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This is a presentation I gave at the UX Lx conference in Lisbon, Portugal in May 2010.

Ad agencies today are trapped between an old business model and a new media landscape. As people spend more and more of their time and money online, marketers are following their potential customers to the digital world. But the web is fundamentally more complex than any previous advertising medium, and has much more to do with software engineering than traditional advertising.

Too often teams are still approaching digital as an extension of the decades-old, one-way communications model of advertising by merely creating interactive versions of traditional executions. User experience designers, information architects and usability experts are brought into agencies and segregated to roles as new media translators, but are excluded from the higher level strategy, planning and creative design process. They become subject matter experts who are limited to a single medium or field.

This pattern won't change just by educating advertising professionals of the importance of the user experience - it takes a more fundamental change in the whole advertising industry - what people see as effective marketing, and how it is built. This presentation raises questions about how user experience design can contribute to a new, more integrated way of working across and through various media and disciplines.

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  • UXD in Advertising

    1. 1. User Experience Design & Advertising Photo by Peter Blanchard
    2. 2. User Experience vs. Advertising How advertising the world is changing? Bringing the change to the design of advertising
    3. 3. Karri Ojanen, Interaction Design Director, R/GA New York, USA Conceptology.org @karrio
    4. 4. Photo by rooneg
    5. 5. Photo by rcrowley
    6. 6. Photo by Hugo90
    7. 7. Photo by Brian Giantz
    8. 8. Where’s the USER?
    9. 9. Advertising is short one-way messages that can fit on billboards, in TV commercials or, at most, print brochures.
    10. 10. Photo by Stephen Poff
    11. 11. Advertising is about getting a customer’s attention and selling an idea. Therefore, marketers have always been focusing on messaging.
    12. 12. (traditional) advertising design ≠ user experience design
    13. 13. Photo by antjeverena
    14. 14. The Web is much more complex than other mediums. It empowers huge volumes of information and real-time interactions with customers. Photo by NathanaelB
    15. 15. User experience designers focus on interaction and functionality. Photo by NathanaelB
    16. 16. The relationship between advertising designers and user experience designers.
    17. 17. messaging vs. functionality audience vs. user static design vs. functional design Photo by Julia Manzerova
    18. 18. Advertising designers don’t see the need for user experience design if they don’t see the need for functionality and interaction.
    19. 19. Photo by gaelx
    20. 20. “A revolution doesn’t happen when society adopts new tools, it happens when society adopts new behaviors.” Clay Shirky
    21. 21. Photo by David Reece
    22. 22. The world has changed.
    23. 23. “In this new world, marketers can't necessarily rely on a clever line or 30- second story to do the heavy work of building brands; they need lots of multifaceted ideas, including ones that go beyond slogans and metaphorical narratives to offer something more useful to the public. These ideas must work in multiple formats, and on various devices, with everything seamlessly integrated.”
    24. 24. When designing an effective interactive solution, think of building an engine, not a billboard.
    25. 25. Thank you.