New Scale Line: Designed to Speed up Production


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New Scale Line: Designed to Speed up Production

  1. 1. Compact Weighing Systems Industrial Compact Systems Fast and Precise The data generated by our instru- ments can be analyzed and man- Simple to Operate aged in our application-specific Tailored to Your Needs software and interfaced with cus- Traceability Maintained tomers’ information systems. Efficient to Clean Designed to Speed up Production Where Hygiene Counts
  2. 2. Designed to Speed up ProductionIndustrial Compact Systems Where Hygiene Counts Production operators need to be familiar with their weighing systems. This is an important basic requirement to optimize your production. But how can this be achieved as every working place is different? The new ICS4_9 and ICS6_9 food scale line offers seamless integration into your production process as your weighing solution will be individually con- figured for fast and precise operations – exactly according to your needs. Choose your optimum model Designed for fast and efficient A broad range of terminals The ICS bench & portable scales cleaning All ten terminal models guarantee a family is based on ten different ter- The whole product family is built simple and straight forward weigh- minal models. Choose from a according to the latest international ing process. The large display facil- broad range of platform sizes and hygienic guidelines. The open itates clear and comfortable data capacities. An optimal combination stainless steel construction mini- reading. Due to three selectable increases the process security, mizes contamination traps and display modes different parameters leads to less production failure and provides easy access to all parts are shown and relevant data are speeds up your productivity. for fast and efficient cleaning. easily entered on the large and ro- The total hygienic design of the bust keypads. Ergonomic working procedure product line will assist your preferred hygienic compliance efforts. A high reading precision to speed To optimize your process, you up your production. choose the placement of your ter- Seamless data integration minal for best ergonomic position. Scales are important identification Either fixed directly on the platform, points in your traceability process. mounted on a column or separated Various interface options offer easy for desk or wall mounting. integration into existing data man- agement systems. External devices such as printers, barcode readers and labeling equipment can easily be integrated. Compact – ICS6_9...f Separate – ICS4_9...t Column – ICS6_9…c Terminal fix mounted in front of the Suitable for wall mount, bench or desk Weighing terminal and column are seam- weighing platform. One unit, portable operation. The ICS stand-alone terminal lessly welded together, the back column and robust. can be easily used and integrated with design secures and protects cables. any other platform including floor scales. 2 METTLER TOLEDO ICS4_9 - ICS 6_9
  3. 3. Everything you need to know:Sharp, clear and easy to readBasic Weighing, Checkweiging or Classifying. Choosefrom ten different terminals, to optimize your productionprocess.Accelerated Over/Under Checkweighing colorWeight ® provides clarity – for unmis- takable results.Above toleranceWithin toleranceBelow toleranceBasic Weighing Over/Under CheckweighingICS429 ICS439 ICS449 ICS469Straight forward basic weighing Straight forward basic weighing Over/Under checkweighing with Over/Under checkweighing withwith only 7 keys with 7 keys and numeric keypad colorWeight ® functionality colorWeight ® functionalityand numeric keypadBasic Weighing with extended data traceability Over/Under Checkweighing with extended dataand network integration traceability and network integrationICS629 ICS639 ICS649 ICS669Straight forward weighing, with Straight forward weighing, with Over/Under checkweighingwith Over/Under checkweighingwithbright gafic screen bright gafic screen with alpha- colorWeight ® functionality and colorWeight ® functionality, numeric keypad bright gafic screen bright gafic screen with alpha- numeric keypadClassifying with extended data traceabilityand network integrationICS649CL ICS669CLProduct classification up to 12 Product classification up to 12weight classes weight classes with alpha-numeric keypad integrated METTLER TOLEDO ICS4_9 - ICS 6_9 3
  4. 4. Resist Wet and Harsh 24/7Weighing Platforms for Fast and Complete Washdown From light wet to harsh conditions: It doesn’t matter. The full stainless steel scale platforms provide a flexible and rugged solution for a wide range of weighing tasks. All parts have been built according to the latest hygienic design guidelines supporting an easy, fast and efficient cleaning procedure. Big choice of platforms and accessories A wide range of rugged full stainless steel weighing platforms with a ca- pacity / readability range* from 3 kg x 0.5 g up to 600 kg x 200g in sizes from 229 x 229 mm up to 600 x 800 mm (9” x 9” up to 23.62” x 31.5”) is available including different interfaces , plugs and adapter accessories. Ready to be configured according to your requirements. Broad range of weighing Made for easy cleaning Rugged, for long life platforms The stainless steel construction with Optimally placed overload stops Full stainless steel constructions smooth surfaces and hygieni- provide the best possible protec- are available in eight different sizes cally designed feet contains no water tion against load cell damage. collecting points and helps to Dependable and stable. reduce possible bacteria contamina- tion. Built for efficient cleaning. * Approved by Weights & Measures: OIML Class III, 3000e (ICS4_9), 2 x 3000e (ICS6_9), NTEP 5000d, Resolutions up to 30000d, not approved by W&M. 4 METTLER TOLEDO ICS4_9 - ICS 6_9
