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Are you paying attention?


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This is the second assignment done individualy for the online course

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Are you paying attention?

  3. 3. Before you enter • Huge sign outside for pedestrians Environment •Lounge and very relaxing music •Not very loud and perfectly suited for conversation •The cash register is next to as you enter the shop. •There are 2 floors: Ground floor-cash register and products, 1st floor: many tables and couches for customers to hang out and enjoy. There also studying areas as well!! Personnel •Contact is made when you order and pay at the cashier. •Due to self service, there are not many workers •They all are very kind and helpful and they wear uniforms Products •This store sells coffee either to drink it there or coffee to go the ingredients needed to make coffee at home. •They also sell different pastries and sandwiches •There is a board outside the store that informs if there is a discount. •The choices to drink are written on the boards on the wall Opportunities!!! •The study areas should be more isolated, so thatAn Ideal Place to Relax!!! this group of customers is not disturbed.Very warm and bright environment!!! •Bigger size of the boards that indicates the choices of drink, so that everybody can see them or catalogs at the entrance in paper form.
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  5. 5. Before you enter • Big door and sign, very easy to notice Environment • Not very high ceiling • Bright colors on the walls, blue and white dominate • The door is always open, so you hear noise from the street • The space is not crowed with products Personnel • The ratio is customer/salesperson is 1:1 • Eager to help, well-informative about every product • Young people working Products • Everything is at eye level!!! • Products well arranged • Excellent organization on the way the products are presentedThe customer can easily discover Opportunities!!!where to find what!!! • A closed door is preferable • The colors could be changed
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  7. 7. Before you enter • There is a sign but due to the small pavement is not noticeable by everybody Environment • Small room full with products • No music. There are only conversation between the customers and the personnel • There is a wonderful smell of fresh bread Personnel • You wait in line • Very good and quick service • Ration customer/salesperson: 2:1 Products • The products are next to each other because of the space • As you enter, you look at some pastries. • There is also an entrance and an exit Opportunities!!!There is a Wonderful Smell of Fresh Bread!!! • A bigger space is needed
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  9. 9. Before you enter • Huge sign and parking available Environment • High ceiling/Bright colors • No music • Cash registers are placed before the exit Personnel • Personnel 20-40/All in uniform • Knows where each item is placed Products • Related items are closed by • Items on sale are promoted throughout the super market. • Impulse items exist • There no signs of where each category of products is located Opportunities!!! • A bigger parking is neededLarge Space and High Ceilings. • Signs inside the store are necessaryParking is Also Available!!! (customers can easily get lost). • Music would be preferable
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  11. 11. Before you enter • Sign noticeable to both customers on foot and those passing by car. Environment • Not very high ceiling and the room is a little dark • Nice smell and music • Small room but the pastries are well presented and arranged Personnel • Ratio customer/salesperson is either 1:1 or 2:1. • Very polite, welcoming and know all about each item • Young and there is no uniform Products • Each type of sweet is noticeable to the customer • Products are at eye level • Wide variety of pastries offered. Opportunities!!!Wide Variety of Pastries Very Well Presented!!! • There is plenty of space outside to put tables, so that the customers can sit and enjoy anything they want
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  13. 13. Before you enter • Huge sign at the door and big entrance that lures people in Environment • Huge space and large ceiling with dark walls and furniture made of wood • Pop music • The area inside is full of merchandise and abstract arrangement of products • The customer gets lost with all the clothes Personnel • Ratio customer/salesperson 2:1 but contact is only made at the cash register and the dressing rooms • Young and there is no uniform Products • The central line with clothes in fashion captures the attention of the buyer • The policy is to present different total looks all together • Not all products are at eye level • The type of clothing refers to young people Opportunities!!!The Central Line With Clothes in Fashion • The customers could make contact with the customer at an earlier point in order to helpCaptures the Attention of the Buyer them with their purchases
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