Roadmap subgroup sgip montreal meeting


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Roadmap subgroup sgip montreal meeting

  1. 1. V2G DEWG Roadmap SubgroupSGIP Summer Meeting Montreal July 12-14, 2011
  2. 2. IP Statement• Dont share anything that you dont want to be public.• Dont pass any proprietary documents or put any on the TWiki with implied public disclosure.• If you do, it shall be deemed to have been disclosed on a non-confidential basis, without any restrictions on use by anyone, except that no valid copyright or patent right shall be deemed to have been waived by such disclosure.
  3. 3. V2G Roadmap Subgroup• Currently, 29 members from 12 different SGIP stakeholder categories• Include electric utility companies (municipal and IOU), state regulators, electric transportation industry stakeholders, IT application developers , professional societies and relevant federal government agencies• Regular meetings held every two weeks on Mondays between 3-4pm Eastern Time• Twiki page: sggrid/bin/view/SmartGrid/V2GRoadmap
  4. 4. Subgroup Objectives• Develop a comprehensive framework for a staged evolution of all key domains within the PEV industry. Framework will help strategize development and timely adoption of new technologies, protocols, standards and business practices needed to support the vision of US PEV industry• Gather and document all key domain characteristics, capabilities, functionality and constraints for each stage of the roadmap• Identify technology gaps to enable planning for research and development of advanced technology coupled with process innovations• Facilitate the alignment of standards development for all key areas including charging infrastructure, vehicle hardware, V2G communication and energy storage. Foster greater coordination among various stakeholders groups to minimize conflict, duplication, and divergence in standards development process• Identify expected roles of market participants along with market impediments for technology commercialization, business case innovations and protection of consumer interests. This task will facilitate development of model business practices within the context of regulatory requirements• Coordinate and integrate roadmap development with efforts of other V2G subgroups addressing critical issues such as regulation, cyber security and privacy
  5. 5. Factors for widespread EV adoption• Oil prices• EV ownership costs• Policies• Infrastructure readiness• Choices available in marketplace(products and services)• Aftermarkets• Safety, Security and Privacy
  6. 6. PEV Roadmap Framework Stage 1 Stage X Initial Fully integrated/interoperable systems Technology Integrated Communications Sensing and measurement Advanced components Advanced control methodsConsumer interfaces and decision support Data Exchange Needs Charging Characteristics Energy StorageSystem Impact Mitigation Needs Market/Regulatory Issues Security and Privacy Gaps in Standards Development Efforts Framework developed based on Smart Grid Maturity Model stewarded by the Software Engineering Institute at Carnegie Mellon University
  7. 7. PEV Roadmap – Initial StageThe goal for this stage is to analyze the first wave of plug-in vehicles, consumer behavior and grid impactand facilitate the transition to widespread deployment of EV infrastructure. Stage 1 EV Introduction and Impact Assessment Technology Integrated Communications Sensing and measurement Advanced components Advanced control methods Consumer interfaces and decision support Data Exchange Needs single data warehouse for EV sales including battery size and corresponding address; Charging Characteristics at home and mostly Level 1 and 2; some public charging at Level 2 and 3 Energy Storage testing as a secondary use for batteries System Impact Mitigation Needs mainly a concern for “EV Clusters” Market/Regulatory Issues need simplified permitting and EVSE installation process; pricing and resale of electricity; Cyber Security and Privacy Gaps in Standards Development efforts
  8. 8. Next StagesStage 2 - Faster and Smarter chargingStage 3 - Bi-directional Power Flow and Ancillary ServicesStage 4 - EV as a DER in a fully Integrated, Interoperable and Transactive Grid
  9. 9. Collaboration• Various other SGIP working groups – Most subgroup members are members in other SGIP working groups• IEEE – Roadmap work in IEEE P2030.1 and V2G DEWG to be closely aligned• ANSI – Liaison for communication and minimizing duplication of efforts Roadmap meetings are open for participation from any interested stakeholder entity
  10. 10. Other Key Topics• International collaboration• Role of academia (workforce development)
  11. 11. Questions/Comments ??