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  2. 2. Polish team showspresentations made ine-twinning projects withour close friends fromTurkey.
  3. 3. Here is a Polish teampresentationThere are 9 students in our team:Agata, Ola, Mateusz S., Mateusz M.,Mariusz W. ,Kamil, Janek, Karol,Michał.
  4. 4. Kamil KrukHello my name is Kamil. I am 17 years old. I attendto Year One of high school in Klementowice. I havebrown eyes and dark short hair. I have faircomplexion. I’m tall and slim. I have 188 cm tall.its me on the lessonme and my goddaughter
  5. 5. My hobbyI’m interested in volleyball, I like watching volleyballmatches. I very like playing volleyball with myfriends. I playing in the school team of volleyball.The best subject in school for me is PE. I also likeGeography and English. In my free time I listen tomusic and meet with friends. I listen to what I likebut its mostly rock and a little reegae. After lessonsI dance in folk dance team.part of the school teamon the match
  6. 6. My characterUsually Im happy and smiling. I think Im ahardworking but sometimes I like being lazy. I thinkIm caring because I have four younger folk costume with my partnerscheering forfavorite team
  7. 7. Yooo Im Mateusz. Im 17 years old. Imsmall, I have blue eyes, long hair mohawk.Im a big fan of Manchester United I lovethis club and I try to go to old trafford in thenearest holiday.
  8. 8. I am interested in football and I want to bea DJ.I playing in the school radio and in theclub at party. As for the music I like listeningto the dub step, Electro House, and littlerap. Im very open to new people, alwayswillingly go to the party.
  9. 9. MATEUSZMatyjaszek
  10. 10. I love sports and music !I like sports. I play volleyball andsoccer. I watch all the games and playin the school competitions. I am oneof the representatives of the school.I listen to mostlydubstep and rap. Myfavorite artist isEripe and Skrillex.
  11. 11. MY FREE TIME I love spending my free time withfriends.We are happy to go out toparties and trips. I like computer games and talking toloved ones. I try to use my copmuter as I can andnot get bored :)
  12. 12. Aleksandra StasiakMy name isAleksAndrA. I’m15. I’m tAll, I’vegot brown hairand brown eyes. Ilove activities,especiallyplayingvolleyball andjogging. I likedancing andlistening to manykinds of music. Myfavouritesubjects are P.E.,English and
  13. 13. Karol Bonecki• Hi! My name iskArol. I’m 15, Ihave got greeneyes and shortblond hair. Myhobbies areplayingfootball andvolleyball. Ialso likeplayingcomputer
  14. 14. Hello! My name isMichał
  15. 15. I’m 16 years old.I’m interested in:- computer games- Millitary- Handball
  16. 16.  I like watching Anime and shortfunny movies
  17. 17. Hi My name is Jasiek• I`m 16 years old.• I like football and ride a bike• My favourite club is FC Barcelona.
  18. 18. My Photo
  19. 19. My Description• My name is Agata. Im 17 years old. I havelong, dark, blonde hair and blue eyes. Myhobby is listening to music and playingvolleyball. I listen to rock and pop. I likemeeting with friends. I am interested infashion. I like going to parties and discos. Iam very friendly but also shy. I am outgoing,caring, modest and quiet. My favouritecolour is blue. I spend free time with friends,listen to music or watch good movies.
  20. 20. HELLO EVERYONE!MY NAME ISKATARZYNA AND I`M ATEACHER.Hello everyone!I`m Katarzyna andI`m a teacher.I have been teachingEnglish for 7 years.
  21. 21. In my free time I lovelistening to music,reading books, watchinggood movies and riding ahorse.
  22. 22. POLAND
  23. 23. Poland is a country in CentralEurope.
  24. 24. Poland, officialy the Rebublic of Poland was established in 966when the ruler Mieszko I accepted Christianity.
