GSM Based Campus Display system


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A useful ppt explaining the basics of GSM based campus display system..
part of a project done by me in my final year of electronics & communication engineering..

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GSM Based Campus Display system

  1. 1. “ GSM Based Campus Display System ”Prepared by,KASHYAP SHAH (090300111022)PRAGNESH GAJJAR (090300111086)YUVRAJ RATHOD (090300111114)Guided by,Prof. Dilip H. Patel( Internal guide )Electronics & Communication Engineering DepartmentL.D.R.P Institute of Technology & Research, Gandhinagar
  2. 2. GSM BASED CAMPUS DISPLAYSYSTEMusing MicrocontrollerAT89S52
  3. 3. : Presentation Outline : Introduction Design Overview How it works ? Demo Components Used AT Commands , Control codes Applications & usages Future scope References
  4. 4. Introduction Communication technology over the years Wired and Wireless communication- Comparison Need of HMI ( Human Machine Interface ) GSM Technology GSM Based Campus display system at a glance
  6. 6. How it works ? The CDS mainly consists of a GSM receiver and a display toolkit which can beprogrammed from an authorized mobile phone. It receives the SMS, validates the sending Mobile Identification Number (MIN)and displays the desired information after necessary code conversion. It can serve as an electronic notice board and display the important noticesinstantaneously thus avoiding the latency. Being wireless, the GSM based CDS is easy to expand and allows the user toadd more display units at anytime and at any location in the campus dependingon the requirement of the institute.
  7. 7. Control Flow chart
  8. 8. DEMO - HOW IT LOOKS LIKE ?LCD 01: LDRP-ITR DepartmentWELCOME TO LDRP-ITRMessage Code: 0101*MID SEM EXAMFROMDD-MM-YYMessage Code: 0102*Here „ * ‟ works as a termination character for SMS.
  9. 9. DEMO - HOW IT LOOKS LIKE ?LCD 02: VPMP DepartmentMessage Code: 0201* Message Code: 0202*Here „ * ‟ works as a termination character for SMS.WELCOME TOVPMPROBOTICSWORKSHOPANNOUNCEMENT
  10. 10. DEMO - HOW IT LOOKS LIKE ?Message Code: 0302*Message Code: 0301*LCD 03: ADMIN DepartmentHere „ * ‟ works as a termination character for SMS.PAY YOUR FEES BYDD-MM-YYCOLLECT YOUR 6THSEM MARKSHEETS
  11. 11. DEMO - HOW IT LOOKS LIKE ?BROADCAST – All LCD displays the same messageKSV UNIVERSITYWELCOMES YOUALLTOMORROW IS AHOLIDAYDefault Message Message Code: 0001*Here „ * ‟ works as a termination character for SMS.
  13. 13. COMPONENTS USEDMicrocontroller AT89S52 microcontroller- a variant of 8052. 8-bit microcontroller with 8KB on-chip Flash memory,256 bytes RAM, three timer/counters, one serial andfour 8-bit parallel ports. It can also address up to 64KB of external data memory RAMand program memory.AT89S52 ( Atmel )
  14. 14. COMPONENTS USEDLCD HD44780 LCD for displaying the text data 16 character x 2 line display module( But in practice, it should be replace by the large multiline,multi- color commercial display units )HD44780 LCD
  15. 15. COMPONENTS USEDMAX 232 IC MAXIM 232- that converts signals from an RS-232 serial port to signalssuitable for use in TTL compatible digital logic circuits. The MAX232 is a dual driver/receiver and typically converts the RX, TXCTS and RTS signals. It changes a TTL Logic 0 to between +3 and +15 V, and changes TTL Logic1 to between -3 to -15 V, and vice versa for converting from RS232 to TTL.MAX232 IC
  16. 16. COMPONENTS USEDGSM Modem SIM 300 GSM Modem – Fixed Cellular Terminal for data applications. compact & portable, easy to set up. A wired connection at one end with the help of RS232C serial portand wireless at the other. features like SMS receiving, call receiving.
  17. 17. COMPONENTS USED Computers use AT commands to control modems. Both GSM modems and dial-up modems support a common set of standard ATcommands. GSM modem can be used just like a dial-up modem. In addition to the standardAT commands, GSM modems support an extended set of AT commands. Theseextended AT commands are predefined in the GSM.Computer InterfaceFinally, this project uses RS232 serial interface for interfacing the GSM modemwith a PC. This interface is used to setup the GSM modem.
  18. 18. AT COMMANDSAT commands are used to control MODEMs.AT is the abbreviation for Attention. These commands come from Hayescommands that were used by the Hayes smart modems.
  19. 19. LIST OF IMP AT COMMANDSCall control :Data card Control :Command DescriptionAT To check communicationbetween computer andmodule.ATD Dial CommandAT+CBC Battery chargeAT+CPAS Phone activity statusAT+CMGRAT+CMGSRead messageSend messageAT+CLIP Calling line identificationpresentationAT+CMGF Message format
  20. 20. Call control :Data card Control :SMS Text mode :The controller is programmed to send a fixed command „AT‟ to the module.The command AT is used to check the communication with module.It returns a result code OK if the module and the controller are connectedproperly. If either of the module or SIM are not working, it returns a result codeERROR.INTERFACING AT COMMANDS
  22. 22. APPLICATIONS & USAGES The Campus Display System is aimed at the colleges and universities fordisplaying day-to-day information continuously or at regular intervals duringworking hours. Display devices can be setup at various places in the campus. Being GSM-based system, it offers flexibility to display flash news orannouncements faster than a programmable system. GSM-based campus display system can also be used at other public placeslike schools, hospitals, railway stations, gardens etc. without affecting thesurrounding environment.
  23. 23. FUTURE SCOPE Multiple receiver MODEMS at the different positions in a geographical areacarrying duplicate (cloned) SIM Cards. Multilingual display Graphical Display Use of MMS technology
  24. 24. REFERENCES Datasheet: SIM 300 GSM MODEM Manual Datasheet: ATMEL 89S52 Microcontroller Datasheet: LCD HD44780 Datasheet: MAX 232