AndhraPradesh & Telangana -Political scenario before 2014 general elections


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AndhraPradesh & Telangana -Political scenario before 2014 general elections

  1. 1. AndhraPradesh - 2014 General Elections No. of seats: 42 (07 SC and 03 ST category reserved seats + 32 Non reserved general seats) Most sensational state of last 2 years (Telangana issue) Election Dates: For both assembly and Lok Sabha elections, Andhra Pradesh is going to polls as one state, for the last time. Since the Central Government has fixed June 2 as the appointed date for the state of Telangana, officially the undivided state of Andhra Pradesh will remain on the papers till that date. Even though, the Election Commission of India (ECI) is holding the elections to one state - the AP, it has divided the schedule into two parts. Telangana will go to polls on April 30 and the Andhra Pradesh will go to polls on May 7. For breakage of constituencies: Parties: Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP), Indian National Congress (INC), Telugu Desam Party (TDP), Praja Rajyam Party (PR) Communist Party of India (CPI) & CPI- Marxist Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM), YSR Congress Party Jana Sena Party (Newly Formed by Union minister Chiranjeevi`s brother and Telugu movie star Pawan Kalyan ) Possible major alliances: UPA: INC + AIMIM NDA: BJP + TDP + TRS (Not confirmed yet ) Independent Parties: PR, YSR-Congress Clash of the Titans: UPA v/s NDA Stats from 2009 Elections: Party Name No of seats won INC 31 AIMIM 01 YSR- C 02
  2. 2. UPA (Total) 34 BJP 00 TRS 02 NDA (Total) 02 TDP 06 CPI & CPI(M) 00 Third Front (Total) 06 PR 00 Total : 42 Point in Favor for UPA: • Telangana announcement by UPA government seems like an attempt to salvage a chunk of seats (Andhra Pradesh’s current 42 parliamentary seats Telangana will account for 17 of). Points in favor for NDA: • TDP and TRS parties have already ruled out an option of joining UPA. So, there’s a possible chance that both the parties may join NDA after election results. This will eventually strengthen BJP’s image in AP. • Telangana issue has been viewed as “vote-bank politics “move by the people of both AP and Telangana. Congress made this historical decision few months before 2014 elections. It may backfire the UPA parties; as there has been a constant outrage in the state regarding bifurcation of state. • If not congress, then people will either vote for NAMO effect (BJP) or for regional parties. Expected Winner: Nothing can be predicted for this state. Though regional parties like TDP, TRS and Jana sena party will become key players here. If BJP is able to form an alliance with them- then UPA might lose another state in 2014 General Elections. Surprise Elements: YSR-Congress, TDP, TRS and Jana Sena Party Star Factors: Konidela Chiranjeevi (PR), Pawan Kalyan (Jana Sena)