  25. 25. FACTFILEAREA:312,685 sq. km(120,728 sq. mi)POPULATION:38 544 mlnCAPITAL:WarsawGOVERMENT:Parliamentary republicCurrency:złoty (PLN)
  26. 26. Famous people
  27. 27. Polish PopeJohn Paul II – blessed pope, died in 2005.After his death all Poles felt mourning.
  28. 28. Polish PresidentLech Wałęsa - a Polish politician, trade-unionorganizer, and human-rights activist. A charismaticleader, he co-founded Solidarity and the Soviet blocsfirst independent trade union, won the Nobel PeacePrize in 1983, and served as President of Polandbetween 1990 and 1995
  29. 29. Polish scientistMarie Skłodowska-Curie - was a Polishphysicist and chemist, working mainly in France. Shewas the first woman to win a Nobel Prize. Herachievements included a theory of radioactivity and thediscovery of two elements, polonium and radium.
  30. 30. ChopinThe greatest Polish composer, well –known around the whole world.
  31. 31. Polish sportsmenAdam Małysz - is a former ski jumper, one of themost successful in the history of the sport. The mostimportant of his successes are 4 individual OlympicGames medals, 4 individual World Championships goldmedals (all-time record), 4 individual World Cup titles(all-time record), 39 individual competition wins and 92podiums in total.
  32. 32. Robert KubicaHe`s a Polish racing driver. He became the first Polishdriver to compete in Formula One. Between 2006 and2009 he drove for the BMW Sauber F1 team, promotedfrom test driver to race driver during 2006.
  33. 33. Polish models: Kasia Struss,Anja Rubik, Magda Frąckowiak
  34. 34. Polish lanscapes
  35. 35. Baltic Sea
  36. 36. Tatra Mountains
  37. 37. Mazury - lakes
  38. 38. Puszcza Białowieska
  39. 39. Bieszczady Mountains
  40. 40. Salt Caves
  41. 41. The most beautifulcities
  42. 42. Warszawa (Warsaw)The capital of Poland and its largest city
  43. 43. Kraków (Cracow)Formerly the capital of Poland and nowthe cultural and intellectual centre
  44. 44. WrocławThe fourth largest city in Poland
  45. 45. ToruńBirthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus
  46. 46. FOOD
  47. 47. Polish breakfastWe usually eat milk with cornflakes orsandwiches with butter, cheese or ham,somentimes eggs and sausaes. We drink tea orcoffee.
  48. 48. DinnerPierogi – filled with cheese and potatoes; cheese;meat; mushrooms and cabbage;Strawberry.Chicken soup – with pasta or rice
  49. 49. Gołąbki - cooked minced meat and rice wrapped incabbage leavesŻurek - sour soup with sausages and boiled eggs
  50. 50. Bigos – cooked meat and cabbage with mushroomsand plumsFlaki – this soup is tasty but it`s ingredients are…rather disgusting
  51. 51. Pork chop served with potatoes or fries and salad.Meat patty usually served with fried beets andpotatoes.
  52. 52. Polish brandsVodka:Sweets:Oscypek:
  54. 54. Kazimierz Dolny
  55. 55.  Kazimierz is the one of the most beautiful cities in ourneighbourhood. Kazimierz Dolny is an art center in Poland. Manypainters retreat to this small town to paint and sell their work.Galleries can be found in almost every street, offering for salesculptures, stained-glass, and fine-art paintings. In the market, folkart is for sale at unbeatable prices.
  56. 56.  Kazimierz is known not only in Poland but also abroad as asought after tourist center where guests can relax and enjoytheir holidays. To serve them there are a number of hotels,boarding houses and restaurants.
  57. 57.  During the holiday season a number of performances take placesuch as The Polish Festival of Orchestras and Folk Singers,concerts in the Parish Church, a vintage car rally, a Film and ArtFestival, Students` Songs Festival and many other activites of acultural-artistic character.
