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JRDK: Brand and Style Guide for our relationship. Happy Valentine's Day, my darling.

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  2. 2. WHAT WE ARE ALIKE JRDK is more than love JRDK is more than happiness JRDK is more than alignment JRDK is more than a feeling JRDK takes relationships to the next level. Building on years of experience Jessica Randazza and Daniel Karpantschof are redefining longevity, compassion and adoration.
  3. 3. WHAT WE ARE JRDK is a future JRDK a togetherness JRDK a closeness JRDK is fun JRDK is integrity JRDK is adoration JRDK is curiosity & exploration JRDK is learning & growing JRDK is safety & trust Through a revolutionary values alignment exercise in January 2014, we managed to map out and identify underlying values and promises to each other. The central focus for JRDK is the four letters and the four core values. This is represented through palette and applied values.
  4. 4. THE NAME Jessica Randazza Daniel Karpantschof Joy Respect Devotion Kindred Spirits The couple JRDK is based on fundamental principles of an aligned vision for the future.
  5. 5. THE JOURNEY The idea of JRDK originated in 2012. The original rendezvous was at Google facilitated by Richard Demato, III. JR and DK were in dialogue for months before any movement on a partnership eventually occurred. The partnership is unique in the sense that both JR and DK were facing challenges and trials of their own, but together enabled each other to move into a better future and create a better world for everyone and each other. A truly inspiring synergy... “I thought I knew happiness before I met Jessica. But she made me see how much more value my life could have.” — Daniel Karpantschof “You are the best thing that ever happened to me.” — Jessica Randazza
  6. 6. THE JOURNEY JR and DK have been in sporadic, but increasing dialogue since October 2012, culminating in dramatic events mid 2013 and eventually leading to JRDK, we expect 2014 to be a particular good year for the partnership. Important Dates 10/16 ’12 – First meeting 04/26 ’13 – First time JR tried to kiss DK 05/06 ’13 – DK tells JR that he loves her 05/31 ’13 – JRDK’s first kiss 06/02 ’13 – JRDK’s walking tour of East Village 06/20 ’13 – DK’s First Letter to JR 08/01 ’13 – JR breaks radio silence 10/19 ’13 – Green Light for JRDK 11/28 ’13 – 1st Thanksgiving together 12/23-24 ’13 – JRDK meets each other’s parents 01/14 ’14 – Facebook JRDK IPO Development of JRDK 2013 2014
  7. 7. THE LOOK The visual identity of JRDK comes from the fusion of the two distinct identities of JR and DK. With JRDK we’ve created a unique visual experience that seeks to blend the two identities together. You will notice that the two distinct parts are complimentary to each other, and each of the two components in both parts are identical in shape, and as such represents the unique partnership and complimentary values of the two. The logo has been developed using only Pythagorean Triangles and was designed by Peter Lemmich. The typeface is set with Avenir Next (meaning Next Future). JR DK The Fusion The diamond heart shows the completeness and how well the two come together in a holistic and predestined manner.
  8. 8. THE LOGO Evolution: It took us a while seeing our kindred souls. Play and Progression: Joy and fun but also development and alignment. History: Respectful of who we are and where we are from. Heart and Diamond: An eternal love, unbreakable, based on devotion.
  9. 9. THE COLORS The color palette is using four distinct colors, and the logo is designed to work as well in monochrome as with full color. FULL COLOR PALETTE “Admiring Heart” Red HEX: F56356 // Pantone: 805 RGB: 245, 99, 86 // CMYK: 0%, 70%, 60%, 0% “Kindred Body” Skin HEX: F9B098 // Pantone: 162 RGB: 249, 176, 152 // CMYK: 2%, 34%, 31%, 0% “Devoted Heaven” Blue HEX: 1661A2 // Pantone: 315 RGB: 22, 97, 162 // CMYK: 89%, 56%, 3%, 3% “Joyful Ocean” Indigo HEX: 93B1DE // Pantone: 278 RGB: 147, 177, 222 // CMYK: 39%, 21%, 1%, 0% MONOCHROMES WHITE on RED RED on RED BLACK on RED BLACK on WHITE
  10. 10. Cuddles & Coitus Joy fun, conversations, learning, exploration, leisure, challenges, relaxation, wander, enjoy each other Future Together Best Friends Respect consideration, honor, admiration, civility, deference, mindfulness sensitivity, attention Kindred Spirits & Soulmates THE VALUES Devotion love, intimacy, desire, lust, tenderness, ardor, infatuation, yearning, caring
  11. 11. THE ENVIRONMENT Value measurement against known competitors: Loneliness Anyone else Alcohol Online porn NOT GOOD ENOUGH Joy Respect Devotion Kindred Spirits JRDK PERFECT
  12. 12. THE ASSETS Brand Assets Love we send into the World Jean Googol Vanessa Fractal Peter L Sloane Jonas Jason Kenneth JR Shawn Richard DK Miriam Bob & Sharon Lauren Brand Family Brand Acquisitions Linda & Bjarne Brand Affiliates Love we receive from the World
  13. 13. TODAY JRDK has come a long way in a short period of time. What remains to be discovered is whether or not you would like to be my Valentine? Please use the response form below. Yes, please Oh dear god, yes! I wouldn’t want anything else Send to: JRDK / Att.: Daniel Karpantschof New York, New York United States US mail Remember stamps