Tobacco And Media 1


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World Conference on Tobacco or Health, 2009

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Tobacco And Media 1

  1. 1. HOW MEDIA ENCOURAGES OR DISCOURAGES TOBACCO USE: THE INDIAN PERSPECTIVE… Karthik Subbaraman and Dr. Prakash C Gupta Healis Sekhsaria Institute for Public Health 14th World Conference on Tobacco Or Health, Mumbai, India March 10, 2009
  2. 2. Flow Story 1: National Survey amongst national media personnel… Story 2: Bollywood matters… Story 3: Smokeless tobacco and television soap actors… Story 4: Corporate Social Responsibility: What ITC hopes to achieve through e-choupal…and how it may be successful in achieving it… Story 5: Social media…what it has to offer Story 6: Moral—Rural penetration for profitable rural transformation, web-based message dissemination, and diversification in purpose
  3. 3. Media in India… Lots of it High on the sensational quotient
  4. 4. Some salient features: Study findings from the Registrar Council of India THE PRESS IN INDIA IN 2005-06: AT A GLANCE 1. Language of dissemination (Data compiled as per the annual statements received) Periodicity Number Circulation 2. Ownership by the government Dailies 2,130 8,88,63,048 Tri/Bi-Weeklies 39 5,66,198 3. Issues covered Weeklies 3,428 5,05,80,648 Fortnightlies 955 1,23,09,948 Monthlies 1,471 2,11,36,710 Quarterlies 219 15,52,138 Annuals 49 29,86,256 Others 221 27,43,665 TOTAL 8,512 18,07,38,611 Registrar of Newspapers of India
  5. 5. Story 1: Research study… Study Regarding Awareness, Attitudes And Beliefs Regarding Tobacco Control Policies Amongst Media Personnel In India
  6. 6. The Survey: Objectives To determine the knowledge, attitudes and belief’s towards tobacco use and tobacco control policies amongst the media personnel in India To assess their support to promote news coverage related to tobacco control issues. To assist in development of an effective training program for a media workshop under planning.
  7. 7. Results of the media survey Nearly half of them (48%) were in the age group of 21-30 years. 61% were newspaper journalists. Only 50% were aware about different diseases caused by tobacco. Majority (87%) of them believed that strict implementation of policies is desirable even though the prevalence of tobacco use is 23% amongst media personnel. 75% of those who consumed tobacco agreed that media should give coverage to tobacco control issues. Vis-à-vis, 85% of those who did not consume tobacco.
  8. 8. Conclusion from Story 1: Wiring India positively
  9. 9. Story 2: The “Bollywood” factor... Ideas come and go…stories stay… (The Black Swan)
  10. 10. Hindi Film Industry—Bollywood
  11. 11. Brief case study: ShahRukh Khan—a selling brand name Worth Rs 150 crores in endorsements Endorses Sunfeast, Airtel, Pepsi, Emami Sona Chandi Chyawanprash, Videocon, Tag Heur, Mayur Suitings. Lux and Hyundai Santro, and Compaq Presario SRK—”marketable unit to which a set of associations and benefits, functional and emotional, have become attached.”
  12. 12. Cont… TRP-promoting exercise Brand launching platform: “Among the FMCG companies, ITC hit home with the launch of Bingo potato wafer, Fiama Di Wills soaps and shampoos and, more recently, Vivel soaps and shampoos…during IPL.
  13. 13. Conclusion from Story 2: Entertainment industry provides a platform for brand launches and sustained visibility of consumer goods…
  14. 14. Story 3: ITC and Corporate Social Responsibility—how media encourages their acceptability… E-choupal
  15. 15. ITC: Corporate Social Responsibility ‘ITC received the FICCI Outstanding Vision Corporate Triple Impact Award 2007 for invaluable contribution to the triple bottom line benchmarks of building economic, social and natural capital for the nation. Sustainability Leadership Award 2007 conferred on Chairman Y C Deveshwar by the Sustainability Forum, Zurich and SAM/SPG at the International Sustainability Leadership Symposium Business Today Award for the Best Managed Company – Retail and Consumer Products, has been conferred on ITC in recognition of its outstanding initiatives in the consumer products segment. Asian CSR Award 2007 for Environmental Excellence given by the Asian Institute of Management Ryutaro Hashimoto Incentive Prize 2007 for Environment & Development from the Asia Pacific Forum In the first of its kind S&P Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) ratings released recently, ITC ranked second among top Indian companies. The Company has won the Corporate Social Responsibility Crown Award for Water Practices from UNESCO and Water Digest for its distinguished work carried out in the water sector in India. NDTV Profit Business Leadership Award for being the Best Food Company of 2007.
  16. 16. Corporate ITC presentation:
  17. 17. E-choupal Gaining Empowering Political Rural India support Procuring Media support
  18. 18. Conclusion from story 3: Diversification for support from stakeholders
  19. 19. Story 4: Smokeless tobacco and their endorsement by television actors… Luring the middle class “aspirers”
  20. 20. Conclusion from story 4: Smokeless tobacco is using paid media to target the middle class
  21. 21. Story 5: Social media in India…an opportunity to strengthen tobacco control? Exploring New-age medium
  22. 22. Internet—an emerging medium for national advocacy efforts?
  23. 23. Conclusion Media is generally upbeat about tobacco control Entertainment industry in India plays an important role in determining visibility and acceptability of smoking-related behavior Tobacco industry uses CSR strategically to facilitate marketing of their tobacco products; they also use paid media campaigns to lure their target consumers Social media could prove as a valuable communications tool to advance our tobacco control efforts
  24. 24. Pointers Three things that we need to consider in encouraging greater media engagement in tobacco control issues a. Rural penetration b. Non-tobacco control issues –related diversification; for instance, rural microfinance schemes c. Use of new-age media including the internet
  25. 25. Thank you for your attention Have a wonderful evening!