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Sonic Branding presentation 2010

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  • Sb presentation 2010 english

    1. 1. Presentation 2010
    2. 2. Brief description of Sonic Branding • Largest sound branding agency in Scandinavia specialized in music composition, sound design, audio communications and sound identity Employees • Founded 2004 by Karsten Kjems, currently 10 employees with theoretical and practical background. Established in both Sweden and Denmark with 6 studios • Comprehensive knowledes, competence and network in music and sound Know how & Metod and process production Network • Recognized processes that ensure quality and continuity of delivery
    3. 3. Sonic Branding’s role in the organisationen • Sonic Branding function as both Your Company consultants, producer of sound, music and speech • Sonic Branding contributes throughout the whole value chain as Agency 1 Sonic Branding Agency 2 creative and strategic sound consultants in production and composition of sound, music and speak • Sonic Branding directs and produces campaigns
    4. 4. Why have a Sound Identity? • To create coherence, synergy and value across all brand touch points with sound • To use the emotionel power of sound and music to enhance the perception of the brand, hence lead to a stronger connection between consumer and brand • Use sound as the backbone of your brand recognition in marketing and communication - internal as well as external • Sound creates resonans and recognition between user and brand.
    5. 5. How we work Implementation Documentation Production Sound Profile Brand Platform
    6. 6. Sound Landscape (products) TV Radio Telephone (IVR) Instore Sound Identity Presentations Trade Show Product Mobile
    7. 7. References Telephone TV www TV Lydidentitet Lydidentitet HR-Event Ring Tones Radio Sponsorship www
    8. 8. Increase in value from Sonic Branding Organisation Added value Strategic (CEO and Increased brand awareness Marketing director) Creates recognition and synergy in sound Creates synergi i the profiling Reinforce the brand identity and corporate image Tactical Maintain and strengthen the image value Differentiates the brand from its competitors (Marketing director) Increases recognition among recipients Gauging marketing effect and ROI Operational Gives a better understanding of values Adds greater unity to the projects (Marketing employees) Provides guidelines and facilitates flow of work Acceptance and understanding of the organisation
    9. 9. Working proces Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4 phase 5 Delivery of Production of Refinement of Preparation Workshop Sound Profile Sound identity Sound Strategy
    10. 10. Recommendations Customer: Q8 ”The collaboration has in every way been a very good experience. The process Se more references online: has given new inspiration and relevant contributions on several levels. The team has been able to create a totality and make a clear drive in the material. – and there is no doubt that it has been fun and a di erent way to work.” Helle Dahlgren Skov, CEO Q8 and showreel: Customer: Danske Spil A/S "Especially Sonic Branding’s ability to coordinate and secure consensus between varieties of di erent stakeholders must be emphasized. Likewise, their ability to understand and interpret Danske Spil’s strategies, values and products must also be emphasized.” Klaus Lohse, CMO at Danske Spil A/S Customer: Tic Tac (Ferrero) “We hired Sonic Branding to develop a sound logo and music for our brand Tic Tac. We felt in very good hands from the very beginning. I have never worked with an agency and a team that is that well prepared and organized and the result speaks for itself. On top of the employees at Sonic Branding are so very nice persons to work with and I can only give him my best recommendations!” Stephanie Illgner, Marketing Director at Ferrero Scandinavia
    11. 11. Contact Karsten Kjems, Managing Director & founder Mob: +45 2221 0102 Sonic Branding ApS Lindehøjen 6 DK-2720 Vanløse Tel: +45 3210 7788