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11 12-2010 - k krishna

  1. 1. Karthik Krishna - Research AreasTraxys Power Group12 November 20101Presented to
  2. 2. Introduction - Karthik Krishna• Joined APSRC in Jan 2010 Title: Research Engineer/ Technology Analyst Duties:• Develop programs in the area of advanced energy technologies• Coordinate proposal writing in this research area• Background MS in Mechanical Engineering (2006) and MBA (2009), both fromMichigan Tech Two years R&D experience in manufacturing industry Analyzed power market structures/policies during MBA Member of NIST Smart Grid Interoperability Panel Working Groups2
  3. 3. • Distributed Energy Systems• Combined Heat and Power Generation• PHEV grid integration• Smart grids• Bioenergy3Areas of Research Focus/Interests
  4. 4. Distributed GenerationDefinitionSmall-scale production of electricity at or near customers’ homesand businesses.Drivers• Decline in costs of small-scale generation• Increase in utility-supplied power pricesBenefits• Improved reliability• Reduced costs• Increased use of renewable energy• Increased energy securityBarriers• Difficulty in standardizing technology and grid interconnection• High initial costs• Public’s lack of knowledge about the electric industry
  5. 5. Decentralizing GenerationService Provider
  6. 6. Distributed Generation
  7. 7. • Co-PI for the development of an advancedcharacterization, optimization and demonstrationfacility at MTU that will assess micro-CHP systems andtheir integration into future home energy systems.• Project to be a critical element in enabling the MTUresearch community to address the many remainingtechnical challenges in decentralized energygeneration, in particular micro-CHP technologies.• Research will supplement a mobile Hybrid ElectricVehicle laboratory that is currently being developed aspart of a Department of Energy (DOE) grant.7Micro-CHP Research at MichiganTechCommercially available 4.7 kWe micro-CHP unit
  8. 8. Costs do not include effects of tax credits and other direct subsidies for specific technologiesCost of selected Distributed GenerationTechnologiesSource: Congressional Budget Office Report, “Prospects for Distributed Electricity Generation”, 2003
  9. 9. 9• Across most of thehighest U.S.population areas, PVis cheaper than gridelectricity.Electricity Price differences without incentives andaggressive increase in grid pricesSource: United State Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Program, May 2008. www.eere.energy.gov/solar/solar_america/2015 Residential PV Price Attractiveness
  10. 10. Sustainable Business ModelKKRISH EnergyParticipated in the 2009 MTUElevator Pitch competitionPresented a business model thatwill result in widespreadinstallation of micro-CHP systemsin the Upper Peninsular (UP) regionof Michigan.
  11. 11. NIST led Smart Grid Interoperability Panel (SGIP) was created as apublic/private partnership for longer-term evolution of standards forSmart Grid interoperability.Member in Priority Action Plans (PAP) Working Groups• PAP 03 – Common Price Communication Model Development of a product characteristics of interest to energy consumersand use case inventory.• PAP 11 – Common Object Models for Electric Transportation Development of a common interoperable model and standards for PEV gridintegrationhttp://collaborate.nist.gov/twiki-sggrid/bin/view/SmartGrid/WebHome11NIST Smart Grid Interoperability Panel
  12. 12. Smart Grids !!“Overlaying information systems over entire power grid”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0-H6K6u7-M
  13. 13. Young Energy Network• Our generation of young students,thinkers, and innovators will be theimpetus of an energy revolutionacross the globe.• The newly formed YoungEnergyNetwork is the center for energeticchange.• YoungEnergy Grants awarded toidentify motivated and talentedyoung energy professionals andput in position of influence in theindustryKarthik Krishna Recognized as an Exceptional Young Energy Professional andinvited to participate in the 2010 Gridweek Conference in Washington DC.http://www.youtube.com/user/ClasmaEvents#p/c/E323B166B678F821/2/hYwFxqv6Ics
  14. 14. New Position with NIST SGIPAppointed as Lead for Utility and AutoIndustry PEV Roadmap Task ForceVision: Develop Roadmap to makeplug-in electric vehicles a reality
  15. 15. “Army mom” vs “Energy son”Energy Son !
  16. 16. Thank you !16Difference is to have fun …