Ra.one Gone !!


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Project ppt on the succesfull failure of shahrukh khan's magnum opus project Ra.One !!

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Ra.one Gone !!

  1. 1.  Ra.One Aka ‘ Random Access One ‘ : a 2011 Hindi science fiction superhero film Shahrukh khan’s biggest venture ever Origin from a 3 page short story based on a commercial. Budget : 150+ Crore ( the second-most expensive film ever produced in Indian cinema ) Almost 3 years spent on making of Ra.One . Technologies used: - VFX ( Visual Effect Artist ) - 3D 52 crore spent only for marketing.
  2. 2.  Eye fascinating ‘teasers and trailers’ Visual effects Kareena kapoor ’s “ Chammak Challo ” ( AKON fame ) Decision to release the film in India on Diwali time Various Brand endorsement Digital comic book for promotion ( first of its kind ) Video game based on a movie Star India bought the TV Broadcasting rights for a record sum of 40 crore
  3. 3. Ra.One was already declared “ Most awaited movie of the year “ “ The best India has ever seen [and] on par with Hollywood “ “ Longest promotion in Bollywood history ““ The most comprehensive and all-pervasive among peoples lives “
  4. 4.  The film released across 3,100 screens in India and 904 prints overseas in both 2D and 3D, and also dubbed in Tamil and Telugu, making it the largest Indian cinematic release in the world. World premieres in Dubai, London & Toronto were held during the period of October 24-26. Everyone was wondering that will Ra.one break the box-office records or not ????
  5. 5. Not even One star..!! Ra.One suffers from case of - Yahoo movies cramming In too much - Rajeev Masand (IBN Live)Definitely , not ‘ The next level ‘ ofHindi Cinema.. Too much love & Emotions for- NDTV a Super-hero… It’s a super starry slurry - Times of India sludge with just the occasional consolatory sparkle. Disappointing, no rate ! - IndianExpress - The New York TimesRa.one : Costliest Cartoon ever made Ra.One : with H.A.R.T butin India… without HEART .. - Anonymous public critic - Radio Mirchi (98.3 FM )
  6. 6. .. The most awaited film of year 2011, fails to touch the heart of Indian audience. The film had a great opening due to - fantastic publicity drive - record number of prints - increased ticket prices due to 3D. Negative word of mouth and reviews immediately took the films collections down in the second week.
  7. 7. .
  8. 8. Film’s main poster is an exact replica of BATMAN BEGINS..H.A.R.T. (Hertz AmplifyingResonance Transmitter) in Ra.one is nothing but an Arc Reactor from IRON MAN series.
  9. 9. If a start of a film is appreciable & watchable , then people will feel eager to watch further. But, if you are including such an unamusing prank like‘ Lucifer ‘ saving a ‘ Desi Girl ‘ (priyanka chopra) and fighting with ‘ Khalnayak ‘ (Sanjay Dutt ) , then Only God saves you.. If you remove that prank, it will not affect the story of Ra.One. Then, why to add such useless scenes that may change the public opinions towards your film….?? It may seem to be funny for Director & film unit, but not at all for the Viewers..
  10. 10. Film’s main hero- SRK is changing his looks throughout the movie, people used to see him in handsome & Dashing look always. ( especially in India – he has always been considered as one of the finestromantic , sweet looking hero )At that time if you are yelling some baseless dialogues and performing not sofunny prank like : Use fingers to eat spaghetti with curd & MispronunciationBetween words ‘ keys ‘ and ‘ kiss ‘ then, your viewers will definitely gonna respond in only one word : “ Yucckk “.
  11. 11. In the film it’s clearly shown that the lead heroine Kareena kapoor is makingsome kind of Thesis on “ Gaaliyan in Hindustan “. ‘ Mirch Masala ‘ just to attract audience..!! Intelligent audience can easily understand this cheap publicity stunt. There are some dialogues / scenes in this movie which are obviously not suitable for Under adult audience.
  12. 12.  When the game is finally launched, it receives a standing ovation andPrateek (lead child play) loves it so much that he insists on playing itinstantly. He logs in under the alias Lucifer and gets down to thesecond level easily, but is eventually interrupted by Akashi as it is timeto go home. Ra.One, never been beaten before and being unable toend his turn with Lucifer, swears that Lucifer shall die. After the mainframe doesnt shut down, Akashi calls Shekhar (SRK) who notices something seriously wrong. Ra.One (Rampal) uses the initially introduced technology to come to life, kills Akashi, and goes after Shekhar to find out who is Lucifer. Is this what you call a story ?? Totally inconceivable..In films like this, if story is not clear-cut then certain confusion will always took place in viewer’s mind.
  13. 13.  G.One appears just before an interval & the villain : Ra.One ( as Arjun Rampal ) comes in a similar way just before the climax. So, the question is : Why to waste money for a film, in which their main characters are not even in the half movie….?? Lack of Characterization , needless cameo and poor story line are the main reasons behind the ‘ Successfull failure ‘ of Ra.One.
  14. 14. According to Box-office India : a film is a ,Hit : if it recovers all its investment through its theatrical nett collectionsand additionally makes good amount of profits.Average : If it does not make high profits but at least recovers itsinvestment.Flop : If it can’t even recover its investment. BOI declared Ra.One a hit in the very first week, even before it recovered its investment. On this suspicious bias trade analyst, Komal Nahta said that the movie is not a HIT. makers have also counted TV, satellite rights and subsidy given to the film in the collections, which is not the way it is done. If that was the case, almost every movie recovers its investment through satellite rights .
  15. 15. As social networking sites like ‘ FACEBOOK ‘ & ‘ TWITTER ’ is now a part of everyone’sdaily life, it plays a major role to spread something either Positive or Negative- thatwe call a ‘ Viral Marketing ‘..Here are few funny tweets, status updates & Sms Showing how a Viral marketing canaffect badly :  Govt also declared 26th Oct as public holiday to celebrate the end of Ra.One Promotions…!!  Nahi chala RA.ONE...! Ab SRK bolega buy one get one, aur ek week ke baad bolega, Ra.One is coming soon on Sahara.One and Star.one.  Tell me whats better...?? Rs. 200 for Ra.One....?? OR Rs. 5/- for Bar One...??  Cant say Happy Diwali to all coz some of them will watch Ra.One  Everything gone in drain, with Ra.One in Fame. Lost my brain, need some aspirin..  Have 2 Ra One tickets for 10:45 @ Cinemax.. Anybody Wants to buy ??
  16. 16.  The present trend is such that with the success of a film, a sequel is usually announced. SRK’s ‘Ra.One’ falls in the same category. Even before the film was released, there were rumors of a would-be sequel, and it was also shown in the film that Prateek Revived G.One in the end. But, King Khan has confirmed that there is no such thing. Whether it is because the film received a mixed response at the box-office can’t be ruled out. So, at last for us, there is a sign of relief for few span of time….!!
  17. 17. http://www.raonemovie.com/http://www.imdb.com/http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ra.Onehttp://www.boxofficeindia.com/http://www.youtube.com/http://images.google.com/https://www.facebook.com/http://twitter.com