Social Media Strategy - Yardley London


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Suggested Social Media strategy for Yardley, London.

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Social Media Strategy - Yardley London

  2. 2. About YardleySince 1770, Yardley London has created enchantingsoaps crafted with pure extracts and essential oils tosoothe your mind and awaken your senses. Naturalingredients infused with delightful fragrances likealmond, lavender and pomegranate willmoisturize, smooth and soften your skin with everyrich sud.
  3. 3. Brand Attributes RoyalYouthful YardleyQuality
  4. 4. Objective Generate brand awareness Build consumer engagement Enhance brand-consumer participation Promote/ generate business
  5. 5. Approach Free Samples of new productsObjective: To get people acquainted with the brandKey Success factors: No. of likes, no. of shares, no. of registrations. traffic on website FB post Landing page Data collection Skin care tips to fansObjective: Educate the fans (add value)Approach: A smiling face picture with a product and a tip Discount vouchers on online shoppingObjective: Diving sales Live chat with celebrity/ expertObjective: Personalized suggestions; engagement with the brand; adding value Paid FB AdsObjective: Increase fan base; branding; catch eyeballs of TGApproach: Using sponsored stories with page likes; fb adverts with page post
  6. 6. Facebook PostsWhat gets shared? Picture with Humor, Tips VideosPosts: [Heads up!] Were having a sample giveaway tomorrow at around noon. Make sure to share it with your friends! [picture] [Video] How “NOT TO” use your deodorant. Click ‘share’ to spread the word! Free floral wallpapers – Like it? Keep it. ‘Share’ it. [upload a folder of pictures – vibrant, soothing and colorful]
  7. 7. TweetsWhat gets re-tweeted? A tweet that is about 100 characters long [rest 40 characters for handle and RT] A tweet that uses url shortner (to reduce the length of url) A tweet that has answer to questions; surprising facts; is humorous Info-graphics Original contentTiming is also of essence – Wednesday - Friday are more suitable; tweetsaround 4 pm are more likely to be re-tweeted.Tweets:1. HOW TO get glowing skin in 5 easy steps [INFOGRAPHIC] How soaps/ deodorants have evolved in last 25 years 5 GREAT TIPS to stay cool this summer
  8. 8. PollsWhy use polls?FB polls is a smarter way to engage your fans, gather valuable marketresearch and insight into fans’/ TG’s behavior.Sample Polls:1. What’s your favorite Yardley soap? 1. English Lavender 2. Oatmeal and Almond 3. Aloe and Cucumber 4. Pomegranate and Rose2. Which fragrance would you like to wear this Summer? <Open ended>
  9. 9. Contests Katrina needs to refresh after a long day of shoot. Which Yardley would you recommend her? And why? Answer and get to meet her. 10 lucky winners get a Yardley gift hamper. Contest ends May 25, 2012 – 6 pm. [*conditions apply] Leveraging the brand ambassador to drive action/ participation on the page. Picture is an essential component that gives a personal touch. New picture to be posted everyday as a reminder of the contest. Post a picture with your favorite Yardley, and tell us why is it your favorite. The one with the maximum likes gets to feature in the next Yardley advertisement. Contest ends May 31, 2012 – 6 pm. Getting customers closer to be brand Giving them an opportunity to showcase their talent – viral effect [by inviting friends] ?
  10. 10. THANKS!