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apps of nanotech


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Published in: Technology
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apps of nanotech

  2. 2. ADVANTAGES OF NANO TECH •Reduction of size of electronic products •More efficient than present using equipments •More stronger,durable and lighter •In medicine – smart drugs
  3. 3. APPLICATIONS NANOBOTS • An new technology of sending antibiotics into the body • As a matter of fact, technically speaking nanorobots, or nanobots, don’t do anything yet—they haven’t been formally invented. • Researchers are trying to reduce it into microscopic robots in future,it is a big thing. • Since this tiny size gives them the ability to interact at the bacteria and virus level • Nanorobots are so tiny that they could be easily injected into the bloodstream
  4. 4. ORIGAMI SOLAR CELLS • Deformable electronics-stretchable, foldable transparent electronic displays. • It is complemented by foldable batteries and wearable energy storage fully embedded into your clothing. • Origami-three dimensional structures from two dimensional sheets. • It is also used IT for manufacturing deforming computer chips. • It can also generate energy when it is folded.
  5. 5. CONSTRUCTION ROBOTS • It is an self functioning robots. • It is designed in the idea of ants. • These are the future constructers. • Its under development and it will work even smarter than this robots. • The work of mankind will be reduced. • Time consumption is less
  6. 6. THANK YOU by Karthick