Social media for translators


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This presentation was shown at the NWTN Conference "Boost Your Communications" in Manchester on 2nd February 2013 where I discussed using social media by translators.

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Social media for translators

  1. 1. NWTN BOOST YOUR COMMUNICATIONS DAYSpeaker: Katarzyna E. Slobodzian-Taylor BA MA DPSI © K. E. Slobodzian-Taylor
  2. 2. 1. About the speaker.2. Why do translators need communication?3. What are social media?4. How can we translators use social media for professional purposes?5. What tools are available and how to make the most of them?6. How can I introduce social media into my daily work?7. What do translators think about social media?8. Questions and Answers © K. E. Slobodzian-Taylor
  3. 3. About the Speaker • BA in English • MA in English (with Dutch) • Full-time freelance medical and technical translator • DPSI and a former legal and medical interpreter • Over 6 years of professional experience (including UK, Australia, Indonesia) • Associate member of ITI and member of ITI Medical & Pharmaceutical Network Committee • Member of Polish Business Club in Jakarta • Social media and IT enthusiast© K. E. Slobodzian-Taylor
  4. 4. Other Agencies Translators ME Direct ClientsTranslation is NOT an isolated business! © K. E. Slobodzian-Taylor
  5. 5. Scenario 1 Stéphanie Klebetsanis, English, Italian & German to French translator I want to know why there is so much controversy around the official French translation of ‘hashtag’. I’d like to discuss this with my colleagues in Québec, France, Switzerland and Belgium. Scenario 2 Marie-Hélène Mahy, Arabic & English to French translator I have just moved to London, and would like to meet local translators. Scenario 3 Maja Źróbecka, English to Polish translator I specialise in medical trials, and would like to ? ? showcase my expertise to potential clients. ? ?© K. E. Slobodzian-Taylor ?
  6. 6. Solution to Scenario 1: Groupe des Traducteurs et Interpretes professionnels francophones on Facebook © K. E. Slobodzian-Taylor
  7. 7. Solutionto Scenario 2:London monthlyTweetUps@LdnTweetUp#LdnTweetUp © K. E. Slobodzian-Taylor
  8. 8. Solutionto Scenario 3:LinkedIn profile © K. E. Slobodzian-Taylor
  9. 9. Work-generating machine Marketing Networking Learning © K. E. Slobodzian-Taylor
  10. 10. Means of communication in the translation industry constantly evolve. Don’t get left behind.Pen & Instant Social Telephone E-mailPaper Messaging media © K. E. Slobodzian-Taylor
  11. 11. What are social media?Forms of media that allow people to communicateand share information using the internet or mobilephones.Source: Cambridge Business English Dictionary © Cambridge University Press © K. E. Slobodzian-Taylor
  12. 12. K. E. Slobodzian-Taylor
  13. 13. Personalised Strategic Plan Mission Goals Target Tactics Real Measurable Results © K. E. Slobodzian-Taylor
  14. 14. TOOLS © K. E. Slobodzian-Taylor
  15. 15. PAGES GROUPS Translators, Translation Zone, Wantwords, eCPD Webinars, Watercooler: for translators and Food for Translators, InternetGeneral interpreters, Translation Tools, NT = Marketing in the Translation Networking Translators, Interpreting Industry and translation forum NWTN, Institute of Translation and Interpreting, American Translators’ Associations: TheAssociations Translators Association, Chartered Institute of Linguists, Stowarzyszenie Absolwentów UAM Groupe des traducteurs etLanguage- Tłumacze z polskiego, interprètes professionnelsspecific Nederlands als tweede francophones, Tłumacze Technical Translations - TraduccionesSubject- Translating for Europe TécnicasspecificLocation- Translators and Interpreters in Translators USAspecific K. E. Slobodzian-Taylor LondonJobs EU Careers Translation Jobs
  16. 16. TOOLS K. E. Slobodzian-Taylor
  17. 17. Twitter users @newstranslation @Translate_News @tradonlineGeneral @TranslateEvents @xl8book @jaynefox @ChrisDurbanFR @mstelmaszak @ADiamantidisAssociations @NWTN_UK, @ITIUK @ITIBulletin, @CIOLinguists, @atanet, @tlumaczeniowy, @TolkenSelect,,Language- specific @ITIDutchNetworkSubject-specific @SDL, @fxtrans, @bmj_latestLocation-specific @LdnTweetUp @ITIScotNet @walesliteratureJobs @hyperlingo, @Translate_Jobs, @translateplsHashtags: #xl8, #l10n, #IntJc, #t9n K. E. Slobodzian-Taylor*Recommended reading: The Little Book of PR for Translators: Publicity for yourbusiness on a shoestring budget by Nicole Y. Adams (available on Amazon)
  18. 18. T O O L S© K. E. Slobodzian-Taylor
  19. 19. LinkedIn Groups Freelance Translators - Interpreters Network, FreelanceGeneral Translators Lounge, Translators Worldwide Members of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting,Associations American Translators Association, NAATI, International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters, English Language Translators, Arabic Translation, ChineseLanguage- specific Translators Group, Polish Translators Worldwide, Portuguese Translators Medical Translation, Polish medical translators and writers,Subject-specific Legal Translation Network Group, Marketing & Advertising Translators, Localization Professional, Translation ZoneLocation-specific Clinical Traials in Poland, Translators living in SpainJobs Language Jobs ( LangJobs ), Medical Translator Jobs & Careers Forum K. E. Slobodzian-Taylor
  20. 20. Social media for busy translators• Update your status • Update your status • Update your status• Like a few updates (with hashtags) • Like a few updates• Make a few • Retweet other • Make a comment comments updates • Share a link (article)• Share a link • Favourite an update • Add a colleague (article) • Make a few • Join a group Facebook• Like a new Page or comments or reply • Start a discussion in a join a new group to a tweet group• Follow a colleague • Share a link • Follow a company• Start a discussion • Connect with a • Check available apps in a group or on a colleague • Add more information Page • Follow back (and/or to your profile• Check events thank) your new follower K. E. Slobodzian-Taylor
  21. 21. Social Media Management (TweetDeck, HootSuite, Seesmic, Myweboo)K. E. Slobodzian-Taylor © K. E. Slobodzian-Taylor
  22. 22. Netiquette• Separate professional from private• Make sure your profile is complete and stands out• Share information relevant to your audience• Involve others in your updates• Add visuals, links, maps etc.• Be a giver and a taker• Engage with other users in a polite way• Mind your language (grammar & style)• Avoid spamming © K. E. Slobodzian-Taylor
  23. 23. Comments from Translators Stéphanie Klebetsanis: • Quick and direct feedback on the term • Main resources in a particular market or country • More reliable than Proz Marie-Hélène Mahy: • Met 5 people in less than 1h30 and felt inspired by them • Started to join the Pages of the attendees and follow them attentively • Job enquiry for French translations Maja Źróbecka: • In 6 months LinkedIn profile helped 5 clients find me • Exposure and networking opportunities • Own group for Polish medical translators and writes© K. E. Slobodzian-Taylor
  24. 24. Any questions?Slobodzian Language Solutions@slobotaylorKatarzyna E. Slobodzian-Taylorkeslobodzian-taylor © K. E. Slobodzian-Taylor