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  1. PUBLISHING ENERGY USE IN THE DOMESTIC ENVIRONMENTS! INFERENCES FROM DESIGN INTERVENTION CASES IN INDIAN APARTMENTS ! Karthikeya Acharya! Doctoral Researcher ! Department of Design School of Art, Design and Architecture ! Aalto University! 18 th September 2012!
  2. Activities that construct domestic living in Indian apartments. ! Performing daily living and material consumption in these contexts.!
  3. As a matter of constructive design research methodology, to understand daily living with electricity, I have deployed prototypes that publish and make open energy use in the field to reach inferences and hypothesis about material usage in daily living.!
  4. I! While the benefits in gaining open access and making energy use information live and accessible at the end user level are by now aimed to help in energy conservation, I present a supportive design intervention case where opening energy use data has lead to reflecting on ones acquired habits from a longitudinal perspective. ! II! Also, when opening energy data is considered within the context of the domestic environments it is useful to look at the relation between energy usage and the notion of more and less private spaces of the home.!
  5. I! A case of comparing daily energy use between two families in the same apartment block!
  6. Family A lives in an apartment of 120 sq meters !
  7. Family B lives in a ! 280 sq meter ! apartment !
  8. - Family A lives in an apartment of 120 sq meters! -  4 member family! - Energy use= about 1.5 X of Family B ! - Family B lives in a ! 280 sq meter house! - 4 member family! - Energy use=1 X!
  9. Family has spent about 18 years in Mumbai, a city in India, where energy costs are very high because of energy being privatized.! - Family A lives in an apartment of 120 sq meters! They also mention that their -  4 member family! energy and water consumption - Energy use= about 1.5 X of Family B ! habits have developed over their stay in that city. ! Have lived in the Gulf - Family B lives in a ! state of Abu Dhabi for 280 sq meter house! about 25 years which had - 4 member family! very inexpensive charges - Energy use=1 X! for electricity and they would hardly pay eight dollars a month for all the energy use there. ! The father thinks that he and his family have carried their habits from Abu Dhabi to India. !
  10. Such an inference questions how energy use habits evolve in context of consumption over a longitudinal span of time. ! What are the programmatic implications of getting to understand peoples prior energy use context for conservation programs? !
  11. II!
  12. ric Agency! H ome Elect Electrical Artifacts ! in the Public- Private spaces of the Indian apartment !
  13. Bath   Living  Room/Hall   Dining   Kitchen   Bedroom   /Toi   Public   Private   Rapoport, Amos. 1977. Human aspects of urban form: towards a man-environment approach to urban form and design. !
  14. 02_Manga Mention lore_12_M on Day in ushrath the life Analysis: ! chart Time Yesterday's activity at Why did you do it? Make a list of all that was needed for the activity Bath   /Toi   Geyser///3 Fan///////// 5 Sleeping, doing Namaz tired Fan, Bed, Pillow, Bedsheet etc 9 9 Geyser///3 36 Cooking My son has to go to school Gyser, Gas, Vessel, oil Grinder/1 1 Bedroom   7 Cooking For the morning breakfast Vessel, oil, Fruits, etc Mixer/1 1 Fan/////////9 TV/////5 58 Giving breakfast to another son He has to go school Bag, Gyser, Vessel, oil, Plates, Lunch Boxes Light/1 19 I left My son to school He has to go school car, Petrol 10 Cooking Prepare food for lunch Gas, Rice, Grinder, Mixer, Vegetables, Meat, water, Fish etc 11 Again picking up from school car or autorickshaw 12 I watch T.V. Entertainment T.V, sofa, Fan Grinder/1 Kitchen   13 Doing Namaz watching T.V. Entertainment T.V, sofa, Fan Private   14 Serving food To have lunch Fan, T.V. Crockery's etc Mixer/1 15 Sleep or watching T.V. Tired Fan, T.V. 16 Doing Namaz Prepare Coffee, snacks Routine Gas, water, vessels etc. Public   17 I went for shopping To buy a dress for children Car Dining   18 Still Shopping " " 19 came back gave bath to children doing Namaz Gyser, water, Towel, cloth 20 Teaching children Reading Quran They have to learn Table, light, fan, Books 21 Doing Namaz watching T.V Pleasure T.V, Fan, Light 22 Dinner hungry Gas, water, Table, Fan 23 went to Sleep Tired Fan, Bed, Pillow, Bedsheet Living  Room/Hall   24 went to Sleep " " 1 " " " 2 " " " TV/////5 3 " " " Light/1 4 " " "