  58. 58. L U B L I N
  59. 59. L o c a t i o nL u b l i ni s t h eb i g g e s tc i t y i nt h e w e s tP o l a n d .I t sl o c a t e do n t h e
  60. 60. P o p u l a t io nL u b l i n i s t h e9t h l a r g e s tc i t y i n P o l a n db e c a u s e o f t h ep o p u l a t i o n . I th a s 348567i n h a b i t a n t s .
  61. 61. E d u c a t i onL u b l i n h a s g o t 5u n i v e r s i t i e s :• M e d i c a lU n i v e r s i t y• U n i v e r s i t y o fL i f e S c i e n c e s• C a t h o l i cU n i v e r s i t y
  62. 62. M o n u me n tsC r a c o wG a t e
  63. 63. R o y a lC a s t l e
  64. 64. t h i c T o w e r
  65. 65. P a r t o f L u b l i nc a l l e d O l dT o w n
  66. 66. F a mo u sP e o p l e• Jacek Bąk - P o l i s hf o o t b a l l e r a n dc a p t a i n o f P o l a n dd u r i n g Wo r l d C u p 2006• K a t a r z y n a D o l i n s k ao f A me r i c a s N e x t T o pM o d e l , c a me i n 5t hp l a c e• Stanisław K o s t k a P o t o c k i(1755–1821), P o l i s h
  67. 67. Nałęczów
  68. 68. NałęczówNaleczów - a city in the province of Lublin, Pulawy inthe county seat of Naleczów, within the KazimierzLandscape Park - part of the tourism triangle: -Kazimierz Dolny - Naleczów.Bystra flows through the city, a tributary of the Vistula,and escaping to her Bochotniczanka.Naleczów is Polands only resort with only cardiacprofile. Primarily diseases are treated here : coronaryheart, hypertension, cardiac neuroses and generalstates of mental and physical exhaustion. Naleczów alsohas good conditions for the rehabilitation of patientsafter myocardial infarction and cardiac surgery.
  69. 69. Photo from NałęczówSanatorium Książę Józef Crest of Nałęczów
  70. 70. Puławy
  71. 71. PuławyThere is a beautiful park with amazingmonuments and a castle.
  72. 72. The new and the old bridge that joinstwo banks of the Vistula river.
  73. 73. Chemical Factory – the biggest factoryin Poland which produces fertilizers,melamine, AdBlue, caprolactam
  74. 74. Veterinary Science InstituteWell- known Institute in Europe, the best Polishscientists work here.
  75. 75. Deblin
  76. 76. ● Deblin located in the Lublin region,near the mouth of the River „Wisla”river „Wieprz”
  77. 77. In Deblin also find aviation school, a lotof young and talented pilots are trainedand arrives here from different placesfrom Poland to power air attend classes
  78. 78. stationed here mainlytransport aircraft, but theyare so that jets such as a„Iskra” or f-16
  79. 79. This city is full of life.Welcome!
  80. 80. *
  81. 81. **Wąwolnica a large village, situated inthe valley of the river swift, the routeof”nAŁĘCZÓW’’ to „kAzImIerz’’.*„kAzImIerz” And the borderlandscape.”Wawolnica” pArk is famousfor the shrine of Our lAdy „Kebelskiej”.
  82. 82. The town has a completelydifferent character thanKazimierz besieged by touristsand a favorite by patientsNaleczów. Wąwolnica sparedindustrial investments, and laterdevelopment of tourism, veryslow here, town looks as if timeran here several times slower ...*
  83. 83. *
  84. 84. Klementowiceandthe area
  85. 85. Klementowice - a village in theprovince of Lublin, in thedistrict of Pulawy. It wasfounded by Clement Szreniawaat the end of the 14th century.With the number of nearly1,400 inhabitants is the secondvillage in the municipality. Itssurface is 18.6 km ²
  86. 86. St. Margaret and St. KlemensChurch
  87. 87. There are 3 schools in Klementowice:a) Complex School (Technical school, Highschool, Grammar school) –the school weattend to.b) Primary schoolc) KindergardenPrimary school. Our school
  88. 88. The building used to was akindergarden, now it`s a place wherewomen from the village meet regularly.
