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Building the Internet of Things with Eclipse IoT - IoTBE meetup


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The slides from my session at the IoTBE meetup

Published in: Technology
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Building the Internet of Things with Eclipse IoT - IoTBE meetup

  1. 1. BUILDING THE INTERNET OF THINGS WITH ECLIPSE IOT Benjamin Cabé, Eclipse Foundation @kartben "Kortrijk Begijnhof and Our Lady's" by Michael O'Donnabhain
  2. 2. M2M? IoT?
  3. 3. ❝Technology that supports wired or wireless communication between devices
  4. 4. fragmentation
  5. 5. lock-in
  6. 6. complexity
  7. 7. Protocols Tools Frameworks Services
  8. 8.  Hand  by  Castor  &  Pollux  from  The  Noun  Project   AT FIRST THEY WERE THREE…
  9. 9.  Hand  by  Castor  &  Pollux  from  The  Noun  Project   AT FIRST THEY WERE THREE…
  10. 10.  Hand  by  Castor  &  Pollux  from  The  Noun  Project   AT FIRST THEY WERE THREE…
  11. 11.  Hand  by  Castor  &  Pollux  from  The  Noun  Project   AT FIRST THEY WERE THREE…
  12. 12. Paho provides client implementations of the MQTT protocol. Mihini is an embedded Lua runtime providing HW abstraction and other services. Koneki provides tools for embedded Lua developers.
  13. 13. Eclipse SCADA is a complete Java/ OSGi-based SCADA system (communication, monitoring, GUI, …) Kura is a Java/OSGi-based M2M container for gateways. Has support for Modbus, CANbus, MQTT, … Mosquitto is a lightweight server implementation of the MQTT and MQTT-SN protocols, written in C.
  14. 14. Ponte bridges M2M/IoT (MQTT, CoAP) protocols to the Web. SmartHome provides a complete set of services for home automation gateways. OM2M implements the ETSI M2M standard. (code pending)
  15. 15. Californium is an implementation of the CoAP protocol written in Java. Includes DTLS for security. Wakaama is an implementation of LWM2M written in C. Krikkit is a rules system for programming edge devices just like you’d configure a router Wakaama Krikkit (code pending) (code pending) (code pending)
  16. 16. Concierge is a lightweight implementation of OSGi Core R5. Your project? J Concierge We need to talk! ;-)
  17. 17. I often get asked…
  18. 18. WHAT IS ZE BEST LANGUAGE FOR IOT?!? I often get asked…
  19. 19. ANSWER: It depends! J For embedded systems…   Codevs.Configuration Constrained micro-controllers vs. Smart gateways C Javascript Lua Java/OSGi
  20. 20. ANSWER: It depends! J Infrastructurevs.App.development Communication enablement vs. Information systems On the server side…   C Javascript Java/OSGi
  22. 22. BUILDING BLOCKS FOR IOT … for building what?
  23. 23.  Cloud  by  Andrew  Lynne  from  The  Noun  Project    Thermometer  by  Lemon  Liu  from  The  Noun  Project    Fluorescent  Light  Bulb  by  Dmitriy  Lagunov  from  The  Noun  Project    Water  by  Gilad  Fried  from  The  Noun  Project   MQTT Network Mosquitto broker Building… SENSOR NETWORKS
  24. 24. MQTT?
  25. 25. MQTT? M is for Messaging… (mmmmaybe!) Q is not for Queue ☺︎ Publish/Subscribe protocol Lightweight (bandwidth, battery, …)
  26. 26. 21.3 21.3
  27. 27. MQTT history •  … it’s not new! •  Invented in 1999 (Andy Stanford- Clark, Arlen Nipper) •  Royalty-free since 2010 •  Being standardized at OASIS since 2013
  28. 28. Neat MQTT features •  Wildcards •  Quality of Service •  Last Will & Testament •  Retained Messages
  29. 29. MQTT Features | Wildcards • The number sign (#) is a wildcard character that matches any number of levels within a topic. • The plus sign (+) is a wildcard character that matches only one topic level Examples mygreenhouse/sensors/# +/sensors/temperature
  30. 30. MQTT Features | QoS •  QoS flag allows to control the level of assurance for delivery you want when publishing a message to the broker
  31. 31. MQTT Features | QoS 0 •  QoS flag allows to control the level of assurance for delivery you want when publishing a message to the broker •  A message published with QoS=0 will be received at most once (“fire & forget”) by subscribed clients
  32. 32. MQTT Features | QoS 1 •  QoS flag allows to control the level of assurance for delivery you want when publishing a message to the broker •  A message published with QoS=1 will be received at least once (acknowledged delivery) by subscribed clients
  33. 33. MQTT Features | QoS 2 •  QoS flag allows to control the level of assurance for delivery you want when publishing a message to the broker •  A message published with QoS=2 will be received exactly once (assured delivery) by subscribed clients
