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Инновационный Прорыв 2013 - Бизнес модель и Canvas


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Выступление KARPOLAN в бизнес-инкубаторе Happy Farm для участников конкурса Инновационный Прорыв 2013 о выборе и построения бизнес модели. А так же записи в виде Canvas.

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Инновационный Прорыв 2013 - Бизнес модель и Canvas

  1. 1. Business Model the thing business cannot live without
  2. 2. What is business model? In theory: The way you plan to use to make money and expand the market. On practice: Balance of your preferences and disadvantages projected to market nishee at the current time.
  3. 3. Why is it important? • • • • • Everybody in your team should understand the mechanism of your business. You need to know what is good and what is bad for your business. Need "plan b", how to get it without "plan a"? There are lots of ready to use business models, what of them is closer to your? Know your enemy, analyze and make your business better.
  4. 4. Different techniques • • • • There are lots of theories and techniques of business model construction. Only few of them are good for post Web 2.0 businesses. You can use different business model frameworks Business Model Canvas © is easy and very informative.
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