Reporting Solution for ASP.NET Application with Telerik reporting


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Slide deck used for the Telerik .NET Ninja Developer Series webinar titled "Reporting Solution for ASP.NET using Telerik Reporting" held on Jun 13 13.

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  • Jesse - demo qsf and then drop in a grid from scratch and modify the grid to show column control
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  • Reporting Solution for ASP.NET Application with Telerik reporting

    1. 1. Today’s session will berecorded and available 24/7on @telerikReporting for ASP.NETapplications with TelerikReporting
    2. 2. Webinar Giveaway• 2 attendee will receive.NET Ninja T-Shirt• The Winner will in a blogpost
    3. 3. Roadmap for TodayIntroduction Importance Why?TelerikReporting
    4. 4. IntroductionLohith G NMicrosoft MVP, MCPDeveloper Evangelist, TelerikEmail: lohith.nagaraj@telerik.comTwitter: @kashyapaBlog: http://www.kashyapas.comBlog:
    5. 5. Introduction to Reporting
    6. 6. What is Reporting? Many definitions, One Goal – Generate Reports Reporting is– Layout based on a set of rules– Data pulled from data source– Can apply some analytics to data Reporting is not– Word document– Grid or flexible page designer
    7. 7. Importance of Reporting
    8. 8. Importance of Reporting1.Businesses collect tons of information1. Most of information goes unused2. Unused information delivers no value to business2.Reporting solutions transform information toknowledge1. Data becomes relevant to decision making process3.Businesses that don’t engage in this process –fail to maximize effectiveness of their business
    9. 9. Why Reporting?
    10. 10. Need for Reporting1.Present & Analyze data in structured way1. Groupin/Sorting/Headers/Footers2. Tables/Crosstabs3. Calculations/Visualizations2.Tooling Support3.Multiple output formats
    11. 11. Telerik Reporting
    12. 12. Reporting, The Telerik Way1.Full featured, ad-hoc reporting tool for .NETplatform2.Lightweight solution for all –1. Cloud,2. Web &3. Desktop platform3.Unique design surface1. WYSIWYG designer
    13. 13. Reporting, The Telerik Way1.Extensive Data Source Support1. Cubes2. Relational Databases3. Business Objects4. ORMs1. Open Access / EF5. XML6. ADO.NET Data Source1. SQL Ananlysis Services/SQL Server/MySQL/Oracle/Access/OLE DBetc.
    14. 14. Reporting, The Telerik Way1.Features1. Easy & Intuitive Wizzards1. Complex Reports without writing code2. Conversion & Upgrade Wizards2. Export to Many formats1. Word/PowerPoint,Excel/XPS/XAML/MHTML/PDF/RTF/CSV/Image3. Reports Viewers for both Windows & Web1. WinForms, WebForms, WPF, SL viewers
    15. 15. Telerik Reporting Fitment
    16. 16. Where does Telerik ReportingFit?1.Usage:1. Reports defined in class library2. Can be referenced in any .NET App1. For SL, report library lives on server side3. Viewers for all .Net client technologies
    17. 17. UsgaeReportsClassLibraryWinFormApp.exeReportViewerWPFApp.exeReportViewerWebForm.aspxReportViewerSilverlightApp.xapReportViewerWCF Service
    18. 18. Demos
    19. 19. Email @kashyapaDownload Telerik Reporting at & A