  34. 34. MQTT Features | Last Will & Testament •  IoT devices can come & go on the network quite often and in a very unpredictable way •  Last Will & Testament allows to notify interested parties to an abnormal disconnection of a client •  The Last Will & Testament (if any) is part of the initial connection message
  35. 35. MQTT Features | Retained messages •  The Retained flag allows a published message to be stored on the broker, so as possible receivers can subscribe later and still receive the message
  36. 36. Real world example… and demo!
  37. 37. 21.3 21.3
  38. 38. Is the MQTT API that simple?
  39. 39. Is the MQTT API that simple? MqttClient mqttClient = new MqttClient
 ); mqttClient.setCallback(…); mqttClient.connect(); mqttClient.subscribe("myGreenhouse/#"); // the rest of your app
  40. 40. Is the MQTT API that simple? mqttClient.setCallback(new MqttCallback() { @Override public void messageArrived(String topic, 
 MqttMessage message) throws Exception { // process received message
 // e.g. display temperature value } // ... }); Callback code:
  41. 41. Data viz. w/ MQTT over Websockets •  Rickshaw is a JavaScript toolkit for creating interactive time series graphs •  It’s built on top of d3.js •  MQTT over Websockets makes it very easy to feed data into Rickshaw datasets… perfect for IoT! – More at, lots of examples to get started
  42. 42.  Cloud  by  Andrew  Lynne  from  The  Noun  Project    Thermometer  by  Lemon  Liu  from  The  Noun  Project    Fluorescent  Light  Bulb  by  Dmitriy  Lagunov  from  The  Noun  Project    Water  by  Gilad  Fried  from  The  Noun  Project   MQTT Network Ponte broker CoAP Network Building… SENSOR NETWORKS (2)
  43. 43. CoAP: Constrained Application Protocol •  Internet Eng. Task Force standard for the Internet of Things. •  Started in 2010! •  Draft-18 is the final one.
  44. 44. Co: Constrained •  Simple to encode: targets 8 bits MCU. •  UDP based, targets low power IP networks. •  Two level of QoS: confirmable message or not. •  Simple observation mechanism.
  45. 45. CoAP: RESTful things! •  REST paradigm for things: – URI: coap://hostname/lamps/12/status •  HTTP like verbs: – GET for reads – POST, PUT, DELETE for mutation – … but in a compact binary datagram.
  46. 46. Co: Constrained .0 1 2 3 .0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ |Ver| T | TKL | Code | Message ID | +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ | Token (if any, TKL bytes) ... +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ | Options (if any) ... +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+ |1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1| Payload (if any) ... +-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+
  47. 47. CoAP: Discoverability GET coap://hostname/.well-known/core à Provides a list of all supported resources!
  48. 48. CoAP: Security •  DTLS (TLS on UDP Datagrams) •  Pre-shared key or not •  DTLS is not really light :(
  49. 49. Device management Secure, monitor, manage fleet of deployed devices. •  Configure the device. •  Update the firmware (and maybe the app) •  Monitor and gather connectivity statistics
  50. 50. Lightweight M2M •  A new Open Mobile Alliance standard •  An OMA-DM successor for M2M targets
  51. 51. Lightweight M2M: CoAP •  Built on top of CoAP: •  Really lighter than OMA-DM or TRS-069.
  52. 52. LWM2M features •  Firmware upgrades (in band or thru HTTP) •  Device monitoring and configuration •  Server provisioning (bootstraping)
  53. 53. LWM2M SMS •  SMS can be used for waking-up the device. •  Or for any GET/POST/PUT!
  54. 54. LWM2M: standard objects – Device – Server – Connectivity monitoring – Connectivity statistics – Location – Firmware The objects have a numerical identifier (saves bytes…)
  55. 55. LWM2M the URLs URLs: /{object}/{instance}/{resource Ex: /6/0 à whole position object (binary TLV) x /6/0/2 à only the altitude value
  56. 56. DEMO •  Copper, a Firefox plug-in for CoAP •  Eclipse Wakaama, a LWM2M client •  Leshan, a LWM2M server
  57. 57.  Cloud  by  Andrew  Lynne  from  The  Noun  Project    Thermometer  by  Lemon  Liu  from  The  Noun  Project    Fluorescent  Light  Bulb  by  Dmitriy  Lagunov  from  The  Noun  Project    Water  by  Gilad  Fried  from  The  Noun  Project   CoAP Network LWM2M server (e.g. Leshan) wakaama wakaama wakaama Building… DEVICE MANAGEMENT battery level avail. memory … firmware reboot …
  58. 58. Android UI X10 Serial … Bluetooth Building… HOME AUTOMATION
  59. 59. In a nutshell •  MQTT is a very versatile protocol for building your IoT solution from the ground up. You should try it! •  Eclipse IoT has lots of projects, from basic building blocks to more complete solutions •  We have cool Java projects… among many others! J
  60. 60. Join us at EclipseCon France!
  61. 61.
  62. 62. <> @kartben Thanks! Questions?