Adjective and adverbs


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Adjective and adverbs

  1. 1. Adjectives and Adverbs Adjectives and adverbs modify different words. Karen S Wright
  2. 2. Adjectives and Adverbs •Using adjectives and adverbs correctly is easier than you might think. •However, misuse has become so common, that most college students don’t know the difference between the adjective “sure” and the adverb “surely” or the adjective “real” and the adverb “really.”
  3. 3. Adjectives and Adverbs Adjective- a word that limits or describes a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase. It usually answers the question which? what kind? how many? Adverb- a word that describes a verb, adjective, or other adverb. It usually answers the question how? when? where? or how much? Linking Verb- a verb that shows no physical action. All “be” verbs are linking verbs: am, is, are, was, were, be, being, and been.
  4. 4. Adjectives and Adverbs Adjectives modify nouns: giant fish pronouns: big one after the linking verb: The fish is big. Sentence: The fish had large gills. Adverbs modify verbs: nearly eaten adverbs: very nearly eaten adjectives: very sharp teeth
  5. 5. Use an adverb not an adjective to modify verbs or other adverbs. Students who don’t outline will surelyregret (surelymodifies regret-adverb) it. Students who outline do well(well modifies bad- adverb)on the exit final. His essay was really badly (really modifies badly— adverb) written. Adverb vs Adjective
  6. 6. Three Forms of Adjectives and Adverbs Big Drink Bigger Drink Biggest Drink Adjectives and adverbs have three forms: the positive, the comparative, and the superlative.
  7. 7. Use the positive degree when there are no comparisons. Example: My cat is cute. Use the comparative degree when comparing two qualities. Example: My cat is cuterthan your cat. Use the superlative degree when comparing more than two qualities. Example: My cat is thecutest pet on the planet. Adjectives and Adverbs Really?
  8. 8. When forming a comparative or a superlative use either er/est or more/most but not both. Wrong: My cat is more cuter. Correct: My cat is more cute. Wrong: My cat is the most cutest. Correct: My cat is the cutest. Using Adjectives
  9. 9. Some adjectives and adverbs are irregular. Like irregular verbs, they must be memorized. Positive Comparative Superlative good better best bad worse worst little less least many, some, muchmore most well better best badly worse worst Positive, Comparative, and Superlative
  10. 10. Adjectives and Adverbs Adjectives and adverbs make what you write more interesting by painting a picture in your reader’s mind.