  5. 5. The right load cell for an extended life timeChoose the right load cell according to your environment and cleaningprocedure. This increases long term life and up-time of your scale andreduces lifetime ownership costs. Wet and harsh The hermetically sealed stainless steel load cell (IP68/ IP69k) can withstand not only steam and high pres- sure wash down, but is also very robust and corrosion resistant. For operating in extreme alkaline or saline environments, an additional specific coated IP68/69k protected load cell is available (KS+coating). Battery operation for high mobility Part time wet The optional built-in rechargeable IP65/IP67 protection with the stainless steel potted battery allows up to several days load cell to be used in temporary wet and light wash of portable use. down applications. Wet wiping or cleaning with low pressure water jets Providing protection up to IP65 the aluminum potted load cell is suitable for dry and short time wet environ- ment with light hosedown cleaning. METTLER TOLEDO ICS4_9 - ICS 6_9 5
  6. 6. Seamless IntegrationWeighing Systems ICS6_9 for Fast, Reliable and Traceable Processes The ingredients you need: Weight values and product identification in smart data terminals – full graphic screens – data transfer at high speed through Ethernet or WLAN interfaces – all designed for tough industrial use. The ICS6_9 product range is certified according to the latest hygienic design guidelines of EHEDG1 and NSF1, protected IP68/69k to sustain multiple harsh washdowns 24/7. Track and trace your results Improve your safety Data Management System Scale 1 Scale X Good traceability results depend on calibration log, ready for printing. ment system. No changes are well calibrated equipment and on Easy integration for traceable permitted without the correct user safely stored product and process results. identification. parameters. ICS weighing systems offer a large database which stores Clear user management for Alibi memory to assure up to 500 product records. Vari- transparent responsibilities compliance ous interface possibilities such as The internal database can store The Alibi memory satisfies the RS232, Ethernet, USB or WLAN- up to 500 data records, including increasing documentation require- allow easy integration into existing over/under parameters, target ments of both your customers network systems. Important weights or specific product names. and your regulatory bodies. It con- weighing and product parameters The access rights are individually tains important weighing parame- are stored in the “alibi” or the configurable in the user manage- ters such as serial numbers, opera- 6 METTLER TOLEDO ICS4_9 - ICS 6_9
  7. 7. Long lasting piezo keypad Open and rugged Double sealed protection for The extremely rugged piezo sensor The open and rugged stainless steel heavy wash down keypad is particularly suitable for construction with smooth surfaces The hermetically sealed stainless tough treatment. It offers high dura- contains no water or debris collecting steel load cell and the double bility and assures a long term life points and helps to eliminate bac- sealed ICS4_9 and ICS6_9 termi- under harsh food production condi- teria contamination. Built for efficient nals are robust constructed and tions. and complete cleaning. corrosion resistant to withstand steam and high pressure wash down procedures. Designed to last EHEDG NSF and for reduced life-time owner- ship costs. Barcode Reader Printer Label Printer Compact Scale PlatformUser management Data printout Calibration passedtor names and other application Comprehensive calibration The future is wirelessspecific weighing data. The data management for consistently Not all weighing equipment locationscan be transferred to a printer or to precise results are easily reachable. Eliminateyour host system for further pro- The calibration history provides disrupting cables and use the possi-cessing contributing to efficient pro- a record of who has calibrated bility of the WLAN communication.cess control with accurate and the scale and when, along with For unlimited wireless traceability. the results of those calibrations. Traceable and unmistakable. EHEDG (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group); NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) METTLER TOLEDO ICS4_9 - ICS 6_9 7
  8. 8. At a glanceThe following links provide further helpful information on the ICS product family.Videos Enjoy our 70 sec. videos on • Checkweighing, Portioning and Classifying • Ergonomic, mobile, easy to use • Hygienically Designed for Fast and Thorough Cleaning • Built to Last in Tough Industrial Environment your scale Every working place is different. Use the on-line configurator to assemble your ICS scale according to your requirements such as • Application • Size • Capacity • and more range overview Detailled information including: • Product data sheets • User manuals • Installations manuals your benefits The colorWeight ® value calculator clearly indicates your potential benefits from the colored weight control system. Get results within a minute on • Reduced overfilling costs • Cleaning time savings • Annual costs savings For more informationMettler-Toledo AGCH-8606 GreifenseeSwitzerlandTel. +41 44 944 22 11Fax +41 44 944 30 60Product range may vary depending on countrySubject to technical changes© 08/2011 Mettler-Toledo AGPrinted in SwitzerlandMarCom Industrial