Arvind mills and Mafatlal's group


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Arvind mills and Mafatlal's group

  1. 1. INTRODUCTION• Arvind Mills is the Flagship Co. of Lalbhai Group• Founded:1931 by:-Kasturbhai lalbhai Narottambhai lalbhai Chimanbhai lalbhai
  2. 2. • Products: Denims,Shirtings,Knitwears• Key People: Sanjay Lalbhai (CEO & MD) Arvind N. Lalbhai• Employees :26000
  3. 3. HISTORY• Founded by Three brothers• Share Capital of 25,25,000• Technology purchased from England• 1980’s crisis• 1990’s from Domestic to Global• International Brands
  4. 4. COMPANY• VISION and VALUES• What we believe?• What we Endeavour?• What we dream?
  5. 5. APPROACHStrong focus on research and development for• Process improvement• Cost reduction• New product developmentIntroduced new dyeing and processing methods for• Denims
  6. 6. PEOPLE• Employer of a choice is real fate.• Development of a individual in all important.• Proper job-satisfaction.• Training imparted on jobs as well in class-rooms and seminars.
  9. 9. DENIM• Leading producer• Design, Innovations & Sustainability• World-renowned designers• Shuttle looms for Selvedge denim• Unique Fibers like Excel, Jute, Silk, Linen• Indigo voiles & Handspun denim• Organic, BCI & Sustainable denim
  10. 10. WOVEN FABRICS• Shirting fabric and bottom weights• 65 million meters per annum• Host to India’s first Ammonia Mercerization Plant• Chemical Finishes & Mechanical Finishes• Voiles
  11. 11. KNIT FABRICS• Knitting- 5,000 tons per annum• Dyeing - 1800 tons per annum• Basic Knits: Jersey, Pique, Rib, and Interlock• Specialty knits: Yarn-dyed, Auto stripers, Jacquards, and Stretch fabric• Fibres: Cotton, Excel, Viscose, Modal, Polyester• Finishes: Mercerization, Brushing, Peaching, Aero-finish.
  12. 12. GARMENT EXPORTS• Bottoms: 7.2 million pieces• Formal & Casual tops: 6 million• Knit tops: 3.6 million• Automated Placement Printing Machinery• Largest washing facility• Bohemian machines• Skilled artisans
  13. 13. BRANDS• Own Brands- Mainstream, Excalibur Gant & Flying Machine• Licensed Brands- Bridge to Luxury, U.S.A. 1949 & Energie• Joint Venture Brands- Bridge to Luxury & Tommy Hilfiger• Premium- USPA, Lee, Arrow, Wrangler
  14. 14. MEGAMART RETAIL• 6 Larger stores - Big Megamart• 250 Smaller formats across the country• The brands sold exclusively in Megamart include:• RUGGERS - SKINN - ELITUS - DONUTS - KARIGARI - MEA CASA - AUBURN HILL -• BAY ISLAND - COLT - LEISHA- EDGE
  15. 15. ENGINEERING• Anup Engineering Limited• Range of Products- Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Reactors, Economizers, Oxygen / Nitrogen / Chlorine Storage• ARVIND ACCEL Limited• Multi specialty Engineering Procurement and Construction Company.
