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Warm fuzzies


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Stroke Economy

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Warm fuzzies

  1. 1. Warm Fuzzies and Cold Prickles
  2. 2. Parable by Claude Steiner
  3. 3. Stroke Economy (Eric Berne, Transactional Analysis)
  4. 4. Five Injunctions Don’t give strokes you want to give. Don’t accept strokes you want to get. Don’t ask for strokes you need. Don’t reject strokes you dislike Don’t give yourself strokes
  5. 5. Two Kind of Strokes Positive Negative
  6. 6. Stroke Profile
  7. 7. Exercise 1 Pair Draw Your Stroke Profile TALK!
  8. 8. Exercise 2 Pair Ask: Write down 5 ‘Positive Strokes’ you want for yourself Give: Write down 5 ‘Positive Strokes’ for your partner TALK!