ResearchFolie 23 GKSS 2010 The Geesthacht Innovation and Technology Center Goals and Objectives of the GITZ in the vicinity of the GKSS Research Center  Stimulating and promoting technology-based businesses  Creating new quality jobs  Technology transfer to economy  Contacts to scientific and business communities  Technology related business developmentFolie 24 GKSS 2010
  13. 13. Geesthacht Innovation and Technology Center Ltd. - Founded Sept. 1999  6 Shareholders from the Region  New building in Nov. 2001  1st expansion Nov. 2006 (+ 1,000 m2)  2nd expansion July 2008 (+ 2,500 m2)  Total area of 7.230 m2  ca. 5,800 m2 rental space  16 start-up companies  5 of them spin-offs from GKSS and School Lab „Quantum Leap“Folie 25 GKSS 2010 Geesthacht Innovation and Technology Center 1,020,000, - EUR share capital The Shareholders The GITZ-Gesellschafter Die GITZ Shareholders 20 % 31 % 21 % 3% 20 % 5%Folie 26 GKSS 2010
  14. 14. Technology and Business Incubators in Germany Geesthachter Innovations- und Technologie- Zentrum GmbHFolie 27 GKSS 2010 GITZ / GKSS / WTSH-Project „Technology Ambassador“Bringing together knowledge suppliers and users via a GITZ-based office in a countrywidenetwork  In southeastern Schleswig-Holstein/Hamburg (… and beyond)  Technical focus - initially - on „New Materials“  To check existing knowledge for relevant applications  To prepare R&D results for regional economics  To increase transparency of research acitivitiesby:  Knowledge Broker or „Technology Ambassador “  … with a high presence in regional businesses und GKSS-Institutes  Events, company visits, technical discussions (round table) … Know about each other – Work together!Folie 28 GKSS 2010
  15. 15. Consulting foreign guest scientists @ GKSS The foreign advisorys is in charge of consulting foreign guest scientists, professors as well as Ph.D. students, students and their families in connection with immigration matters after arriving at GKSS. The foreign advisorys is especially dealing with the following items:  Informations before arrival of the guests about regulations for visa of the Institutes  Negotiations with the immigration authorities, especially about decisions that can be made at the discretion of the authorities.  Registrations at town hall, immigration authorities for our guests and their families reimbursement of pension fund payments  Assistance with the application of social benefits i.e. „Kindergeld“  Informations about German courses, schools, kindergardens, driver licence,…Folie 29 GKSS 2010 Equal opportunities & education @ GKSSFolie 30 GKSS 2010