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  • Harry Houdini, master of magic                  Kraske, Robert.
    Personal Author: Kraske, Robert.
    Title: Harry Houdini, master of magic. Illustrated by Victor Mays.
    Publication info: Champaign, Ill., Garrard Pub. Co. [1973]
    Physical descrip: 96 p. illus. (part col.) 24 cm.
    Series (Americans all)
    Abstract: A brief biography of Ehrich Weiss, who gained renown as Harry Houdini, master magician and escape artist.
    Personal subject: Houdini, Harry, 1874-1926--Juvenile literature.
    Personal subject: Houdini, Harry, 1874-1926. Subject term Magicians.
  • Meet Harry Houdini, one of the first and certainly one of the greatest magicians, who challenged anyone to show him a lock that he could not unfasten, or a place from which he could not escape.

    Magicians are everywhere these days. The most famous perform on television, or at Las Vegas nightclubs. Others work at local clubs or for children’s parties.
  • And whether they admit it or not, they all owe a great debt to this man, Harry Houdini, the greatest magician and escape artist of all time.
  • His performances all over the world drew standing room crowds night after night.
  • He dared police to find handcuffs, chains and locks that he could not escape from.
  • He escaped from straitjackets.
  • from locked trunks wrapped in chains, from jail cells…..
  • and from a milk can filled with water, the lid tightly locked on.
  • He jumped into lakes and rivers, escaping from locks and chains underwater. He hung from skyscrapers and escaped hundreds of feet above the earth.
  • He also challenged anyone to contact the dead, or to perform any other psychic feat that he could not duplicate. And he promised his wife Bess that if there was a way for him to communicate with her after his death, he would send her a secret coded message to let her know that he was alive in the after-life.
  • And he did all these things without any of the technology that magicians today routinely use. He did it with a perfectly toned body, an enormous knowledge of locks of all kinds, and a determination to succeed that never faltered. His self-control was incredible. He once said that the hardest thing he’d had to do in his career was to conquer fear. “When I am stripped [naked] and manacled, nailed securely within a weighted packing case and thrown into the sea, or when I am buried alive under six feet of earth, it is necessary to preserve absolute serenity of spirit...If I grow panicky I am lost.”
  • Meet one of the most unique men in the world, and discover how he went from an eight-year-old shoeshine boy.
  • to one of the greatest performers of all time.
  • Meet the mysterious Harry Houdini, the Handcuff and Manacle King, the Man Who Could Walk through Walls, the most incredible magician of his or any time! Harry Houdini Master of Magic.
  • Harry Houdini : Master of Magic

    1. 1. Harry Houdini : Master of Magic By Robert Krasko ISBN: 0811645789 Scholastic Paperbacks, c.1989 (American All Series)
    2. 2. As a young man, Harry Houdini performed many basic magic tricks, especially card tricks. This is how he gained the name "King of Cards".
    3. 3. 1896 Houdini had mastered the straitjacket escape.
    4. 4. On January 27, 1908 in St. Louis, MO Houdini introduced his famous escape from a giant milk can filled with water and then padlocked. Unfortunately after he created this escape, a Houdini imitator drowned trying to attempt the same escape.
    5. 5. Houdini had built a Chinese Water Torture Cell. In 1914 in England, he locked himself inside the cell hanging upside down in water and was still able to escape. Many movies show Houdini dying attempting this trick, but that is not true at all.
    6. 6. In 1918 Houdini presented Jenny the "Vanishing Elephant", which was at the time the world's largest illusion. He performed this on a very large stage at the Hippodrome in New York City.
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