Third quarter project


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Third quarter project

  1. 1. D WJ l",- 4 vJe0Ks oc V-~ i;fVfI ~ 2 0 JAN 2011 5 dJ7 r: t(): 2 2 FEB ZJll 3M QUARTER PROJECTYour proj ect for the third quarter involves making what is called an Internet Treasure Hunt, or aWeb Quest based on information from Chapters 7,8, and ~ You are to write a minimum of20questions that can be found on a website that you provide. L._ %Present your information in a Microsoft Word File, Times New Roman size 12 font, double-spaced, with l-inch margins. Provide an answer key in the same file as your questions. The fileshould be saved as YourNameYourClass (Example: Steve7K). Below you will find the rubricfor each grade you can receive:A- a minimum of 20 questionsNo more than 5 questions may be about definitionsNo questions may involve doing actual mathAll websites are hyper-linked within the questionAll hyper-links workA minimum of 15 different web sites were usedB- 18-19 questions6-7 questions are about definitions1-2 questions involve doing actual math1-2 questions are without hyper-links1-2 hyper-links do not work13-14 different web sites were usedc- 16-17 questions8-9 questions are about definitions3-4 questions involve doing actual math3-4 questions are without hyper-links3-4 hyper-links do not work11-12 different websites were usedD- 14-15 questions10-11 questions are about definitions5-6 questions involve doing actual math5-6 questions are without hyper-links 5-6 hyper-links do not work9-10 different websites were usedF- Anything below the D categoryDUE DATE: February 22, 201Ubefore lunch for all classes.