Pizza! Beer! ...Accounting? - Startup Accounting 101 with Kashoo


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The crew at Kashoo hung out with the awesome entrepreneurs at WeWork SoMo in March. Here's the scoop!

Pizza! Beers! Accounting? (Just trust us.)
What's one of the top reasons new businesses fail? Lousy accounting. And while accounting may be absolutely awful and the last thing you want to ever do, it is a necessary evil. But it doesn't have to be that evil. Come end your week with Jim and Kasey from Kashoo, makers of the App Store's most downloaded iPad accounting app, as they cover Startup Accounting 101 and share a few tips on how to make your books sparking clean. And since we had pizza and beer for the live session, grab some wherever you are and join us!

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Pizza! Beer! ...Accounting? - Startup Accounting 101 with Kashoo

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  3. 3. Making sense out of accounting (are we seriously talking accounting on a Friday night?)
  4. 4. • Investors like to know specifically where their money went • It sucks to run out of cash • The IRS is really scary • It’s a great way to see how your business is doing • Make better decisions • Sleep at night Why bother with accounting?
  5. 5. • Cash flow - cash is king. Money coming in and going out! • Getting paid - collecting money is one of the hardest things for early stage companies to do.! • Organization - keeping business and personal finances separate What’s Important to Focus On?
  6. 6. Getting Started • Bookkeeper vs. Accountant? • Bookkeeper records transactions • Accountants can analyze finances and offer advice • What should I outsource? • Depends on the size of business • Pros and cons of hiring a bookkeeper
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  8. 8. Digging in
  9. 9. Understanding the Basics • Financial Statements • Balance sheet: What am I Worth? • Income Statement or Profit and Loss: What did I make over a period of time? • Cash flow statement: How much cash do I have?
  10. 10. Top Mistakes Small Business Owners Make • Not getting paid • Not recording expenses • Not keeping expense receipts • Not using an accountant at year end for taxes
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