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Walking To Wellness Holistic View Dr Shriniwas Kashalikatr

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Walking To Wellness Holistic View Dr Shriniwas Kashalikatr

  2. 2. Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar
  3. 3. Possible Advantages of walking According to Me Sweating secretion containing NaCl which acts as mild antiseptic Cleansing of Skin
  4. 4. Prevention of Skin Infections Mild Cardiovascular Activation Activation and strengthening of respiratory system assisting in removal of mucus or expectoration
  5. 5. Toning Up of Digestive System Freedom from Gases and Constipation Relief from Joint Pains and Arthritis Relief from Back Ache
  6. 6. Reflexology Treatment Benefits Due to Stimulation of Soles Supply of Vitamin D through Sunlight Saving of Electricity and Fuel
  7. 7. Practice of Namasmaran Maun (Silence) Avoidance of Gossip & Backbiting Prevention of infection in lift-Elevator
  8. 8. Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar