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What I know about a network for MCOE

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  • I chose to complete a virtual tool about computer networking at my place of employment.
  • Modoc County Office of Education’s network is referred to as a “Node”. The Modoc County Office of Education houses the CENIC connection for the county, which provides the backbone of a high bandwidth, Wide Area Network for our schools. CENIC stands for Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California. TheCENIC network designs, implements, and operates, a high-bandwidth, high-capacity Internet network specially designed to meet the unique requirements of MCOE’s educational institution connections.The Information Technology office is responsible for the management of the technology infrastructure for MCOE and its remote sites, including phone services, network services, and all related equipment.
  • I had the chance to interview both Wendy and Lawrence so I could get a better understanding of how Modoc County Office of Education’s network is laid out. The Information Technology personnel operate and maintain a mix of computer systems and software, which support the educational programs and administrative services for the Modoc County Office of Education and the school districts of the county. Our network and server support is contracted out to Shasta County and when the network has problems then we have to contact them. For instance I told them that I needed a drive set up for maintaining video hosting; so they along with the local IT put it all together for me.
  • The MCOE backbone consists of roughly 150 miles of CENIC-owned and managed fiber. Additional network components include: routers, switches, optical components and telco circuits. Though I never was able to get a schematic of each sites layout, there are fifteen sites that have their individual LANs that the MCOE node hosts. The primary server room at MCOE was upgraded in September of 2009 and houses the following hardware:Cisco ASA 5510 Firewall, Catalyst 3750, Cisco 3660, Catalyst 2950, Catalyst 2960G, Four 802.11AG LWAPP, AP Integrated Antennas, Wireless Lan Controller 2106, Dell Power Edge T610 Raid 5 running VMWare, vSphere 4 Essentials, Windows Server 2008-DOMAIN CONTROLLER/DNS/File/Print/Backup.There are three back-up servers for redundancy. This was good as one time some items were moved in the server room and some fiber optic wires were damaged and dropped the whole network. Luckily a temporary fiber cable was ran and they were able to restore life in the computer room as we know it. Total down time was one hour.It cracks me up to see an old monitor in there.
  • The file server has plenty of storage devices which hold the files of all client computers that are stored in their user folder and they can be shared. Each client is given 15 gigabytes of storage and so far I am the only one to exceed the limits which I don’t know if it was good or bad; but it did give the computer technicians their first chance to increase a clients file size on the network.
  • All Modoc County Office of Education teachers have computers with high-speed internet connections to support their professional responsibilities.Students have access to computers throughout the school day and during after school programs. The tables below indicate the numbers ofcomputers per classroom. In the Tulelake schools, students have the opportunity checkout and take home laptops on school days and over theweekends.
  • The Local Area Network within the county office building is connected through a star topology. Each office has an Rj-45 Jack. The fiber optic cables gets all the data back and forth for all other LAN’s in MCOE’s network. For instance, the office I work at is across the street and has it’s own LAN and uses the star topology to connect the five computers and two printers. But to get to the county office it is a fiber optic cable. I asked how fast the data travels and the response was that the fiber cable sends the data at the rate of 44.6 Mbps (Million bites per second).
  • The wireless connection is maintained by Cisco Aironet 1140 series wireless routers. This also makes the building a wireless access point.
  • The Windows Server 2008 server operating system enables a network server to handle a diverse set of roles — such as print server, domain controller, web server, and file server — is the platform for other server applications for the Exchange Server and SQL Server. The program that I use for my office uses the SQL server for the database information.Everyone has Microsoft Office on their computer and Norton Internet security installed.
  • Each person at one time was responsible for maintaining their own files located on their personal machines and that was a catastrophe for some. Now all work computers have each persons’ files saved on the default file server location. This allows for others to share common files but it is an individual choice. More commonly employee’s use the Google site that the county office has set up and use Google Docs for sharing files as it is easier to work with. Each persons’ file management is up to them which let’s a person save files to their drive C if they choose to do so; but the default save is to their file server folder.
  • Network at mcoe

    1. 1. Network at MCOE By Karrie Y. Cox EdTech 541
    2. 2. The Information Technology office is responsible for the management of the technology infrastructure for MCOE andThe Modoc County Office of Education houses the CENIC connection for the county, which provides the backbone o
    3. 3. star topology.
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