  16. 16. TELECOM• Arya Omnitalk - J M Baxi Group & Arvind• GPS based Fleet Automation & Management• City-wide Walky Talky services• Highway Traffic Management• CLIENTS: Wipro, Whirlpool, Ashok Leyland, Sahara Airlines, The Indian Armed Forces, The World Bank,
  17. 17. REAL ESTATE• Ahmedabad• Current projects:• Arvind Township: Motibhoyan• Arvind Avenue –• Arvind Alcove - weekend housing scheme.• Arvind Mega Trade –
  18. 18. ATUL LIMITED
  19. 19. • Member of Lalbhai Group, one of the oldest business houses of India• Mainly in textiles and chemicals• Serves the society in the fields of education, health as well as culture.• Incorporated in 1947, formerly Atul Products Ltd founded by Kasturbhai Lalbhai to make India self reliant in chemicals, generate employment on a large-scale & create wealth for the society• Ballubhai Muzumdar, an economist- and his son, Siddharth Kasturbhai Lalbhai, a chemical engineer• First private sector company of India inaugurated by Jawaharlal Nehru• Few dyestuffs, the know-how of which was brought from foreign companies
  20. 20. • Joined hands with American Cyanamid Corp (1952), Imperial Chemical Industries plc (1955) and Ciba-Geigy Ltd (1960) to form respectively 3 joint venture companies, namely, Cyanamid India Ltd, Atic Industries Ltd and Cibatul Ltd respectively• Operates through six business divisions, Agrochemicals, Aromatics, Bulk Chemicals & Intermediates, Colors, Pharmaceuticals & Intermediates and Polymers• Own growth plans• Office is in Ahmedabad, Corporate headquarters in Atul, Gujarat• Over 35,000 shareholders• Offices in the USA, the UK, Germany, China and Vietnam
  21. 21. Board of Directors Name Status OccupationMr S S Lalbhai Chairman and Managing Director Independent Non-executiveMr G S Patel Former Chairman Unit Trust of India Director Independent Non-executiveDr S S Baijal Former Chairman & CEO ICI Companies in India Director Independent Non-executiveMr B S Mehta Partner Bansi S Mehta & Co DirectorMr S A Lalbhai Managing Director
  22. 22. INFRASTUCTURE AT ATUL• Captive power generation• Incinerator• Effluent treatment• Treatment storage disposable facility
  23. 23. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT• Products and processes that are efficient, safe and environmentally friendly; cater to demands of global and domestic customers• Process and product improvement• Own R&D department for every business unit• Common facilities like pilot plant, certain analytical instruments, technical library etc.• Links with certain CSIR laboratories like IICT, Hyderabad; NCL, Pune; and CSMCRI, Bhavnagar with the primary purpose of technology transfer and sponsored research programmes• 30 improved processes of raw material and utility usage, batch cycle time and waste reduction, New methods of analysis (Wet Chemistry, HPLC, GC)• 1% of its sales value spent
  24. 24. OVERSEAS OFFICESAtul International Trading (Shanghai) Co Ltd• Atul International Trading (Shanghai) Co, located in Shanghai, ChinaAtul Deutschland GmbH- GERMANY• growing businesses of Polymers, Pharma and Aromatics divisions of Atul Ltd. In Europe• Enlarging its customer base across new and emerging markets within the EU.Atul Europe Ltd• Wimslow, England, UKAtul Americas Inc• North Carolina, USA., Represents Atul Ltd in North and South AmericaAtul Vietnam Representative Office• Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
  25. 25. PRODUCTS• Agrochemicals- Herbicides, Fungicides & insecticites• Aromatics- Cresol derivatives, Oleums, Sulphuric Acid• Bulk Chemicals & Intermediates- Caustic soda, Chlorine, Chlorosulphonic acid, Sodium Suphide, Potassium sulphate• Dyestuffs- Acid dyes, Fluorescent brightening agents, High exhaust brand, Cold brand, Reactive dyes for print• Pharmaceuticals & Intermediates- Chloroformates, Isocyanates, Carbonate & Dicarbonate, Chloride, ureas• Polymers- Lapox Epoxy Resins & Hardener systems• Floras- Herbal extracts
  26. 26. • Heavy engineering company of Lalbhai Group for 48 years• Engaged in fabrication of critical process equipment like Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Columns/ Towers, Centrifuges, Dished Ends• Clients in core sectors- Refinaries, Petrochemicals & Fertilizers, Power – Nuclear/ Thermal, Space Research, Pharmaceuticals• Extensive know how & expertise in fabrication spectrum including engineering, project management & manufacturing
