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Mini project on gusset box


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Published in: Design, Business
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Mini project on gusset box

  2. 2. What is a Gusset. . .??A Gusset is a triangular orrhomboid piece which maybe a fabric, plastic, paper orany other material that isinserted into a seam to addbreadth or reduce stressfrom tight-packing.
  3. 3. Problem DefinitionIn Industries for the production of color plastic gusset bags agusset box is used in order to carry out the side gusseting process.At present the industry uses different sized Gusset boxes for therange of bags to carry out the process, which increases the cost ,time and limits the range.So in order to overcome this problem we are,Designing and Fabricating an adjustable Gusset Box.Which would not only adjust the Gusset size but also the Bag size
  4. 4. Objectives• It should increase the range of production of poly gusset bags.• It should reduce the cost of gusseting process.• It should achieve maximum accuracy.• It should initiate reduction of time taken for fabrication ofconventional boxes. Objectives tree: Adjustable gusset box Economical Safety Range of size No sharp edges Max. Safe for Yield Low production cost operators Accommodate Max gusset max Bag sizes sizes
  5. 5. Scope• The adjustable Gusset box is ideal for the production of side gusset bags.• This can be used for making color poly bags with different Gusset sizes.• The size of the box can be easily adjusted for different range of poly bags.• The usage is Not only limited for the production of plastic carry bags but also for the production of, Cloth Hand bags Spout Pouches Paper Hand bags Tetra Packs
  6. 6. Literature SurveyGusset box Presently the gusset boxes used in theIndustry are of particular sizes, which can produce only singlesize side gusset bags, with the fixed gusset size. Which are notuniversal and for the different range of bags different gussetboxes are to be fabricated. Disadvantages • Increases the cost of production • Increases the time taken for Gusseting process. • Limits the Range of production
  7. 7. Literature SurveySide Gusseting Machine’s
  8. 8. MethodologyAnalysis : Through analysis of the present problem in the industry the changes are made in the design for improvement of gusseting process.Designing: The alternative designs are generated by analyzing the mechanisms, materials & Fixtures.Fabrication: Fabrication of the selected design will be done by using carpentary knowledge , with general hardware tools and adhesives
  9. 9. Working (Evaluation): Then the fabricated design will be tested for its working mechanisms and accuracy.Alteration: If required, then changes will be done to the design.Implementation: After Evaluating, finally the gusset box will be implemented in the specified industry for production process.
  10. 10. CONCEPT 1This is V-type channel with sliding mechanism which can accommodate the maxsize range.
  11. 11. CONCEPT 2This a V-channel in which sliders are used in order to change the wedges ofdifferent sizes.
  12. 12. CONCEPT 3This concept has a V-channel , in which sliding shafts with pistons areused for sliding mechanism and adjusted with the clamp and knobsetting.
  13. 13. Evaluation Matrix Requirements Concept 1 Concept 2 Concept 3 Easy to operate ( 8) _ + + Cost (10) _ + + No Assembles (7) _ _ + Strong Material (7) + _ _ Safe for operator (8) _ + + Max Range of sizes (9) + _ _ Total (+) 2 3 4 Weighted Total 16 26 33The concept-3 fulfills the max intended objectives and the design is chosen forprototyping after subjecting all the designs to meet the desired objectives.
  14. 14. Morphological ChartsMeans feature Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 Option 5/ FunctionsMechanisms Threading Rack & Pinion Sliding piston Crank & Liver Slider ScrewMaterial ofOuter casing Composite Steel wood Aluminium Hardboard Hard woodMaterial ofgusset bladesor wedges Sagwan wood Soft board Soft wood Fixtures Flanges Rivets Clamp & Knob
  15. 15. Final DesignFinal Design for a specific Range of bag size: 3” to 10” and for theRange of gusset : 0.5” to 2.5” shaft Wedges Steel frame Specifications: Dimensions: 7x6.5x16 inches Gusset size: 2.5 inches Shaft diameter: 10mm Steel Frame top: 10x2.5 inch Steel Frame Bottom: 10x6 inch
  16. 16. AnalysisMaterial Analysis:• composite laminated wood to be used for outer casing, so as to increase thestrength and prevent from moisture.• Soft wood like teak to be used to the wedges for smooth processing andpreventing from wear of material.• High strength materials like mild steel to be used for the mechanisms forbetter adjustments.Cost Analysis:Laminated wood = 4x2 foots = Rs 600/-Teak wood = 5”x5”x16” (2 piece) = Rs 1200/-Frame and Mechanisms = Rs 1500/-Processes to be carried out:•Carpentry and drilling.•Metal cutting operations and welding.• Machining operations.
  17. 17. Fabrication
  18. 18. Testing and Implementation
  19. 19. Conclusion and RecommendationsThe final design concept of the Gusset box works with the slidingmechanism, providing the movement for the wedges in order to adjustthe wedge from both the sides depending on the required bag andgusset size. And it is used to produce a side gusset of range 0.5” to 2.5”to a bag size of range 3” to 10”. Recommendation•This concept of design can also be used to fabricate a large size gusset box.•In future advanced materials which can be easily fabricated, light in weight andless costing, can be recommended.