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They Came for the Carbs, and Stayed for the Collaboration


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Paper presented at the Association of College & Research Libraries conference (2013), Indianapolis, IN. With Breanna Hamm, Diana Perpich, and Lori Tschirhart

Published in: Technology, Education
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They Came for the Carbs, and Stayed for the Collaboration

  1. 1.  Problem Statement First Steps Activities Building Community Creation of Documentation Survey & Results Next StepsOverview
  2. 2. Problem StatementCreation silos Findability issues Communication
  3. 3. First Steps1. Identified need for support2. Hired technologist3. Formed task force
  4. 4. Activities• External scan and survey• Video projects prioritization• Community outreach Local needs assessment
  5. 5. Building Community Identify carb community Meet to eat, drink, and share Invite collaborators Create supporting documentation
  6. 6. Creation of Documentation
  7. 7. Survey & Results Few instructional designers Collaboration mostly informal Raw file management ad-hoc
  8. 8. Survey & Results DLO management evolving Assessment beginning Staff share face-to-face User access via lib website
  9. 9. Next Steps Assessment• Quality and impact• Workflows• Discoverability• Serving bigger community
  10. 10. Next Steps Accessibility• Diverse user groups• Friendly formats• Options
  11. 11. Future Needs Increase campus engagement Improve sustainability Anticipate future formats/instructionvehicles
  12. 12. Thank YouQuestions?More detail is available in our paper: