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Product work log template word


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Product work log template word

  1. 1. Product Work LogName_Kase Gibbs________________________ Date 3/12/12________________Product _Eric Degen and a Swing Book___________________________Date/Time: Activity: Went to driving range and Comment/Suggestions9/30/11. From met with Travis for first time. :3:30-7:30. 4 hours Commentary:10/6/11 Went to range for a few minutes, and3:30-7:30. 4 hours then played first round. Eric shot 52 on 1st round of golf. front 9. 16+.10/12/113:30-7. 3 hours 30 min. Worked on Eric’s swing on the range DO NOT spend that the whole time much time on range.10/19/11 Hit range and played 12 holes. Eric3:30-7. 3 hours 30 min. somehow manages back to back birdies 2nd round. on 11 and 12. Hit range and played 9 holes. Low10/28/11 round of 46. 3rd round.3:30-7. 3 hours 30 min.11/8/11 Hit range and played all 18 holes. 4th round. Eric plays10-3 pm Dillon Mulkey also joined us. Eric shot better with just us two5 hours 54-48 for a total of 102. around.12/14/11 Over a month sense last round.1-5:30 4 hours 30 min. Worked on range whole time. Hard to get back in12/15/11 Played all 18 holes. Eric shot a low groove.12- 4:30 4 hours 30 round of 96. 48-48. Surprisingly goodmin. round after just one day on range after a long break. 32 hours 30 minutes so far.