President Clinton At Rajghat, Pays Gandhi Tribute


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This is a news story for a TV channel regarding then US President President J. Clinton visit to memorial of Mahatama Gandhi, the father of India. Then President pays Gandhi tribute to the Mahatama. The story recounts the buzz in the air at this point. The news was covered by TV Correspondent Kartik Mehta

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President Clinton At Rajghat, Pays Gandhi Tribute

  1. 1. km/20/Gandhi Clinton-Rajghat /New Delhi/20 March /Kartik – Anchor: President Clinton will pay his respects to Mahatma Gandhi at Rajghat in a couple of hours from now. But before he does that, he will have to contend with the Mahatma's guardian. Our correspondent Kartik Mehta meets this personality. VOl: This is Rajghat at peace with itself Not a single person here... .the lawns have been freshly mowed, and evenly too. There won't be this silence shortly when hundreds of people, securitymen and officials descend will here to watch President Bill Clinton pay his respects to the Mahatma. But that is not the focus of this story.... PTC: KARTIK MEHTA, ETV CORRESPONDENT P33/31, There is a curious fact about Rajghat. In the last several years whenever a VVIP has visited Rajghat he or she has officially been received by the same person. This person is popularly known as the guardian of the Mahatma.... VO2. And she is Nirmala Deshpande... .veteran Gandhian, ex-member of Parliament and Committee member of Rajghat Gandhi Samadhi Committee. It is in this capacity that she plays her role as the hostess at Rajghat to presidents, prime ministers, even the Pope. She is not overawed by Clinton like the media. BITE I: NIRMALA DESHPANDE P33/29, 8:13-8:26 "American presidents have been coming, and the present guest is also a honourable guest. We welcome him. But this has been the practice for all these years." VO2: Clinton is only the latest in the line of high profile visitors. Nirmala has her own choice of most powerful men in the world... .that is, after Gandhiji. BITE2: NIRMALA DESHPANDE P33/29, 6:31-7:07 "The young generation has forgotten that the most powerful man in the world was General Eisenhover who later became the President of United States of America, he had come to Rajghat. He was very moved, he had such high tributes towards Gandhiji. Then Jimmy Carter another President of United States of America had come to Rajghat, so this has been going on for the last 50 years, every visiting dignitary visits Rajghat." VO3: But whoever the person may be, once inside Rajghat that person shrinks before the Mahatma, she says. She recounts what happened when Russian Prime Minister Primakov came here.
  2. 2. BITE3: NIRMALA DESHPANDE P3329, 5:20-5:55 "When Russian Prime Minister Primakov came... .after entering he just stood for two minutes.. .and said I have come to the holy place before also, this is the second time. And when Indonesian President Abdul Rehman Wahid came in, we presented Gandhiji's bust to him. He just saw it and said, Gandhi is in my heart, he is my hero." Ends. Hey Alan, Nice to see you on Linkedin. There are multiple groups, you could join and see the difference in job calls. Market looks to be improving so good times are coming. Though I am much junior to you, just in case, you wish I can write about you on Linkedin. Fellow worked writing about one another improves the visibility to great extend in recruiter's mind. I have three friends who wrote me and it is helping me immensely like your help when you accepted to me my reference guide. Do let me know if I could be of any help be it recruiters contact, or writing about. It would be my pleasure to do so, Regards, Kartik