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Cause effect essay2


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Cause effect essay2

  1. 1. Karen S. Wright
  2. 2. Why does a kite fly? Why a does zebra look like a horse? Cause and Effect Can Be as Complex as Questioning. . . .
  3. 3. Or Cause and Effect Can Seem . . . . As Natural As a Mother’s Love B E C A U S E W H Y
  4. 4. • Unemployment •Upside down mortgages •Loss of property value for a sale •Unsafe lending
  5. 5. Cause Produces Effect Jobs Produce Money
  6. 6. Cause 1 Cause 2 Cause 3 Effect Be sure to give examples for each cause and effect-- explain the reasonsand the results by drawing a picture with words. Explain why something happens.
  7. 7. Car exhaust Factory releases = Air Pollution Energy from coal
  8. 8. Sometimes there are several effects for one cause. Cause Effect 1 Effect 3 Effect 2 Effect 4
  9. 9. If a person is a couch potato (the cause),what are the Effects (results)? eye strain Inactivity Obesity lack of motivation (Being a Couch potato produces. . .)
  10. 10. Find a topic with a clear relationship between the cause and effect. Determine whether the events can be repeated Every time A is present, B occurred. Brainstorm and put your information into a graph or web so you can clearly see your thinking.
  11. 11. •Ask yourself— “Why did this event happen?” Event=effect Why=causes To make your essay clear. . .
  12. 12. •What causes lung cancer? OR •What effects can happen from cigarette smoking?
  13. 13. Check You Logic Make sure you don’t confuse an effect for a cause. Consider all causes and effects and choose the best for your essay.
  14. 14. Use a Logical Order When You Write Use chronological order: What happened first, then second, etc. OR Use least obvious to most obvious. OR Use the least important to the most important.
  15. 15. Special Transitional Words to Help Words that show cause and effect: as a result consequentlytherefore since because because of due to . . . so. . . Other words to show certainty: unquestionably perhaps possibly inevitably certainly probably Words of importance: above all primarily first initially last finally
  16. 16. What Topic Do Want to Sink YOURTeeth Into? Effects of air pollution Causes of air pollution Effects of being an athlete Effects of smoking Effects of alcoholism Causes of anorexia Effects of too much TV