Sentences 091


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What is a sentence?

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Sentences 091

  1. 1. Sentence Power
  2. 2. The power ofwords insentences cancreate peaceor war,harmony ordiscord,separation orreconciliation.
  3. 3. Sentences need to have. . . .•A subject•A verb•And they need to make sense (be anindependent clause)
  4. 4. There are parts missing--How can you fixthese? 1. Susan her dog with her every day. (verb is missing) 2. Went around the block three times, but never found a parking place. (subject missing)
  5. 5. Fix the following sentences1. It is important into the baby’s room.2. Like to go to dinner and go to a movie.3. Noisy garbage trucks down my street.4. Childrenat choir.
  6. 6. A subject of the sentence is never found in a prepositionalphrase. Make these prepositional phrases into completesentences. 1. Under the table the dog ate his supper. 2. The help-wanted ads in the newspaper have disappeared. 3. During the monsoon I felt afraid.
  7. 7. Dependent Word FragmentsA dependent clause cannot stand alone; attach itto the sentence before or after it to make it acomplete sentence.1. After I signed up for class. I decided to attend.2. Since it is summer. It is hot.3. My daughter refused to quit smoking. Unless I quit also.
  8. 8. Now it’s your turn. How might you correct these dependent clause fragments?1.Rosa talks about her relationship with her parents. How she grew up following her family’s values.2.Ralph always wanted to be a stand- up comic. Because he liked to make people laugh.3.The family set out for a new country. A country in which they could practice their culture and religion
  9. 9. Run-On SentencesA run on sentence is where two completethoughts run together with no adequate signgiven to them to break the thoughts. A run onsentence can be a fused sentence or a commasplice.
  10. 10. 1. Superman is very strong, he lifts tall buildings.2. Senator Lewis is a good man, he helps the common person achieve the common good.3. My grades are good this semester, they are better than last semester.
  11. 11. Can you fix these sentences?1.There were several unusual hairstyles at the party one woman had green braids.2.Joseph entered the room and jumped with fright someone was leaving through the window.3.Matilda needs a new job Jack has one.
  12. 12. Your Turn Fix the following run-on sentences1. In the classroom the air was hot the heat was at least 90 degrees.2. Drink plenty of water, it keeps you hydrated in the summer.3. The pilot said she would land she did not feel well enough to continue the trip.
  13. 13. Remember. . . . The sentence The sentence is very powerful: choose your words carefully to be sure they make a complete sentence.