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  • “EBay would consider selling the business unit (SKYPE) if it couldn't be integrated with its auction or PayPal payment system. … So is eBay looking to unload Skype? The answer is probably yes and no. Because Skype isn't core to eBay's online auction business, experts believe that eBay would be happy to let Skype go, at the right price. But Skype, which just posted a 26 percent gain in revenue for the fourth quarter compared to a year ago, happens to be one of the only bright spots in eBay's overall business, which means that eBay isn't desperate to let it go. … Based on its current financials, the highest price that eBay could hope to get for Skype is about $1.6 billion, Friedland said. And he said that would be a generous offer. eBay itself has valued the Skype assets on its balance sheet at $2 billion, so it's unlikely the company would accept a lower figure. “
  • Germany$ 0.021$ 0.024Germany - Mobile (Others)$ 0.246$ 0.283
    Another Skype service allows POTS phones calls to a Skype number.
  • Video calls require at least 1 GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, and 256kbit/s up- and download speed.
    High Quality Video calls require at least 2 GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, and 300kbit/s up- and download speed.
  • These settings are profile dependent.
  • Skype Presentation

    1. 1. Skype By Kashif
    2. 2. Skype’s Popularity      Skype was founded in 2003 by Niklas and Janus Friis. EBay bought Skype for 2.6 billion dollars in 2005. Skype has approximately 443 million registered users. Skype is available in 29 languages. Users On-line Skype 3.8 Skype 4.0
    3. 3. What is Skype?    Video and Voice Over Internet Protocol Computer to computer calls everywhere are FREE! For a small charge you can call from your Skype account to any phone. Rates vary by te   location type of phone u te r min minu pe ¢ er s/ y 2.1 6¢p 24. lrate man ile cal Ger ices/ -Mob /pr ny .com erma G ype ww ttp:// h
    4. 4. Materials Needed      Skype software High speed Internet connection Webcam with Microphone Speakers Computer     At least a 1GHz Processor, 512 MB RAM. Recommend 2GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, 300 kb/s for HQ video Laptop/headset Windows (2000, XP, Vista) with Directx 9.0
    5. 5. Getting Started      Download and Install Skype Set Up A Skype Account Launch Skype Set Your Privacy Level Start Using Skype
    6. 6. Download and Install Skype http:/ /www .skyp Step 1 Step 2
    7. 7. Install Skype    Run the Skype setup application Follow the on-screen instructions Launch the Skype welcome and login screen (next slide) You don’t need the Google Toolbar! Don’t change the default install Options!
    8. 8. Set Up A Skype Account  First Time User?     You must pick a unique name (a nickname is good) Enter a valid email Enter a secure password Forgot Your Username or Password?  Follow the “Forgot your Password?” link
    9. 9. Forgot It Already   You must know the email used to set up your Skype account. Skype will send your email a link where you can view your Skypename or change your password.
    10. 10. Skype Login  Authenticating your Account Information   Automatically logs in with your username and password when Skype starts Launching Skype  Automatically start Skype when you start your computer These settings can be modified later.
    11. 11. Launching Skype Default View Skype Windows    Contacts tab Call Area Chat text box
    12. 12. Privacy Issues   Protect your identity Limit the amount of information you make available to others Too ls Opt … io Priv ns… acy
    13. 13. Start Using Skype  First you must add a new contact  Select “New Contact” to begin a search for the new user
    14. 14. Search for a Contact  You may need to ask your contact for their    Skype Name Email Full Name
    15. 15. Introduce Yourself
    16. 16. Accept New Contacts  Notifications alert you to new users. Right Click  If you miss the notification, acknowledge new contacts using the Conversations tab.
    17. 17. Make A Call  Skype status  Dial Button   Voice Call Video Call represents call forwarding/voice mail phone/mobile calls that will cost you!
    18. 18. Skype Basics      Calls Chats and SMS Contacts Profile Snapshots Send Files  Conference Calls  Group Chats  Share Your Desktop 
    19. 19. Chat     While on a call send text to another user Send a message to an offline user Send links to a user Send emoticons Type text here
    20. 20. Sending a Message To An Offline User  The next time the user goes online a notification appears.
    21. 21. SMS    Short Message Service is a great way to get a message to a cell phone user. SMS will deduct a fee from your Skype account. You must click the TxT icon to send.
    22. 22. More With Contacts   Remove or block contacts Import contacts from Outlook
    23. 23. Importing from an Email Address Book This process will search your email contacts, identify those that have a Skype account and send them a Skype contact invitation.
    24. 24. Send Requests To Skype Users Im po rt Co ntin ue d Skype will evaluate your email addresses to see which users have Skype accounts. Check the boxes of Skype users you wish to add as Skype contacts.
    25. 25. Skype … P rofi Setting Up Your Profile  What are you willing to share with others?  Share just enough that your contacts can find you le … Edit Y our Profile
    26. 26. Snapshots Take a Snapshot Appears as a button when the video window is open Send It To A Friend A snapshot may be sent to any Skype user.
    27. 27. Send Files   Sending a file is as simple as browsing to the file and clicking “send” Transfer rates depend upon:    your connection’s bandwidth number of users online voice and video being used End y tran our cal sfer l rate and the will incre ase. M 00 1 d a tes e ferr minu s tran t 15 e hav abou I in file o ide BV
    28. 28. Receiving a File   You must save the file before the file can be transferred. After the file has transferred, select “Open File.”
    29. 29. Conference Calls  Host sets up the conference call   adds users ends the call Groups you call or chat with frequently can be saved.
    30. 30.  Group Chat  Group IM Useful in a conference call  Helps small comments to be made without interrupting the flow of a conference call
    31. 31. Sharing Your Desktop  Sharing your desktop is as simple as selecting a user and “Share Your Screen”
    32. 32. Skype Revenue (in millions of $) 180 160 140 120 100      Skype Out SMS (already discussed) Call Forwarding Skype In Voice Mail 60 40 20 Q 1 2 20 06 20 Q 06 3 20 Q 06 4 20 Q 06 1 20 Q 07 2 20 Q 07 3 20 Q 07 4 20 Q 07 1 20 Q 08 2 20 Q 08 3 20 Q 08 4 20 Q 08 1 20 09 0 Q Skype Revenues 80
    33. 33. SkypeOut   Buy minutes or a yearly subscription and make calls to telephones. Rates set by the country and type of phone
    34. 34. Call Forwarding    Too l Cal s…Opt l Fo rwa ions…C rdin alls g Skype to Skype calls can be forwarded to a landline phone. It does require the user to purchase “Skype Out” minutes A forwarded call will cost you (regular Skype rates apply)! …
    35. 35. Skype In   This allows anyone to use a phone to call a number and it will ring your Skype account. Limited availability
    36. 36. Skype In Education       Record a conversation with a scientist Teach a lesson remotely Have a group chat with students in a lab Work in a collaborate environment Students can share projects they have been working on with others in a group Carry out online interviews with someone
    37. 37. Skype In Education (Cont.)     Record an interview with students or fellow teachers for students to listen to. Record the work of a conference session where students plan a project between two sites and turn in the recorded call. World language classes can practice speaking with students in another language. Connect students in rural areas
    38. 38. References  Annick LIVEbrary Online Classroom  Skype Other Classrooms!     Getting Started Video Skype Tutorials Skype Help Broadband Speed Test
    39. 39. References (Continued)     How to Record Skype Conversations: Tools, Resources, Tips Skype Announces SIP Gateway Service for IP PBXes Is Skype for Sale? 10 Best Skype Alternatives