  27. 27. MILESTONES1963 : Year of establishment1993 : wholly owned subsidiary of The Arvind Mills Limited2003 : first orders for Nuclear Power Corporation Limited2007 : Major order for 47 Heat Exchangers for HPCL – Mittal , Bathinda Refinery2008 : Major investment in ramping up production capabilities by addition of 100 mm thick shell rolling machine, 1000 mm Depth, Tube sheet drilling machine.2011 : First ever physical export to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, 100 tonne single piece equipment shipped for a Gas company based in Yanbu
  28. 28. Heat ExchangersMaximum Size Tubesheet Thk. : 405 mm, Tube OD/Length : 75 mm / 12 Mtrs. Weight : 130 MT Max tubes in a single shell - 5680 Highest Surface Area in a single shell - 3350 Sq mtrs
  29. 29. Pressure Vessels, Reactors and ColumnsMaximum Size Diameter : 6000 mm Height/Length : 62 Mtrs. Thickness :85 mm Weight : 165 MT
  30. 30. CentrifugesBottom Discharge Centrifuge Size - 36" to 60" Volumetric capacity - 300 Ltrs to 700 LtrsPeeler Centrifuge Size - 36" to 60" Volumetric capacity - 300 Ltrs to 700 LtrsHVC - 1400 Strach Centrifuge Volumetric capacity - 160 Ltrs to 490 LtrsEHC - 48" FOR DMH / DAH Top Driven - Bottom Discharge Basket capacity - 160 Ltrs to 490 Ltrs
  31. 31. CLIENTELE
  32. 32. MANUFACTURING Plate Bending Machine Drilling machine• Up to 100 mm thick Plates width upto 3 meters • Up to 50 mm thick Plates width upto 3 meters • Up to 25 mm thick Plates width upto 3.5 meters
  33. 33. BoringBoring & Turning with 1700 mm dia * 1000mmcopy Turning ht - 1 No.Horizontal Boring & Milling 800 mm stroke spindle dia 125 mm - 1 No
  34. 34. INSTITUTIONS• Medical Care and Research• Education – Professional , Cultural and Research Bodies• Human Development
  35. 35. SHARDA TRUST• Arvind Limited established the "Strategic Help Alliance for Relief to Distressed Areas" (SHARDA) Trust in 1995. OBJECTIVES• Sanjay Nagar• Training Garment Operatives• Practical English and Computer Applications Training• Gyanda: Fountain Of Knowledge - Quality Education in Municipal Schools
  36. 36. LALBHAI RURAL DEVELOPMENT FUND• Established in 1978, NLRDF is the rural CSR arm of the company. The Trust directly intervenes in the development process at the village level. VARIOUS NEEDS• Vocational Programs for rural poor• Upgrading the infrastructure in a rural primary school• Helping the rural poor in improving the yields in their farms• Upgrading the infrastructure in a rural schools• Training Widows for Entrepreneurship
  37. 37. ORGANIC COTTON PROJECT & BCI• Organic Cotton Project was born from a need to create value through innovation across the supply chain particularly in the area of raw material – cotton.• Mission• Vision• Objectives• Organic Cotton Farming• Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)
  38. 38. RECENT NEWS• Arvind Lifestyle Brands acquired Debenhams, Nautica & Next• Arvind mills: from near bankruptcy to reinvention
  39. 39. Future Plans• Revenue set to grow at 20%• Share of brands and retailing in revenues to be around 40%• Share of domestic revenue to increase to 75% from current 65%• To add 100 millions metric fabric manufacturing capacity : cap ex Rs.850 crores• To open 300 exclusive stores in next 3 years
  40. 40. HISTORY• Founded By: Mr. Mafatlal Gagalbhai• 1905-Founded in Ahmedabad named as Shorrock Mills• British Textile Machinery was used• Initial Equity Capital of Rs.3.25 lacs• 1912-Second unit founded in Nadiad with capital of Rs.6.25 lacs
  41. 41. • 1916-Bought Jaffer Ali Mills from Nawab of Surat• 1919-Shifted to Mumbai And Bought China Mills• 1970’s-Company Expanded• 1980-Company Diversified into IT ,Chemicals &Engineering Industry• 1990’s-Further diversified into Financial services, Gas distribution And Healthcare
  42. 42. MISSION• “Our Mission is to provide clothing for the family, from every walk & stage in life, for every occasion, with a wide range of excellent quality fabrics and garments, that make them look and feel good"
  43. 43. QUALITY POLICY• Standard Products both in National and International Markets• Improve Quality By strengthening relationship with both customers and suppliers• Regular feedback from customers• Special training to employees• ISO 9001:2000 standards to ensure quality
  45. 45. Navin Fluorine International Ltd• Founded in year 1967• Manufactures widest range of fluoro chemicals• An ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001:2004 company & received a 5 - star rating from the British Safety Council in 2004• Deals in organofluorines , inorganic bulk fluorides , refrigeration gases.
