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Speaker at Harnessing CRM for Positive Customer Experience & Maximum ROI (Singapore)


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Harnessing CRM for Positive Customer Experience & Maximum ROI (Pacific Conferences Singapore) 17 - 18 Jul 2006, Meritus Mandarin Hotel, Singapore

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Speaker at Harnessing CRM for Positive Customer Experience & Maximum ROI (Singapore)

  1. 1. conf-crm8About Us Upcoming Conferences Registration Be Our Speaker Be Our Partner Join Our Mailing List Suggest a Topic Careers Contact Us Harnessing CRM for Positive Customer Experience & Maximum ROI Conference & Workshops Best Practices in Delivering The Total Customer Experience to Boost Customer Loyalty & Retention 17 - 18 Jul 2006, Meritus Mandarin Hotel, Singapore CONFERENCE OVERVIEW Overview Registration Translating Customer Intelligence into Delivering Customer Experience Request for Customer Relationship Management has evolved greatly in response to todays Brochure ‘Empowered Customer. It is insufficient to have just a software programme or up-to-date technological expertise. The knowledge on how to translate customer intelligence into strategic actions to proactively acquire and retain customers as well as to achieve service Email Us excellence at every touch point are the keys to capturing the customers heart and mindshare. Spoilt for choice, consumers today demand not only quality products and services but Endorser seek out that unique ‘customer experience. With constant change of needs, wants and various segments to cater to, it is vital for businesses to know how and when to respond to shifting customer desires. Furthermore, knowing the opportune time to offer the most relevant products or services to customers can secure their satisfaction and loyalty which would ultimately result in higher ROI. Is your CRM programme creating real value for your customers and your 10 % discount to members business? Or is it causing so much inconvenience resulting in an alarming rate of DMAS of customer dissatisfaction? Spending too much resources in the hope of creating that ‘Total Customer Experience? Finding it difficult to produce tangible ROI to substantiate your CRM investments? Official Business Magazine This timely 2-day conference will answer all your questions on how to efficiently draw on customer expectations, marketing opportunities and frontline employees to revolutionise your customer experience and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Leading organisations including AIA, Pacific Internet, TIME dotCom, Toshiba, HP, Oracle, etc. will share their winning formulae in best servicing customers, reducing churn and enhancing customer loyalty to bolster revenues. Dont miss our power-packed workshops Association Partner where you can learn the best practices to adeptly manage customer satisfaction and loyalty programmes as well as to create real business market value from your CRM investments. Grab the opportunity to exchange and bounce ideas with our distinguished panel of experts as well as delegates from various industries in our special Roundtable Exchange. 10 % discount to the members of AARM (1 of 3)8/20/2006 1:51:28 PM
  2. 2. conf-crm8 AARM is an association, Panel of Speakers organization and network of business executives Lisa Watson specializing in advancing MD, Ibis Intelligence Services the state-of-the-art in CRM Chairman, DMAS and related subject areas. It provides a worldwide Bruce Pyke forum for the develop- Customer Operations Director ment understanding and Pacific Internet (Australia) Pty Ltd communication of the principles and disciplines of CRM to senior repre- sentatives from organiz- David Pierce ations in a wide array of Vice President, Marketing Operations industries. American International Assurance Co. Ltd Graeme Carey Regional Director KrisTEL Customer Interaction Sdn Bhd Kashif Siddiqui Senior CRM Sales Consultant, ASEAN Oracle Corporation Lawrence Cheah GM of Customer Support & Services TIME dotCom Bhd Mike Overly Director Worldwide CRM Hewlett-Packard Company Raymond Teo Director of Research & Analytics Blue-dge Analytics & Consulting Sharon Fong Director of Research Blue-dge Analytics Consulting Supriyo Sircar Senior Vice President & Regional Head, Asia Polaris Software Lab Ltd Capture Proven Tips and Practical Strategies from Case Studies of: q AIA q Pacific Internet (CSIA Australian Service Excellence Award Winner) q TIME dotcom q Toshiba (2 of 3)8/20/2006 1:51:28 PM
  3. 3. conf-crm8 Take Away New Insights on Critical Issues: • Failure of CRM programmes • Todays ‘Empowered Customer • Personalisation & Customisation of Customer Service • Delivering Quality Service • Generating Value for Customers & Shareholders • Predicting Changing Needs of the Market • Reducing Churn and Lifting Average Revenue per User • Organisation Alignment to Customer Centricity Increase the Returns of your CRM Investments via 2 Practical Workshops: • The Modus Operandi of Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Programmes • Creating Maximum ROI with CRM Strategies Benefits of Attending: • Be updated on recent Customer Experience Management developments and key CRM competencies to deploy in todays service economy • Explore key tools and techniques in leveraging data from customer intelligence to gauge performance, gaps and opportunities • Learn how Award Winner Pacific Internet used its Customer Charter to set customer expectations and improve performance • Identify goals and components of performance optimisation to manage customer satisfaction and loyalty programmes with the right systems and processes • Discover marketing and revenue opportunities in CRM analytics that provide insights to strategies that maximise ROI • Grasp methods and approaches adopted by AIA in understanding customer needs and how it differentiated itself from competitors • Ascertain how to harness promotions and campaigns to target at the right customers and how to leverage on positive rewards to further enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty • Explore proven methods TIME dotCom utilised in data mining to increase its customer intelligence • Benefit from Toshiba s experience in managing customer costs with operational and cost efficiencies using customer contribution margin analysis • Grab this chance to network and exchange ideas with industry peers and experts Who Should Attend: CEOs, Directors, Vice Presidents and Senior Managers of : CRM , Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Customer Relations, Customer Service, Customer Loyalty, Customer Care, Call Centre, Sales and Branding Conference Fees : . Early Bird Regular (Payment Before 12 Jun 06) (Payment After 12 Jun 06) Singapore $ 1,695 $1,995 Malaysia RM 2,995 RM 3,395 † Additional 10 % discount for groups of 2 or more ! Back to the top Home | Privacy Statement | Site Map Copyright © 2005 Pacific Conferences Pte Ltd. All Rights Reserved. (3 of 3)8/20/2006 1:51:28 PM