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HomeCompare iOS Application

Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. HomeCompare v1.0
  2. 2. What is HomeCompare? People looking to buy a home willuse the Rhode Island Housing mobileapplication “HomeFinder” to streamlinetheir home buying experience. The appwill include features that let themcapture information about the manydifferent houses that they visit, rate eachof the houses, and determine the truecost of each.
  3. 3. Targeted UsersThe app is targeted toward peoplebuying their first home.There is an increased focus on peoplebuying a home in Rhode Island, but thetarget user group includes first-timehomebuyers looking to buy a homeanywhere in the U.S.
  4. 4. End-User•Person who actually uses HomeCompare App•This Application will be the best fits for who want tobuy Home in their budget.
  5. 5. Application Features•Capture information about the home•Calculate the Total First Year Cost•Rate the Home You Visited•View Saved House•Locate your House•Take/Upload Photos•Photo Gallery•Clipboard•Share With Social Networks(Emai/Facebook)•Map Your Houses
  6. 6. Technical FeaturesiOS custom Tab barTake Photos/VideosPhoto GalleryFacebook IntegrationGeolocationMapGoogle AnalyticsLocal Database/ Filesystem
  7. 7. Capture the InformationUse Home compare as a digital notebook and record your entiresearch. Record important infos like Address, List Price, Photos,Videos
  8. 8. Total First Year CostCalculate Total First Year Cost, So that user can decide whichhome is best suit for their budget.
  9. 9. Rate Your Saved HomeUser can rate the visited homes and they can sort homes based on theRating, Total First Year Cost
  10. 10. Go SocialUpload Listings to Facebook and/or Email content to closefamily and friends.
  11. 11. Photo GalleryPhotos and Video Listing from all propeties. User canshare, Copy, Delete or View the media.
  12. 12. Technical FeaturesiOS Custom Tabbar:- Replaced existing Titanium Tabbar withcustom module.Photos/Videos :- Take Photos/Videos using device camera orSelect Existing Photos From Gallery
  13. 13. Maps: - Map Your Saved HousesGeolocation: - Locate Your House, accessing device locationbased information.
  14. 14. Facebook API Integration:- Share Information With SocialNetworksLocal Database/ Filesystem :- Accessing the in-applicationSQLite database and Filesystem
  15. 15. Google Analytics:-A free service provided by Google that gives a application ownerall sorts of information and statistics about the incoming trafficand visitors.Advantages:-• See which section drive the most viewed• Which groups of visitors became customers• Viewing Visitors By Timeframe, Geography, And Source
  16. 16. Questions