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Towards an open IoT stack for the cloud - Kai Hudalla @ Eclipse IoT Day ThingMonk 2016


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Throughout the last years the open source community has produced a lot of valuable technology for implementing IoT applications. However, most of this technology still requires a lot of low-level knowledge in order to make proper use of it. Now the time has come to take this technology to the next level.

Let me tell you about the latest efforts within the IoT Working Group at Eclipse to create an open source based stack of components for implementing IoT solutions at cloud scale.


Kai Hudalla Bio

Kai Hudalla has been working at Bosch on solutions for the Internet of Things in application domains like smart home, energy management, e-mobility, and automotive long before the term reached its recent popularity and ubiquity.
He is an active committer on several Eclipse IoT projects and has just recently started the Hono project together with other members from the community, aiming at providing an integration platform for connecting millions of devices to the cloud.

Kai holds a degree in mathematics from University of Hannover in Germany and enjoys playing a round of golf whenever weather conditions permit."

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Towards an open IoT stack for the cloud - Kai Hudalla @ Eclipse IoT Day ThingMonk 2016

  1. 1. Towards an open IoT Stack for the Cloud Kai Hudalla Bosch Software Innovations GmbH
  2. 2. How many technologies do you need to master to communicate with all things connected to the IoT?
  3. 3. Just one! Eclipse Hono. (With a little help from the Eclipse IoT community)
  4. 4. Eclipse Hono provides a uniform API for interacting with millions of devices connected to the cloud via arbitrary protocols.
  5. 5. Things Cloud Command & Control Telemetry optimized for throughput scale-out with #messages optimized for reliability scale-out with #devices
  6. 6. €600+lost/stolen/forgotten
  7. 7. Track my Tools. Attach Bluetooth LE tags to the tools in order to keep track of their location. Use Hono to connect the local gateways to the cloud and access location data. <<Protocol Adapter>> MQTT AMQP 1.0MQTT AMQP 1.0 <<Application>> Track my Tools BT LE
  8. 8. ≤ 4.5kmdistance driven to find a parking space © Image Credits: Bosch Mobility Solutions
  9. 9. Find a parking space. Monitor parking spaces in large parking garages using luminosity sensors connected via LoRa. Use Hono to connect the gateways to the cloud and manage sensors using LWM2M. <<Gateway>> AMQP 1.0LWM2M AMQP 1.0 <<Application>> Parking Lot Mgmt <<Protocol Adapter>> LoRa AMQP 1.0 HTTP
  10. 10. 1.000.000 number of things produced by Bosch (per day)
  11. 11. Scale out horizontally. Use Hono to provide a standard attach point for IoT devices produced by Bosch supporting Lightweight M2M. Scale as you go. <<Adapter>> <<Adapter>> <<Adapter>> <<Adapter>> <<Adapter>> <<Adapter>>
  12. 12. Goal: ready-to-deploy, microservice based IoT Cloud Platform
  13. 13. <<Protocol Adapter>> REST AMQP 1.0 LWM2M <<Application>> Parking Lot Mgmt <<Protocol Adapter>> AMQP 1.0 HTTP <<Protocol Adapter>> MQTT MQTT AMQP 1.0 AMQP 1.0 HTTP BT LE <<Application>> Track my Tools AMQP 1.0 LAN Cloud An Open Source IoT Cloud Platform <<Gateway>> LoRa <<Gateway>>
  14. 14.