  46. 46. Vision• “We at Navin Fluorine are committed to be a World Class, Customer Focused, Innovative Organization in the field of Specialty and Fine chemicals and to be the partner of choice to the Chemical, Refrigerant, Crop-sciences and Life-sciences Companies”
  47. 47. Mission• To provide customer "Value for Money" by producing world class speciality fluorochemicals at most competitive prices• To make Research and Development as the sustainable engine of the organisation• To innovate, build and operate chemical plants in the most safe and environment friendly manner• To continuously enhance stakeholders value by optimum utilisation of resources
  48. 48. Quality Policy• Exceeding Customer Expectation through innovation and continual improvements in Products, Processes and Technology.• Development of Our Human Resources.• Working in a Safe and Healthy Environment.• Being Responsible to the Society
  49. 49. Products• Organic Fluorochemicals• Inorganic Fluorochemicals• Refrigerants• Bulk Fluorochemicals
  50. 50. R&D• Located in Surat• Well ventilated fume hoods equipped with scrubbers• Analytical development lab• High degree of purity in compound synthesis with the support of quality infrastructure processes and practices
  51. 51. MAFATLAL INDUSTRIES LIMITED• Leader in textiles for almost a 100 years• Meeting international quality standards and strengthening its partnership with suppliers and customers• 2 manufacturing units- The Nadiad unit was set up in 1912; the one in Navsari in 1931.• Range of products in 100% cotton and in polyester/cotton blends• Comprises yarn-dyed and piece-dyed shirtings, poplins, bottomwear fabrics, cambrics, fine lawns and voiles
  52. 52. MISSION• "Our Mission is to provide clothing for the family, from every walk & stage in life, for every occasion, with a wide range of excellent quality fabrics and garments, that make them look and feel good"
  53. 53. QUALITY POLICY• We shall provide our customers in National and International Markets products and services of agreed standards• Quality concept to all phases of our business by strengthening partnership with our customers and suppliers• Endeavours to develop new products and markets,especially for exports.• Develop our information system to regular feed back• Attention to Health, Safety & Environmental requirement.• Training to our employees and promote open communication to maximise their contribution in achieving quality excellence.
  54. 54. • In India this is where Marks & Spencer, Next, Debenhams, French Connection, Liz Claiborne, Philips-Van Heusen, J.C.Penny, Banana Republic, Tommy Hilfiger, Gap, Klopman, Espirit do their shopping.• Export markets include U.S.A., U.K., France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, U.A.E., Saudi- Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Sudan & Qatar
  55. 55. THE COMPANY• In 1995, two world- famous textile giants, Mafatlal Industries, India, and Burlington Industries, USA, joined forces to start Mafatlal Burlington Industries• First company in India to start a JV with a global organisation• In April 2006, the Arvind Mafatlal Group acquired Burlington’s stake in the joint venture. The company is now called Mafatlal Denim Limited.
  56. 56. FACILITIES• Plant in Navsari (Gujarat, India) with installed capacity of 20 million meters per annum• Latest equipments for Yarn manufacturing (Schlafhorst , Zinser , Marzolli, Murata Trutzschler and Rieter)
  57. 57. • Dyeing (Morrison-USA and Sucker-Muller Germany)• Weaving (Tsudakoma, Picanol) and Finishing (Morrison-USA)
  58. 58. PRODUCTS FUNCTIONALITY • Added new properties, comfort and pleasant elements to the fabric while maintaining jeans character • Range include cool max, anti per Spirent, anti microbial which will play a significant role for the seasons to come.• The market is now focusing of different sparkling and shiny effects - also strongly appealing to the consumer• technique results in glamours hues that keeps their sparkle shiny on light weight denim and flat stretches even after washed at home.
