Mobile Marking: The Next Big Marketing Platform


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Mobile Marketing will soon prove to be the most import communication shift to ever take place in the history of business, and those businesses that do not utilize it's power will be left behind.

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Mobile Marking: The Next Big Marketing Platform

  1. 1. Title slide SMS text marketing & Mobile coupons QR Codes directing people to mobile websites, offers, coupons or videos Social Media Management An App For Every Business Redeem Mobile: The Most Important Communication Shift in the History of Marketing Mobile Websites
  2. 2. Text karri to 555444 For my Virtual Business card & contact information Karri Dalton-Hull CEO & Mobile Marketing Consultant Cell 705-957-0710
  3. 3. Mobile Internet growth By 2014, mobile internet should take over desktop internet usage. In July 2013 Google reported that 62% of searches came from mobile devices. Source:
  4. 4. Your Website on a Mobile Device When people are searching for your type of business from their phone , what do they see? Not mobile friendly. Visitors have to scroll around to read it. Shows viewers that the business is not updated with technology or concerned with providing great customer service Mobile friendly. Easy to read. Shows viewers that the business is updated with technology and concerned with providing great customer service.
  5. 5. Building a Mobile Database is Now Vital to Long-term Success
  6. 6. Total Integrated Marketing! Traditional Media Virtual Business Cards Web Integration Point of Sale Trade Shows and Events Extra Transactions New Customer Acquistion Explode Your Social Media Increased Open Rates Mobile Coupons
  7. 7. For the first time in history, the semi-annual survey conducted by CTIA-The Wireless Association - shows the number of wireless subscriber connections (322.9 million) has surpassed the population (315.5 million) – October 11, 2011 Facebook has only 50.6% of the North American population – Mobile users with SMS enabled phones is 92% Social vs. Mobile Marketing ® Only 1/3 of Facebook’s 600 million+ user base uses Facebook Mobile Source: Mobile Enhances Your Social
  8. 8. Smartphones • 64% of 25-35 year oldsown a smartphone 97% of adults 18-44 own a mobile device 1 in 4 mobile subscribers over the age of 55 own a smartphone Average Open Rate on Email Campaigns is less than 22% Mobile Open Rates are 97% Overall 90minutes Time it takes the average person to respond to an email. Time it takes the average person To respond to a text message: 90 SECONDS. Source: Source: Source: Portio Research Source: Nielsen 2012
  9. 9. Mobile Coupons get 10 times the redemption rate of traditional coupons 91% of all U.S…. Citizens have their mobile device within reach 24/795% of smartphone users looked up local information, & of those, 61% called & 59% visited the business. Source: Borrell Associates Source: Morgan Stanley Source: Google IPSOS
  10. 10. “Text Call to Action” Technique Text APTIZER to 72727 to Receive FREE Appetizer with your next meal. KEYWORD SHORTCOD E When client texts the keyword to the shortcode they are instantly entered into your database!
  11. 11. Point of Sale Technique • Build your database • Capture email • Drive Social Media • Customers can find you easily Staff can encourage customers to type their mobile number on a provided table to opt-in instantly! • Counter Display • Bag Stuffers • Window display on Drive Thru • Signage in Drive-thru Lane
  12. 12. Trade-show Technique Trade show vendor greets people and offer entry into sweepstakes. Email and Mobile Number are captured! People type in their mobile number on the provided phone or tablet and instantly get a text-message to their own phone asking for their email to complete their entry. Contestant replies with their email!
  13. 13. WITH ADVATEXT’S GEO-TARGETING CAPABILITIES, YOU CAN REACH YOUR CUSTOMERS WHENEVER YOU WANT, WHEREVER THEY ARE Coupons = Easy Database Building Tool FREE Ravioli’s! Just Text MAZZIO to 72727 Get Your Instant Coupon Right to Your Phone!
  14. 14. Where Business Really get Amped! The proper integration with Traditional “Broadcast” Media = HUGE OPTINS
  15. 15. Timely Promotions = Conversions Fantastic Sams: Come in today or tomorrow and get a Wash and style with any service. Exp. 4/8 click here for locations Reply STOP 2end Granite City: Don’t forget Happy Hour starts in 30 minutes, see our menu and locations click here Reply STOP 2endo Super Toyota: $50 OFF 4 new tires, or $15 off any other service, see your coupon by clicking here Reply STOP 2end
  16. 16. Capture Web Traffic into Database! Beauty Brands Secret Sale! Text BEAUTY to 72727 Piggly Wiggly: Here is your instant coupon, just click here Watch for more coming soon, Reply STOP 2end Donate NOW! Enter Mobile Number Get the environmentally friendly coupon Sent right to your phone!
  17. 17. Panchero’s Gift Cards are the best gift! Click here and be finished shopping. http://xmaspanch.wap Reply STOP 2quit • Increase Social Network Followers • More Transactions per year • Capture Email • Support Causes More Than Coupons! Piggly Wiggly: Facebook Exclusive Event just posted, “Like Us” NOW for even more VIP treatment. Reply STOP 2quit To Complete your entry for a chance to Win FREE Sandwiches for a year, reply with your email address and watch for future great deals! Reply STOP 2end Piggly Piggly Wiggly will be at the Fair this weekend taking donations for March of Dimes, come by our booth and donate and get some great Food! Reply STOP 2end Other Promotions / Not just Coupons
  18. 18. Virtual Business Card Apps 1. Amy is an entrepreneur and attends a networking event. She meets a new contact who asks for her business card. 2. Amy easily deploys her virtual business card app which is located on her phone. 3. Amy then instructs her new contact to type their phone number into the form on her phone. 4. Contact gets an instant text-message with Amy’s information and is simultaneously entered into Amy’s cellphone numbers database for future marketing! Mobile Number Amy can also have people text her keyword to a shortcode to receive her virtual information
  19. 19. Reminders – Timed responses Huntington: watch for future reminders about special events Reply STOP 2quit Huntington: Make sure you are checking your child’s weekly reports. Click here for this weeks report reply STOP 2end Huntington: We have a new education tool we are trying to make everyone aware of, see it here forward to friends Reply STOP 2quit Customers text-in for specific information, offers or reminders! Messages can be scheduled out into the future at pre-determined specific intervals product specific. Initial engagement 3 weeks and 2 days later 5 weeks later
  20. 20. Text Appointment Reminders! Beauty Brands Secret Sale! Text BEAUTY to 72727 Britney, Just a reminder that your appt is scheduled for tomorrow at 2:00pm, reply to this msg if you can’t make it and we can reschedule, or call 212- 333-1313 Enter Mobile NumberDonate NOW! Deliver Text-message appointment reminders automatically! Save the staff time, save money, and have less No-Shows!
  21. 21. Text karri to 555444 For my Virtual Business card & contact information Karri Dalton-Hull CEO & Mobile Marketing Consultant Cell 705-957-0710