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Wearcultue Company Profile

  1. 1. Confidential Do not distribute COMPANY PROFILE WEARCULTUREM A D E I N A F R I C A
  2. 2. Wear Culture is a Nigerian-based online marketplace for premium African fashion clothing, arts and craft. We carefully select items from African fashion designers all over the world, giving Nigerians and Africans in general a platform where they can purchase these products. We offer tailored shopping experiences, including delivery of clothing and accessories from international fashion brands to Nigerians. Our mission is to provide Africans and lovers of African fashion with high quality African inspired products from world-class African fashion brands at competitive prices, offering premium men, women and children's clothing and accessories online, that is both functional and beautiful. We also offer personalized style services, which include detailed style assessments and feature different dress-style personalities, ensuring that our customers are always well dressed. WHO WE ARE Page 1
  3. 3. Wear Culture started in August 2012 with three (3) creative individuals coming together to create a platform for Nigerian fashion designers, artists and craft makers to showcase their works to the world. Our initial strategy was to provide a basic ecommerce site focusing on clothing items sourced locally from the Nigerian retail market. However, upon conducting further research into the market for Afro-centric goods in Nigeria, we decided to expand the scope of the idea into building an online market place where lovers of African fashion can find and buy exquisite clothing made by designers from Africa. Presently, we are in our launch year and would be rolling out services in the 3rd quarter of 2013. REGISTRATION The company is an offshoot of Helixcore Inc. Helixcore Inc. is a registered company under the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission. HISTORY Page 2
  4. 4. Our objectives at Wear Culture include the following Create a platform where African fashion designers, artists and crafts makers can showcase their works to both local and international markets Establish relationships and partnerships with local and international African designers in Nigeria, enabling easy access to African inspired products and services both locally and internationally Creating an collaborative platform where African fashion designers can share ideas in sourcing fabrics and making pieces that are modern and trendy, expanding the wearability of African pieces to formal, casual, wedding, occasions . Bringing together shoppers, designers and tailors in one platform allowing shoppers to direct the making process of clothes they intend to purchase through the platform etc OBJECTIVES Page 3
  5. 5. To create an online community that would foster the globalization and appreciation of African inspired fashion, arts and crafts, showing the works and their respective designers to the world while enabling lovers of African fashion connect with and purchase items from these designers. MISSION Wear Culture's mission is to bring Afrcican fashion, art and craft to the world. This defines our purpose as company and serves as a standard which guides our works and actions. We hope to do this by simplifying access to premium African inspired fashion, art and craft from world-class African creatives including fashion designers, artists and craft makers. VISION More Page 4
  6. 6. MISSION..contd In the first one (1) year, we aim to attract and retain about 100,000-250,000 customers worldwide, carve our niche while increasing our market share of the online African inspired fashion, art and craft retail market and consequently help African designers increase their sales figures through the marketing of their products and the improvement and diversification of our services. Our aim is to make it easier for the savvy lovers of African fashion to access clothing, accessories, art and craft from premium fashion brands all over the world. This we will do by enabling relationships with manufacturers and retailers of these brands and establishing sourcing links. With regular upgrades, our website will improve customer experience, making it easier for customers to view and purchase items. We have a team working on the website usability and functionality to increase its ease of use and product identification. Ultimately, we look forward to becoming the most engaging and customer-centric outfit in our category. Page 5
  7. 7. VALUES These are the values that guide our business, our service and our brand. They are what we look for in every partner and employee. Passion for African designs Everyday, we look out for designs from African designers that are simple yet engaging. We try to work with designers that make clothes that are beautiful and that people lust after. We want our customers to always stand out when they wear our pieces and develop a sense of attachment to the products they get from us Individual respect and responsibility At Wear Culture, we act like owners. We are responsible for the quality of the outfits we carry on our platform and we ensure our customers are always satisfied with our service. More Page 6
  8. 8. Ethical Fashion We are concerned about how, where and in what conditions the pieces we carry are made. We do everything possible to ensure the working conditions of our partners are at a sustainable level Customer Service We are sold-out to our customers; so we listen, we observe, we learn and we focus on their needs. Our customers are everything to us Commitment to excellence and people We are committed to excellence in service delivery and work hard at working with the best people in their respective capacities to grow the Wear Culture brand Teamwork We leverage our collective genius in bringing our customers exquisite fashion pieces from African designers all around the world. VALUES Page 7