  59. 59. This summer colors are not dark as usual. The colour trend has started in Fall and will continue this Summer. The concept is adopting the latest technology showing the denim optic. The focus is also on over dyed fabric inspired by changing of the ‘leaves’ green, yellow brown. New stretch Stretch continues to be a hot topic! T-400, Tencel stretchVintage Shuttle vintage continues to be strong in summer
  60. 60. INTERNATIONAL MARKET-• Ensures that product designs reflect global preferences• Exports constitute over 50% of the company’s total sales• Markets consist of over 15 countries including Canada, the USA, India and countries in South America, Europe, and the Far East.CERTIFICATION-• Youngest textile company in India to receive the ISO 9001 certificate for its quality management system, the ISO 14001 certificate for its environment management system and the Oeko-Tex certificate (German Environment Certification).
  61. 61. NOCIL LIMITED• About the Company - The Arvind Mafatlal Group took over MIINDIA Chemicals in 1976, and in the years to follow, turned it around totally. Today, NOCIL’s customer profile spans the global market as well.• Manufacturing facilities and technology - NOCIL is a truly integrated manufacturer of rubber chemicals. The company’s logistically convenient manufacturing site near Mumbai boasts state-of-the-art technology and a highly experienced team.
  62. 62. PRODUCT FORMS• The Sulfenamide Accelerators - PILCURE CBS, PILCURE NS, PILCURE MOR, are offered in Pellet Form for improved shop-floor environment, excellent handling characteristics, precise weighing accuracy and enhanced storage stability.• PILFLEX IP, PILFLEX 13 - Paraphenylenediamine Antidegradants and PILNOX TDQ Antioxidant are supplied in free-flowing, dust-free Pastille Form which also ensure weighing accuracy considerably as compared to the flaked products
  63. 63. MANUFACTURING PROCESS• The Rubber Chemicals Manufacturing Processes originate from the Chemistry of Nitrogen and Sulfur compounds.• The Processes involved are extremely complex and hazardous.• Thus, the manufacturing process demands extremely sophisticated Plant & Equipments, Process Controls and Constant Monitoring.
  64. 64. QUALITY ASSURANCE• With the total commitment of its Top Management, NOCIL has inculcated a Quality Culture with a focus on Customer Satisfaction and Continuous Process & Product improvements.• The Quality Assurance Department is equipped with the latest Analytical Instruments & Facilities and manned by Qualified & Trained staff.
  65. 65. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT• The emphasis of our Research Activities is on the development of new understanding that can lead to Process/ Product improvements and innovations.• The team performs with responsibility & accountability and has been a prime source of Value Addition to our Processes and Products.
  66. 66. SALES AND MARKETING• The Sales & Marketing activities of NOCIL are driven by the Companys philosophy of Long term business relationship with Customers through Market Responsive Approach and Efficient Customer Service.• NOCIL has received recognition from the major global Tire Manufacturers and other important customers.
  67. 67. HEALTH-SAFETY-ENVIRONMENT• NOCIL recognizes that Total Control on the Health-Safety & Environmental Care are the essential aspects for a sustainable operation.• NOCIL has a well-established HSE Policy and Procedures, which support the basic Business Philosophy.• Handling of raw materials and finished products are in closed systems to ensure zero exposure to chemicals.
  68. 68. RECENT NEWS• Mafatlal formed JV with Al Fahim Group for marketing & distribution of textile brand• Mafatlal Denim innovating with eye on market share
  69. 69. FUTURE PLANS• Fibre-dyed Range of school uniforms shirtings and suitings• Expand dealership network to 1000+• Increase yarn dyed fabric production to 50K metres per day• To expand their operations in north India• To serve more international communities
  70. 70. THANK YOU!