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Impact Of Internet


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Impact of internet.. A world of good or A world of bad?

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Impact Of Internet

  1. 1. Group MembersGroup Members Maham NoorMaham Noor Kashif SanaullahKashif Sanaullah GOOD AFTERNOONGOOD AFTERNOON........
  2. 2. IMPACT OF INTERNET A world of good or A world of bad??
  3. 3. WHY INTERNET HASWHY INTERNET HAS GROWN?GROWN?  General acceptance to a way forwardGeneral acceptance to a way forward  Changing ways to live and experienceChanging ways to live and experience lifelife  Easy access through mobile phones andEasy access through mobile phones and other portable gadgetsother portable gadgets  Development in communicationalDevelopment in communicational technologytechnology  More convenienceMore convenience
  4. 4. Good ImpactsGood Impacts  Easy access toEasy access to informationinformation  Source ofSource of entertainmententertainment  Online educationOnline education  Social networkingSocial networking  Medium of futureMedium of future  Easier lifeEasier life  Time savingTime saving
  5. 5. Good ImpactsGood Impacts  Online bankingOnline banking  Online shoppingOnline shopping  Sales and marketingSales and marketing  Video conferencingVideo conferencing  ComfortableComfortable workingworking  Greater flexibilityGreater flexibility  No time wastedNo time wasted travelingtraveling
  6. 6. Facts and FiguresFacts and Figures  149 million people online world wide149 million people online world wide  Increasing rate upto 12% a monthIncreasing rate upto 12% a month  75% of youth feels that they “couldn’t75% of youth feels that they “couldn’t live” without internetlive” without internet  45% “feel happiest” spending time45% “feel happiest” spending time onlineonline
  7. 7. BadBad ImpactsImpacts  Less opportunity toLess opportunity to meet up with peoplemeet up with people and share ideasand share ideas  More difficult teamMore difficult team workwork  Much uselessMuch useless informationinformation  Decline inDecline in psychological wellpsychological well beingbeing  Increase in miseryIncrease in misery and lonelinessand loneliness  AddictionAddiction
  8. 8. Bad ImpactsBad Impacts  Internet datingInternet dating  Cyber crimesCyber crimes  Easy access to unsuitable materialEasy access to unsuitable material  Piracy and copyright issuesPiracy and copyright issues  Hacking issuesHacking issues  Less outdoor activitiesLess outdoor activities  VirusesViruses
  9. 9. ConclusionConclusion  A world of good, a world of bad, andA world of good, a world of bad, and several worlds in between.several worlds in between.  We may have created a generation ofWe may have created a generation of lazy, demanding people, but we alsolazy, demanding people, but we also created a generation of easily educatablecreated a generation of easily educatable people as well.people as well.  Its not the technology, its “we” whoIts not the technology, its “we” who make it good or bad.make it good or bad.  It all depends on our positive approachIt all depends on our positive approach and responsible behavior.and responsible behavior. ‘‘Explore..Dream..Discover’Explore..Dream..Discover’