  9. 9. Our business at Wear Culture involves establishing relationships and partnerships with African designers, working with them to showcase their works on our platform ranging from clothing, shoes, bags, art and prints, to the international market, right where people who want them the most can see them. The Wear Culture team is characterized by the kind of diversity that is essential to crafting successful strategies for brands and their customers. We are located in Nigeria, the most fashion-centric country in Africa with a large customer base of buyers looking to make the right fashion purchases. Our vision is to create a progressive lifestyle online store inspired by African designs and prints, a first of its kind in Nigeria. OUR BUSI NESS Page 8
  10. 10. Wear Culture will carry Ready-to-Wear (RTW) premium clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, art and print from African designers. We intend to start with ten (10) main African fashion brands which would include Liz Ogumbo (South African), Kelechi Odu (Nigerian), Mememe (South African boutique) and The Grey (Nigerian), and Asakeoge (Nigerian). Wear Culture will also carry designer fashion accessories such as watches, perfume, handbags, scarves and wardrobe accessories from a famous premium fashion and luxury brands. PRODUCTS & SERVICES Page 9
  11. 11. In addition to our ecommerce store, we also hope to help customers define their sense of dressing and identify African inspired clothing that would suit their personality by providing style assessment services along with tips on what clothing works well for his/her style personality. There would normally be a small fee for the assessment, but customers are able to take the Style Assessment for free at our Style Studio when they make cumulative purchases of N20,000 – N30,000. After each customer completes the quiz in the studio section of the store, he/she will receive a laminated Wear Culture wallet card to carry around as a shopping reminder that lists his/her style personality type, style words, style icons and clothing styles appropriate for him/her. PERSONALITY STYLE ASSESSMENT Page 10
  12. 12. We start out by working with African designers to explore the collections of their works they would be willing to market through our platform. The range of items we hope to catalog on our site include clothing (men’s, women’s and kids), bags, shoes, jewelry, art, prints etc. Based on the seasonal collections of clothing from designers, we curate pieces from designer collections featuring them on our site while, helping our partner designers expand their reach to customers worldwide and grow their purchase numbers by the sales of their products through our platform. Our stocking strategy comes in two phases. Initially, we intend to start by offering drop shipping services from our partners to our customers. Here we create and develop photos of the items to be featured on Wear Culture and bring them on-to our platform. We then work with our partners in marketing their products by showcasing their products on our homepage and engaging in other marketing strategies which would involve social and web marketing techniques in raising the awareness level of specific brand products on our platform. As our business grows and we expand our operations, we intend to commence physical stocking of items from our partners, assuming more responsibility of the products to be shipped to our customer. PARTNERSHIP Page 11
  13. 13. In developing our platform, we have integrated a number of payment gateway systems to allow us process money payment from all available credit/debit card providers. This would include VISA, MasterCard and Paypal. We believe that with customers allowed to make payments via these three (3) channels, we would be able to ensure shoppers can use and make payment on our site from any location in the world. We also intend to work with our partners in devising a formula for sales profits sharing. This sharing formula would be based on a per-item basis which would be structured to be favorable to all parties involved (this would depend on two cost structures; profit from price difference in wholesale and retail prices or an agreed percentage of the sales in commission). PAYMENT & SHIPPING More Page 12
  14. 14. Payments would be remitted to our partners on an agreed schedule while we also work with them to ensure items are shipped out to buyer locations in a timely manner. With respect to shipping of products from our partners to us or to our customers directly, in cities where Wear Culture has established shipping partners (eg. the USA to Nigeria), we would make use of such agencies. In other cities where we don’t, we would work with our partners in finding the most efficient and cost efective means of shippings these items. The necessary shipping processes, costs and delivery times would have to be determined before products would be featured on the site so respective costs can be reflected in the checkout pages of the shopping cart to enable buyers know the total costs of procuring items on the platform and make informed decisions. PAYMENT & SHIPPING...contd Page 13
  15. 15. Our fashion blog would be frequently updated with posts featuring the following details: Featured Designer This will showcase profiles of the brands and the creatives behind the brands we would be carrying at Wear Culture. Through this, customers can get exclusive introduction to the brands and the design process and creativity the designers employ in giving birth to their ideas and pieces they make How to Wear This will provide a fun and educative platform, showing customers how to wear African designs (how to wear a particular item for work, weekend and going out) and combine these clothes to get the right look for their personalities Coming Soon This will feature items coming into the store soon Services This will list all the additional style services that Wear Culture offers FULL & SELF SERVICE Page 14
  16. 16. At Wear Culture, we believe in bringing the best service to our customers. Our sales associates are always on call and are available to assist customers with their Style Assessments, wardrobe planning, special orders and personal shopping. Our online store is strategically designed to enable customers forge relationships with the brands we carry, allowing customers to “follow” brands that they love. FULL & SELF SERVICE ...contd Page 15
  17. 17. Made in Africa Copyright c 2013, Wearculture Ltd. 6 Kehinde Odusote Street, Anthony Village, Lagos, Nigeria +234-8034838434 +234-8065835943 http://www.wearculture.com info@wearculture.com