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#KashooSXSW - Kashoo Online Accounting @ SXSW 2013


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Along with my colleague and one of the awesome Kashoo devs, Chris, I headed off to Austin for my second SXSW Interactive event. I learned a TON, and here are some of the cool marketing/start-up tips I shared with my team - and now with you!

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#KashooSXSW - Kashoo Online Accounting @ SXSW 2013

  1. 1. #KashooSXSW
  2. 2. We met…(too many to list, but here’s a few)
  3. 3. We made new friends andbusiness contacts (who are nowfriends )
  4. 4. We nerded out Kasey with NASAChris with Sir Tim Berners-Lee
  5. 5. We did some guerilla marketing(Go Chris!)
  6. 6. We also learned a TON. And tweeted about everything.
  7. 7. Seriously. Follow us on twitter. /shameless plug (I’m @kaseybayne)
  8. 8. Kasey’s Top Takeaways• Don’t be afraid to do something to make people smile. Take a risk, and have fun with your customers.• We’re in this together!• Think big! New ways to solve problems, & getting to the core of how we’re making the customer’s life better.
  9. 9. Conference/Event Tips• Try something new and out of your comfort zone -> inspiration!• Smiling at strangers• Diving deeper into your craft reminds you why you love it
  10. 10. Marketing Goodness• McDonalds can predict with 80% accuracy what your drive-thru order will be by what car you drive -> how can we use customer data to surprise & delight our customers?• Know your currency. What is the customer looking for more of and what are they willing to pay for?• It’s better to have 100 customers who love you than 1000 who like it. How do we find more of the customers who <3 us?
  11. 11. Keynotes – Videos Online
  12. 12. Stay tuned for more (and a blogpost)…and now to Chris!