  15. 01_Manipal Mention _06_Mikhai on Day in l the life Analysis: ! chart Bath   /Toi   Time Yesterday's activity at Why did you do it? Make a list of all that was needed for the activity Mobile (alarm) /1 1 5 Sleep Need it badly Laptop /////5 5 Light //2 26 Mobile (alarm) /1 Bedroom   Sleep " Fan ///3 37 woke up getting late for college mobile (alarm) breakfast Laptop /////5 TV/1 1 Light //2 8 College cause i didnt feel like bunking books, stationary, laptop (Labwork) Internet //2 2 Mobile //2 29 " Internet //2 Music Mobile //2 10 " system /1 1 Music system /1 11 " Kitchen   12 " 13 " Private   14 " 15 " 16 " Public   17 reached home after college Felt bored of attending lectures Dining   18 had a shower, ate a few snacks gettin all set to study water, food 19 Study so as to secure the highest marks this sem. light, fan, stationary, books, Laptop 20 Study " " 21 had dinner, said prayers Felt hungry 22 Watched TV, used internet comfort is needed in everyone's life (electricity) TV, internet, Laptop 23 watched a movie relax one's mind of the days tensions Laptop, mobile, internet Living  Room/Hall   24 study have to pass my exams light, fan, electricity, water, snacks, books, Laptop 1 listened to music, movie relax mobile, music system 2 sleep (said prayers) relax fan, a peaceful mind TV/1 3 " " " 4 " " "
  16. 03_Bangal Mention ore_18_M on Day in ary the life Analysis: ! chart 03_Ban Time Yesterday's activity at Why did you do it? Make a list of all that was needed for the activity Bath   galore_ /Toi   18_Mar y Fan//2 2 Computer/ 5 Sleeping Rest Bed Fan Bedsheets 1 1 Fan//2 Mouse/1 1 Bedroom   6 Woke up Brushed Teeth Bathroom Time to get up To live Stretch, (curse) Paste, Water & Soap Water & Towel Medicine Water Medicine & Water cup & Water Tread Mill/1 1 Fridge/1 1 7 Coffee Tea Computer Games Emails Solitaire Stove, Water, Milk, Tea, Coffee Powder Computer Mouse, Chair Light/1 1 TV///3 3 8 Newspaper To know what is happening Newspaper. Time Computer/1 Mouse/1 9 Soduku Game Interested to spend time Paper, Pen & Mind 10 Gym. Warm up Tread Mill To get rid of the toxins I get Tread mill Water to drink Towel to clean reading the paper Kitchen   11 yoga helps me in focusing & depression Mat & Mind 12 Shower To clean myself & feel fresh Water Towel Dress Private   13 Lunch To survive Fish Rice Veg Curd & Rasam Fridge/1 14 Shopping To buy office Chair Car gas or diesel Driver, Money & Time Light/1 15 Shopping Checked ups inverter for TV Public   16 Grocery Shopping Need to cook & eat Car, driver, diesel, money patience & mood Dining   17 Home-arranged items Needed to put in the fridge Fridge, light & again patience 18 Watched TV Serial Pass time TV. E.City 19 Dinner Survival Food 20 TV Pass Time TV. E.City 21 TV pass Time TV. E.City 22 TV " Living  Room/Hall   23 Slept Rest Fan 24 TV///3 1 2 3 4
  17. Bath   Living  Room/Hall   Dining   Kitchen   Bedroom   /Toi   Public   Private   Fan//2 060wh   Fan//2 060wh   Fan//2 060wh   Light/1 050wh   Light/1 050wh   Light/1 050wh   Light/1 050wh   Light/1 060wh   TV//2 120wh   050wh   Mixer/1 TV//2 120wh   Water Fridge/1 800wh   920wh   A/C/1 Heating/1 Grinder/1 1000wh   820wh   Fridge/1 washing 2000wh   050wh   machine/1 Microwave 1000wh   2980wh   2900wh   1050wh   230wh   160wh  
  18. Does energy get consumed more in private than in public?! What is the energy implication of retaining the notion of the private that we have constructed with our energy intensive past?!
  19. Karthikeya Acharya! THANKS! Doctoral Researcher ! Department of Design School of Art, Design and Architecture ! Aalto University! 18 th September 2012!