The Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Rotating Shield Quiz 2011 Finals (Round 2)


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The Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Rotating Shield Quiz 2011 Finals (Round 2)

  1. 1. X first became known to people outside Chinawhen Chinese artisans skilled in itsmanufacture were captured by Arab soldiersat the Battle of Talas in 751 AD. We use Xeveryday. What is X?
  2. 2. • Paper
  3. 3. In these countries, it is locally known by the following names :Mexico – Montezuma’s RevengeEgypt – Pharoah’s Revenge or Cairo Two-StepNepal - Kathmandu QuickstepUzbekistan – Kurtz HurtzArabic countries – Yalla Yalla! (fast, fast)How is this better known in India?
  4. 4. • Delhi Belly
  5. 5. This company was founded in 1923 in Stuttgart,Germany. It came to be known for its stylishand high-quality electronic products. Acquiredby Sony in 1975, they remained amongEuropes best stereo manufacturers for years.Sony originally introduced flat-screen TVsunder this brand, before switching to BRAVIAfor LCD TVs. Name the company
  6. 6. • WEGA
  7. 7. • One/DATA
  8. 8. It gets its name from the personalisation of thetechnical name of the TV camera tube - theimage Orthicon. What?
  9. 9. • Emmy Awards.
  10. 10. X was born in Patiali near Etah in northernIndia, where his father was a Turkic officer anda member of the Lachin tribe. X wrote poetryprimarily in Persian and Hindavi. The khayaland tarana styles of music were created byhim. The invention of the tabla is alsogenerally attributed to him. Who is X?
  11. 11. • Amir Khusrow
  12. 12. • Mikoyan and Gurevich (MiG). The plane is a Sabre, one of the first planes to enter combat with a MiG fighter (the MiG-15), during the Korean War.
  13. 13. The Appalachin Meeting was a historic summitthat took place on November 14, 1957, at thehome of Joseph Barbera [not to be confusedwith the animator] in New York State. Whatwas the significance of the meeting – and itsoutcome?
  14. 14. • The existence of the US Mafia was revealed for the first time, as a structured criminal organisation. This had been denied by many, including J Edgar Hoover, until then.
  15. 15. X became the first Sultan of Egypt and Syriaand founded the Ayyubid dynasty. He led Arabopposition to the Franks during the Crusades.He won the Battle of Hattin, which led to theArabs recapturing Palestine. A prominentfigure in Arab and Muslim culture, his chivalrytowards the defeated Crusaders won himrespect even amongst his European enemies.Who?
  16. 16. • Salahuddin.
  17. 17. • X pioneered the direct marketing strategy made famous by the X party. Brownie Wise (1913–92)is credited with developing the strategy. During the early 1950s, Xs sales and popularity exploded, thanks in large part to Wises influence among women who sold X, and some of the famous "jubilees" celebrating the success of X ladies at lavish and outlandishly themed parties.• X was known—at a time when women came back from working during World War II only to be told to "go to the kitchen" —as a method of empowering women, and giving them a toehold in the post-war business world. Name X
  18. 18. • Tupperware
  19. 19. Boulevard of Broken Dreams• The painting is titled Boulevard of Broken Dreams.• Edwin Hopper, who painted Nighthawks from which BoBD was inspired.• Green Day.
  20. 20. Inspiration for?
  21. 21. • Winnie the Pooh.