  89. 89. Railway station inKlementowice.
  90. 90. Old mill.
  91. 91. Viaduct inKlementowice.
  92. 92. Pond inKlementowice
  94. 94.  Rąblów is a small village in the province ofLublin. It is surrounded by many forests andravines. The most beautiful time of the year inRąblów is spring and autumn.
  95. 95.  In Rąblów on 14th May in 1944 was a Battle ofRablów. It was one of the major battles foughtbetween the Polish partisans and the Wermachtand SS. German soldiers were over two timesmore than the Polish. This battle has not beenresolved.
  96. 96.  In Rablów we have ski slope and swimmingpools. The beauty of this village we can enjoyby riding a bike route.
  98. 98. SMITHYInitially working in the forge was closelyassociated with the services to farmers, such asshoeing horses and repairing of agriculturaltools. However - although the tradition isimportant, you need to move forward, whichmeans that the work of a blacksmith today haslittle to do with the production of utility.Currently, most things made ​​in the factory workcan be described as a wrought-iron orarchitecture.Modern forging is: gates, fences, railings,furniture, home and garden decorativeproducts, etc.
  99. 99. TOWERIt was built in the years 1510-1540 , towerserved as a dwelling house of the ownersof the city. In the years 1550-1598 theCalvinist church was held. At the beginningof the seventeenth century, the nextowner of Wojciechów Paul Orzechowskimoved to the building near the court.Abandoned building began to be used as agranary.
  100. 100. THE RUINS OF THEMANOR.The two-storied, madewith bricks, with a toweron the crest and a clockthat has traces of themissiles.
  101. 101. TOURNAMENTFIREFIGHTERSTraditionally, the most involved in thecommunity are firefighters -volunteers. Handball Tournament isan example of organised sportcompetitions by them.
  102. 102. Kurów
  103. 103. Kurow- is a town that combines hiking trial Lublin-Puławy. It borders the following municipalities: Żyrzyn,Abramów, Markuszów, Nałęczów, Wąwolnica andKońskowola.
  104. 104. Kurow-is one of the most famous and popularmanufacturers of fur and leather in Poland. FurFactory in Kurow used to produce clothing forthe army. There are many private manufacturers.
  105. 105. Grammar and primary school in Kurów.
  106. 106.  Olesin is a park in Kurów founded by IgnacyPotocki who built the Palace. The park and thepalace was excluded from Kurów where it islocated. Currently, there are plans to restorethe palace. It used to be a school.
  107. 107. Kurow residents live in the following districts.The emblem of the city.
  108. 108. Photo trip around ourschool surrounding.
  109. 109. In this presentation we uploadedphotos that we took when wewent outside the school for awalk. There are photos of us, butin the background you can see ourschool surroundings.
  110. 110. Our school is complex, e.g.there`s Technical College somany students specialises inagriculture. That`s why thefirst photo shows us and…atractor.
  111. 111. Outside there is abeautiful park andbenches you can sit onan relax and … wind up.
  112. 112. In the project only 2 girlstake part in :Ola andAgata, (the third one isour teacher).
  113. 113. One of the firstblossoming bushes in thespring is „Forsycja”. Wealways associate it withspring.
  114. 114. A stroll towards a trainstation.
  115. 115. Many students andteachers come to ourschool by train.
  116. 116. Janek (on the fence)wanted to jump off onthe train but we stoppedhim.
  117. 117. The train station isvery old and a little bitshabby but it will berenovated soon.
  118. 118. The school gate and thepark.
  119. 119. On the school stairs infront of school. We –etwinners and ourteacher.
  120. 120. Our teacher was tryingto took a photo of usjumping up in the air butafter many trials shegave up
  121. 121. It`s our teacher`s car.It`s also a part of ourschool surroundings.
  122. 122. The last one: Kamil, Olaand our teacher betweenus.
  123. 123. Hope you liked it