It girls


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It girls

  1. 1. it girls New Internet’s creation and social phenomenom.
  2. 2. Who they are?  Normal girls creating extraordinary outfits  Virtual community focused on fashion  Opinionleaders (showrooms)
  3. 3. It girls and internet  Makes them allowed to create and lead their own blogs  An opportunity to present themselves, also abroad  Easy way to get a popularity  An occasion to experiment with appearance  Being a part of new group
  4. 4. Marta Klimowicz, sociologist  ‘those blogs show that There is not only one example to follow and to pattern after. It is just a kind of fun and way to experiment with the style and appearance.’  ‘girls are aware of popularity and no – privacy. They can feel recognizable’  ‘It is one of the most developed and still rising internet’s group’  ‘Passion is the most important, It associates Members of the group’
  5. 5. LPP Group (Reserved, Mohito, Cropp, House)  „It girls are mostly inspiring us in creating new collections”
  6. 6. It girls Dilemmas magazine Swap parties
  7. 7.  Website created to join fashion supporters  Divided on many sites including Best blogger’s rating, adverts about swaps, An opportunity to present own wardrobe and making own outfits  You can also read diverse articles based on fashion
  8. 8. Dilemmas magazine  Virtual magazine, everybody can afford to read It  Created special for new social group,’ it girls’  Included not only of fashion subject but also has the aim to encourage polish design and new designers  Many it girls had been involved in that project in writing, taking photos etc.
  9. 9. szafiarki  First virtual and tv program introducing polish ‘it girls’ society  Girls give advices, ask questions about themselves and about their inspirations etc  Predict trends that are about to come, judge outfits
  10. 10. Swap parties  Initiated generally by ‘it girls’ and for that habitat  Not only an opportunity to exchange clothes but also to talk, get to know new people, discuss  unusuall bargains
  11. 11. Alicepoint  Inspired by scandinavian’s blogs  Blog as a place to show feelings and emotions  An opportunity to share with other her passions, ideas, ways for free time  She connects her future with fashion  Blog gave her popularity and respect in fashion habitat
  12. 12. Alicepoint
  13. 13. styledigger  Inspired by other blog’s owners  Fashion is kind of fun, passion, future plan  Works as a stylist  Participate in many showrooms  One of the most popular blog
  14. 14. styledigger