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Mental Health studies and devops

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Mental Health studies and devops

  1. 1. Mental Health and Devops Karthik Gaekwad @iteration1 @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  2. 2. Who am I I’m Karthik Gaekwad NOT a DBA Cloud Native Evangelist at Oracle Cloud Past: Developer on the Oracle Managed Kubernetes Team @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  3. 3. Who am I • Been around for a while… • Love building, teaching and community. • Organizer: Devopsdays Austin, Container Days, Cloud Austin. • Chair: All Day Devops Cloud Native track. • LinkedIn Learning Author for a few cloud native courses. @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  4. 4. Burnout @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  5. 5. Everyone has a journey • Been hearing from people that they are “burned out”. • Just figured that they were just tired. • Didn’t really hit me until I noticed it with some close coworkers and friends. @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  6. 6. Talk Goals! • Findings in other communities. • Measuring Burnout • What you can do for yourself. • What you can do for others. @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  7. 7. So what is burnout? @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  8. 8. There is no standard definition... What is burnout? @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  9. 9. Burnout “A state of physical or emotional exhaustion that also involves a sense of reduced accomplishment and loss of personal identity.” - Mayo Clinic @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  10. 10. Burnout “Loss of enthusiasm for work, feelings of cynicism and a low sense of personal accomplishment.” - Medscape @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  11. 11. Burnout Origins •Coined in the 1970s by the American psychologist Herbert Freudenberger. •Used it to describe the consequences of severe stress and high ideals in “helping” professions. @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  12. 12. Is this unique to DevOps? @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  13. 13. No... @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  14. 14. Burnout in Industry • “Common” outside our sphere... • Medical professions (doctors/nurses) • Radiologists • Teachers • Police @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  15. 15. Medical Industry Round One:
 Medical School • 50% of medical students experience burnout • 10% experience suicidal ideation during medical school Round Two:
 Residency • 27-75% of residents are burned out at any given time Round Three:
 Private Practice • approximately 1 in 3 doctors are experiencing physician burnout at any given time • some studies show physician burnout prevalence as high as 60%. @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  16. 16. Teachers • Over 1/2 million teachers quit or move every year • More prevalent with high poverty schools • Feeling stuck and not being able to do what you started • @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  17. 17. In Society Statistics Netherlands Study from Statistics Netherlands (CBS) & the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) “In 2017, 16 percent of employees between the ages of 15 and 75 indicated they experienced work-related mental fatigue at least several times per month.This percentage still stood at 13 percent in 2015.” @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  18. 18. Measuring Burnout • Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) • Job Diagnostic Scale (JDS) • Utrech Work Engagement Scale (UWES) @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  19. 19. Dimensions of Burnout @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  20. 20. Dimensions of Burnout • Emotional exhaustion • Cynicism • Personal efficacy • Research from Dr. Christina Maslach • Talks: DOES 2018, Velocity 2015 @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  21. 21. Dimensions of Burnout • Emotional exhaustion • Mental- “I’m tired of work.” • “Case of the Mondays” • Procrastination- “I’ll do this later.” @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  22. 22. Dimensions of Burnout • Cynicism • “That was a terrible talk; I could have done it so much better” • “My company sucks because…” • snark snark snark snark… @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  23. 23. Dimensions of Burnout • Personal Efficacy • “That presentation I gave was awful. I could have done x/y/z better.” • “Am I a good enough engineer?” • Imposter syndrome @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  24. 24. Measure of Burnout (MBI) • Measure each dimension: • Emotional exhaustion • Cynicism • Personal efficacy • Scale of 0->6 • (0) Never, few times a year, few times a month, once a week, multiple times a week, every day (6) @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  25. 25. Measure of Burnout (MBI) Exhaustion Cynicism Efficacy High High High Burnout High Low Low Exhaustion Low High Low Over Extended Low Low High Ineffective Low Low Low Engaged @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  26. 26. What about Tech Culture? @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  27. 27. What about tech culture? • We have a lot of self doubt… • We love to doubt others… • We like snark… • We internalize issues… • We don’t really listen… @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  28. 28. WTF should I do? @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  29. 29. WTF should I do? • Self Level (for me) • Self Level (for others) • Institutional Level @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  30. 30. WTF should I do (for me) • In the case of a SEV 1 • See your primary care provider • Take a leave of absence • Find another job that’s more fulfilling @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  31. 31. WTF should I do (for me) • Basics: • Do you have a hobby? • Do you do something outside of technology on a regular basis? • Do you eat healthy? • Do you exercise on a regular basis? • Do you meditate? @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  32. 32. Take a vacation! State of vacations is actually pretty bad in the US….. @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  33. 33. WTF should I do (for me) • Moar: • Say “no”, learn how to prioritize. • Figure out how to do moar of what you enjoy and less of what you hate. • Lean on peers, have a mentor @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  34. 34. Industry Anecdotes • Exhaustion (Physical) • Cynicism (Emotional) • Efficacy (Spiritual) @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  35. 35. Industry Anecdotes • Step 1: Measure how you are doing in these areas? @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  36. 36. Industry Anecdotes • Step 1: Measure how you are doing in these areas? • Step 2: Decrease the drain. @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  37. 37. Industry Anecdotes • Step 1: Measure how you are doing in these areas? • Step 2: Decrease the drain. • Step 3: Increase the deposits. @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  38. 38. Industry Anecdotes • Medical World: • “Doctors who read literary fiction actually performed better in theory of mind, which is actually a surrogate for measuring empathy.” • “When compared to nonreaders, the relative risk of burnout for consistent readers—those who read at least one book per month—fell by 19 percent across the emotional exhaustion and 44 percent across the depersonalization domain.” • reading-fun-fundamental @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  39. 39. WTF should I do (for others) • Be there for your peers. • Learn how to empathize and walk in their shoes. • Other industries are better at listening than we are. @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  40. 40. WTF do I do (org)? • Look at upstream issues in your organizations and fix them. • Babies floating down the stream in baskets… @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  41. 41. Where to go from here? @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  42. 42. Read more of Dr. Maslach’s work • @iteration1Devopsdays Seattle
  43. 43. Appendix • • • Talks by Dr. Maslach: • • 203868 • • • fun-fundamental • burnout •