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  1. 1. Rules • Each answer carries one point • A mixed bag of questions • Answer to the questions are in the last slide
  2. 2. 1.To commemorate who is this google doodle released?
  3. 3. 2.Id this famous actor in his young age?
  4. 4. 3.What is the name of the new Operating system released by SAMSUNG?
  5. 5. 4.The Burj Khalifa has now returned the location of Earth's tallest freestanding structure to the Middle East after nearly 700 years. The region last held the honour till 1311 AD when the Lincoln Cathedral in England was completed. Which structure's record did the cathedral beat?
  6. 6. 5.Who is this famous actor?
  7. 7. 7.Id this famous chess player?
  8. 8. 9.Identify him and name the company he found?
  9. 9. 10.Identify the logo
  10. 10. 11.Id this Monument?
  11. 11. 12.Identify the logos
  12. 12. 13.If it is Itunes for apple,what is for Nokia?
  13. 13. 14.Identify this device and who invented it?
  14. 14. 15.To commemorate whom did this Google doodle released?
  15. 15. 16.Id this scientist in his young age?
  16. 16. 17.Expand TNT
  17. 17. 18.Id this IT personality?
  18. 18. 19.He is regarded as the inventor of the flight data recorder or 'black box' in Airplanes. He recently passed away.Id him.
  19. 19. 20.He is the most popular sportsman of this year(no more clues).Who is he?
  20. 20. 21.He gave quizzers and every knowledge seeker in this world the greatest gift they could have !! Who is he? What is his contribution
  21. 21. 22.Identify the person in the bottom left corner(extreme left) and the company he started.
  22. 22. 23.Id this famous indian actor in his young age?
  23. 23. 24.Who can be this smart little boy trying to overcome the fence?
  24. 24. 25.Of which historical figure is this childhood photo supposed to be?
  25. 25. 26.What is the speciality of the gentlemen standing with Obama?
  26. 26. 27.Find Connection between these
  27. 27. 28.Complete his name,he is a great writer ______ John Huffam ________
  28. 28. 29.Who painted this famous “Night Watch”?
  29. 29. 30.Connect and identify the person.
  30. 30. 31.Name this famous personality in his young age?
  31. 31. 32.Identify this decepticon in Transformers comics?
  34. 34. 37.Id this samsung phone?
  35. 35. 38.What is the home planets of Transformers?
  36. 36. 39.Identify this game logo
  37. 37. 40.Id this company?
  38. 38. 41.Connect
  39. 39. 42.Identify this Autobot
  40. 40. 43.Identify this Movie.
  41. 41. 44.Identify him.He is a great musician.Also he appears in Myspace home page.
  42. 42. 45.Identify this famous Ghost character.
  43. 43. 46.Identify this Star wars character.
  44. 44. 47. Oryx FM is their Radio arm. Name the TV arm.
  45. 45. 48.Id this google doodle?
  46. 46. 49.Id this harry potter character(He appears in goblet of fire)?
  47. 47. 50.Connect this character one name specific for all.
  48. 48. 1.Satyagit ray 2.Arnold swahzanegger 3.Tizen 4.Pyramid of giza 5.Andrew garfield 6.River Indus 7.Vladimir kravnik 8.Theodore roosevelt 9.Jeff benzos (Founded Amazon) 10.Micromax 11.Chithen itza 12.Python and pearl 13.Ovi store 14.Mouse (Douglas engelbart)
  49. 49. 15.Leonardo da vinci 16.A.P.J abdul kalam 17. Tri nitro toulene 18.Reid hoffman 19.David warren 20.Ikea casillas 21.Jimmy wales 22.Bill gates 23.Amitabh bachan 24.Barack hussein obama 25.Adolf hitler 26.They are the crew members of Apollo 11(Neil armstrong,edwin aldrin,michael collins
  50. 50. 27.Its Dolly (magazine and the DNA) 28.Charles dickens 29.Rembrandt van rijn 30.Jamie bell (acted in the movie Tin Tin) 31.Sachin Ramesh tendulkar 32.Star scream 33.Celkon Rahmanishq {it is named after a.r.rahman} 34.The road runner show 35.Jazz 36.Power rangers rescue{no doubt in it}
  51. 51. 37.Samsung galaxy golden 38.cybertron 39.temple fun 40.gray nicholas 41.the movie jobs (aston kutcher acted as steve jobs in the movie). 42.Ultra Magnus 43.Despicable Me 44.Justin Timberlake 45.Mama Ghost 46.Darth Vader 47.Al zazeera 48.Jules verne
  52. 52. 49.Ludo bagman 50.Cyclops