Bhaag 'Baccha' bhaag..


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An Article describing the Races of Life..

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Bhaag 'Baccha' bhaag..

  1. 1. Bhaag ‘Baccha’ Bhaag … While watching Farhan Akhtar running endlessly in the film ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’, I suddenly realized that our life too, is full of ‘RACES’. Don’t you think so?? If not, then let me give you an insight.. Race-01) when an infant arrives, the very first race begins to give him / her unique name. Our family and ‘always enthusiastic’ relatives create a plethora of names, suggesting almost all the feasible names on this planet in order to give just a single name. Race-02) when a child is ready for an admission in school, race begins to get him into the top most English medium school. Even the interview is being conducted nowadays, where a 3 year old is asked some stupid questions by the school authorities. And, the poor child was prepared by his parents- like he is going to fight like one of the ‘300’ soldiers of an epic movie ‘300’. Race-03) once he gets an admission, pressure started building upon him to score 92-95 % ile in every standard. For fulfillment of their parents’ desires, they are thrown into private coaching/ tuition classes. (There is another race here for the parents to find the best classes for their child) I have seen kids from nursery, senior KG going to tuition classes these days... Seriously??? What the Hell... it was not at all a case in our times. But, things are changing like Indian political statements nowadays. Race-04) after surviving all these craziness, child finally reaches to Std. 10th – The Board Examination. And, the whole family turns into a pressure cooker. “ No TV, No more Sports.. Beta 10th Nikaal lo, fir Life padi hi hai ye sab cheez karne ke liye... ”- It becomes a common dialogue in almost every Indian family. And, suppose if their parents want their child to be an IIT’ian- then here the race is uglier beyond your imagination. When the child is hardly able to
  2. 2. understand what’s going on around him, he’s thrown into IIT coaching centers. He has to manage his board examination, 11th , 12th Std with that preparation for ‘being an IIT’ian’ dream which is forced upon him. Suddenly, A 24 hrs day starts seeming quite a short to him. Finally, after 12th he appears for IIT-JEE, the entrance examination. And the Race-05 begins here. I have gathered some data to make you realize that how bloody this race turns out to be every year. • There are 16 Indian Institute of Technology in India. In all they offer 9647 seats. Let’s make it a round figure-say 10,000 seats in total. • Now, the number of students appearing for IIT-JEE entrance test is close to 5 lakhs every year or even more, and the seats are only what-10,000. • That means, in order to fulfill ‘Being an IIT’ian’ dream of their parents, students will have to stand among the top 10,000. Which is just around 2 % of total appeared candidates. It’s very much clear that only those 2% people will get an IIT seat every year. So, what happens to the rest 98 % students? Have you ever thought like this? After preparing hard for 2-3 years, missing every Sunday cricket matches- finally they’re nowhere. They have to compromise in some private colleges / universities. Now, suppose child is lucky enough to get an IIT seat. And luckily he passed out with some avg or more than avg CGPA. Then his parents’ dream will evolve further: “ BETA, tu to star he, you’re the future of our family, relatives me naak rakh li he tune apni IIT clear karke, ab IIM bhi karle… bada scope hai.. CAT to aise nikaal lega tu…” And, the Race-06 starts here…
  3. 3. Let’s have a look at some more data; this race is bloodiest among all. • In India, there are 13 Indian Institute of Management (IIMs). In all, they offer a mere 3202 seats. Now, you’re very well known to my passion for converting numbers into round figures. Let’s do it here too. Let’s say we have 4000 seats. • The only way to get into any of these ‘Mecca of MBA in India’ kinds of colleges; is to clear the notorious CAT (Common Admission Test). Every year close to 2 lakhs (this number is increasing at a rate of 3-4 % every year) students appear for CAT. And, the number of seats is what- only 4000. This is again nothing but a fraction of 2 % only. • So, once again that ‘SCOPE’ is only for those top 2 % ile students. Suppose a student scores 90 % ile in IIT-JEE or in CAT, he will stand at nowhere. Because, they don’t have enough seats. Scoring 90 % ile in any of these exams is not at all an easy task. But, Because of not getting a seat in IIT, IIMs thousands of Indian students (I would rather say- brilliant brains) goes to foreign countries for further education every year, which we known as a ‘Brain-Drain’. According to one research, Indian parents are spending total of 7 billion dollars every year to make their child’s future bright in foreign countries. This means, India is facing a clear 7 billion dollar lose every year. Aren’t we responsible for this?? Our government can increase petrol / oil prices at their own almost every fortnight. But, they can’t increase at least 100 seats in IITs or IIMs. Increasing a mere 100 seats will save 100
  4. 4. brilliant students’ future. But, our great Indian Democracy is not at all interested in it. Government has so much land, and we have a decent real-estate infrastructure too. So, why they are not building any new IIT or IIM on government lands with Public-Private partnerships?? The answer is: These Races have inherited in Indian Education System in such a manner that all are busy finding a ‘Certified education’ for their children rather than going for a Qualitative one. In India you can find ‘Quest for Knowledge’ like words in only political memorandums, but not in real. It is worth to mention an epic scene from the movie- 3 Idiots here: when Virus aka Boman Iraani gave a speech at an orientation program. His dialogue was -‘Life is like a race, bhaago warna koi tumhe kuchalkar aage chala jaayega…’ And, sadly it seems to be quite happening in India. (PS: The Content of this article has everything to do with real life / persons / incidents. The Author is one of those millions of children of India, who has experienced all these races, and currently struggling to win Race no- 06.) - Kashyap Bankim Shah