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Types of fruits


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Types of fruits

  1. 1. Types ofTypes of FruitsFruits
  2. 2. Indehiscent FruitsIndehiscent Fruits Dry fruits which doDry fruits which do not split along definitenot split along definite lines to release seeds atlines to release seeds at maturity.maturity.
  3. 3. Examples:Examples: AcheneAchene SamaraSamara CaryopsisCaryopsis NutNut
  4. 4. AcheneAchene Seed coat notSeed coat not fused with ovaryfused with ovary wall.wall.
  5. 5. Achene: Sunflower SeedAchene: Sunflower Seed
  6. 6. SamaraSamara Ovary wall forms aOvary wall forms a winglike structure.winglike structure. Dry; frequently used forDry; frequently used for seed dispersal by wind.seed dispersal by wind.
  7. 7. Samara: mapleSamara: maple
  8. 8. Caryopsis (grain)Caryopsis (grain) Seed coat fusedSeed coat fused with ovary wall.with ovary wall.
  9. 9. Caryopsis(grain): cornCaryopsis(grain): corn
  10. 10. NutNut Ovary wall isOvary wall is tough andtough and woody.woody.
  11. 11. Nut: acornNut: acorn
  12. 12. Dehiscent fruitsDehiscent fruits Fruits which openFruits which open at maturity to shedat maturity to shed their seeds.their seeds.
  13. 13. Examples:Examples: FollicleFollicle LegumeLegume CapsuleCapsule
  14. 14. FollicleFollicle Fruit splits openFruit splits open along ONEalong ONE seam.seam.
  15. 15. Follicle: milkweedFollicle: milkweed
  16. 16. LegumeLegume Fruit splits openFruit splits open along TWOalong TWO seams.seams.
  17. 17. Legume: beanLegume: bean
  18. 18. CapsuleCapsule Fruit opens byFruit opens by various means,various means, usually along moreusually along more than two seams.than two seams.
  19. 19. Capsule: lilyCapsule: lily
  20. 20. Fleshy FruitsFleshy Fruits Fruit is generallyFruit is generally moist and oftenmoist and often edible.edible.
  21. 21. Examples:Examples:  DrupeDrupe  BerryBerry  False BerryFalse Berry  HesperidiumHesperidium  PomePome
  22. 22. DrupeDrupe  Fruit is fleshy all the way out to theFruit is fleshy all the way out to the covering.covering.  Woody interior covering. The seedWoody interior covering. The seed is covered by a very hard covered by a very hard cover. Sometimes these are called stoneSometimes these are called stone fruits.fruits.
  23. 23. Drupe: plum, peach, almond, cherryDrupe: plum, peach, almond, cherry
  24. 24. BerryBerry Fruit is fleshy all the way out toFruit is fleshy all the way out to the covering, which is usuallythe covering, which is usually thin.thin. Interior seeds are NOT coveredInterior seeds are NOT covered by a hard a hard coat.
  25. 25. Berry: grape, tomatoBerry: grape, tomato
  26. 26. False BerryFalse Berry Looks like a berry, but oftenLooks like a berry, but often has a harder outer coat.has a harder outer coat. Seeds are clustered in theSeeds are clustered in the middle rather thanmiddle rather than throughout the fruit.throughout the fruit.
  27. 27. False Berry: cucumber, squash,False Berry: cucumber, squash, pumpkin, cantaloupepumpkin, cantaloupe
  28. 28. Hesperidium (not on your key)Hesperidium (not on your key) Outer soft rind which isOuter soft rind which is white on the inside.white on the inside. Citrus Fruits belong here.Citrus Fruits belong here.
  29. 29. Hesperidium: orange, lemon,Hesperidium: orange, lemon, grapefruitgrapefruit
  30. 30. PomePome Fruit is fleshy out to theFruit is fleshy out to the covering.covering. A few seeds are inside a coreA few seeds are inside a core which is not eaten because it haswhich is not eaten because it has a leathery interior coating.a leathery interior coating.
  31. 31. Pome: pear, applePome: pear, apple
  32. 32. Aggregate FruitsAggregate Fruits  Fruit composed of mature ovariesFruit composed of mature ovaries from separate pistils of one flowerfrom separate pistils of one flower  Example: raspberry, strawberryExample: raspberry, strawberry
  33. 33. Multiple FruitsMultiple Fruits  Fruit composed of mature ovariesFruit composed of mature ovaries from several flowers.from several flowers.  Example: pineappleExample: pineapple